1 Pole DC Circuit Breaker
  • IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2, GB 14048.2
  • 1 P=250 V DC, 2P=500 V DC 3P=750 V DC, 4P=1000 V DC
  • Different curve


IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2, GB 14048.2
The JB is a DC circuit breaker dedicated to multi string photovoltaic installations.
This circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables located between each string of photovoltaic modules and the photovoltaic inverter against overloads and short circuits (see application diagram).
Combined with a switch, the JB will be installed in a string PV protection enclosure at the end of each string of photovoltaic modules.
It can be locked (by a padlocking device) in OFF position as a safety measure for removal of the PV inverter.

Since a fault current can flow in the reverse direction to the operating current, the JB can detect and protect against any bidirectional current.
To ensure the safety of the installation, it is necessary, depending on the various types of application, to combine the JB with:

  • a residual current device at the AC end
  • a fault passage detector (insulation monitoring device) at the DC end
  • an earth protection circuit breaker at the DC end
    In all cases, fast action on site will be required to clear the fault (protection not ensured in the event of a double fault).

JB is not polarity sensitive: (十) and (-) wires can be inversed without any risk.
The JB is: delivered with three inter-pole barriers to providing increased isolation distance between two adjacent connectors.

1-1P DC Circuit Breaker for solar

DC circuit breaker E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir 1 Pole DC Circuit Breaker Introduction

Langir’s 1 pole DC circuit breakers are built with top quality and functionality you can always depend on. They are electrical switches made to automatically protect an electrical circuit from damage due to a short circuit, overcurrent, or overloading.

Their basic purpose is to stop the current flow once it identifies an abnormality in the current supply. Similar to AC circuit breakers, there are several versions of the 1 pole DC circuit breaker such as the molded case version and miniature version.

1 Pole DC Circuit Breaker


1 pole DC circuit breaker

1 Pole DC Circuit Breaker Working Principle

The basic type has a simple switch that is connected to either an electromagnet or bimetallic strip. Hot wires are connected to the ends of the switch.

When the 1 pole DC circuit breaker is switched on, the electricity flows from the bottom terminal and passes through the electromagnet then to the moving contact and then across the stationary contact, then finally out to the upper terminal.

The electromagnet is magnetized during this process but if the electricity jumps to unsafe levels, it triggers the lever causing the stationary contact to cut the circuit hence shutting down the electricity.

The bimetallic strip work similarly except that a high current bends it to cut the circuit.

Inside look of 1P DC Circuit Breaker

Inside look of 1P DC Circuit Breaker


Normally, the 1 pole DC circuit breakers are used in applications such as:

  • Circuit breaker boxes
  • DC electric motors
  • Electric circuits that are battery powered
  • Electric vehicles for charging stations
  • Fuse box in gas and electric cars
  • LED lamps (high efficiency)
  • Photovoltaic solar panel installations
  • UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Welding machines (electric arc)

And there could be many more other applications.

1P DC Circuit Breaker applications

1 pole DC circuit breaker applications


The main function is to guard the electrical circuits, therefore, protecting you, your home, or your business as well. They can do a lot of good things for your home or business such as being:

  • Cost-effective
  • Manual reset instead of replacement
  • In-built protective components
  • Smart features on circuit breaker systems
  • Reliability
  • Long lifespan.

The 1 pole DC circuit breakers from Langir are easy to install with their easy snap-in mounting thus saving time and money for professional fees. Compliant with SAA, TUV Rheinland, and IEC, Langir can guarantee high grade 1 pole DC circuit breakers you can rely on at any time.

Langir production facility

Langir production facility


For bulk orders, 10 pcs or more, you may opt to purchase through the wholesaler or the manufacturer like Langir. Langir is a manufacturer you can go to if you need circuit breakers and other electrical products, no matter the quantity is.

For your convenience, you can visit Langir’s website and send an inquiry about your order. Just simply submit your inquiry by filling up a short online form and a friendly staff will get back to you to address what you need which includes the pricing.

You can also consult anything about 1P DC circuit breakers and what other electrical components or accessories you may need with your circuit breaker applications. Langir delivers fast and provides 1-year warranty.

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