Reliable Quality of 10mm Anti Vandal Switch from China
High Quality Standard Manufacturer for 10mm Anti Vandal Switch
  • Bushing diameter: 10mm
  • Anti-Vandal IP Degree: IP40
  • Switch rating: 0.5A/220VAC
  • This smallest anti vandal switch is for limited space device or equipment installation
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10mm anti vandal switch IP40
Tiny type for speical installation or requirement, only 0.5A/ 220vac for switch rating. Only high flat head for a finger to push on or off. The actuator diameter is only 6.5mm to press, it is very small for contact surface. As I said, this type is for special requirement.

Langir Provides All Kinds of Certifications to Help You to Expand Your Market

Langir passed through ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO19001:2015 quality management system. As years passed on, Langir got CE(LVD and EMC test report), REACH, ROHS certificates, and different IP grade test reports. Langir also provides special test reports like temperature test reports, salt spray test reports. As long as you have these needs, we will work on this project together.


There are many suppliers of 10mm anti vandal switches in China. If you buy anti vandal switch from China, there are many advantages. Capacity advantage, no matter how large your volume is, China has suppliers that can best meet your needs.

Customization advantage, no matter how diversified your customization is, you can always find a customized supplier in China that meets your needs. Performance advantages, whether it is a reasonable price or high-quality demand, Chinese suppliers can always provide you with the most cost-effective products.

There are many foreign suppliers, but the following points must be considered when choosing Chinese and foreign suppliers: Price issues, Chinese and foreign suppliers must have different prices. When you encounter the following situations, how would you choose?

Material issues: For example, in stainless steel, China certainly has an advantage in price, but in terms of electroplating, it is true that German electroplating is better. In terms of labor, India, Thailand and Vietnam do have advantages at labor prices. Transportation and distribution issues: If they are all in Europe, the transportation cost will definitely be relatively low. All in all, you need to consider time, transportation, distribution, customs clearance, materials, quality, etc.

Langir 10mm Anti Vandal Switch

Langir 10mm anti vandal switch and 12mm anti vandal switch have metal and plastic materials that are most in line with international standards. 304 stainless steel metal material is not easy to corrode. The plastic at the bottom has a UL certificate. It is first-hand plastic, not recycled plastic. Silver dots contain more than 90% silver, so Langir guarantees the quality 100%.



Do you supply samples? Are the Samples free?

Yes. Usually 1-2 samples are free of charge, please support us to provoide us any express account such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS.

How to ship the goods?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, but if you collect the goods to ship together, we could send them to the other farther port. Usually our customer will choose TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS to ship them.

How long is the delivery leading time?

Usually for the samples 1-5 days to prepare. For orders, it depends on the quantity. Usually 5-15 days.

What kind of packing information is it?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

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Langir 10mm anti vandal switch

Many people will be concerned, why is someone willing to buy it if the actuator is so small? In Gernmany Hannover Messe, we once met a customer who was in old age. He complained to us that this actuator is so small and my fingers are so big.

How can I press it in? Why doesn’t your company consider people with thick fingers? I will write letters to your CEO about it. I understood his feelings very well, and then I explained to him: Because the actuator is so small, our model only has a high flat head. In this case, when the customer presses, he does not need to press inside to start the device, as long as he presses down to the same height as the surface. After listening to my explanation, he said it was acceptable. He checked our samples and now he is our very kind VIP customer.

10mm anti vandal switch bottom

What is 10mm anti vandal switch momentary and latching?

Even such a small 10mm anti vandal switch has momentary and latching functions. Because the aperture is very small, we can only increase the length when designing, so that both the self-locking and self-resetting functions can be realized.

Self-locking means that when you press it down, his pressing surface stops there, and when you press it again, the head will return to its original position. Self-recovery means that when you press it down, the head automatically returns to its original position.

How to choose between self-recovery and self-locking? It depends on how your machinery and equipment are used. If you are not sure about your needs, you can buy some samples to test.

10mm anti vandal switch wiring

There are 4 pins on the bottom of the 10mm anti vandal switch, one is NC, one is common pin, and the other two are connected to the positive and negative poles of the LED light. If you feel that the wiring by your workers is costly and time-consuming, you can pay an extra fee and we will connect it for you. The size and length of the line can be customized. When it comes to this section, we will send you a drawing for confirmation. The drawing includes the size, length, color, and what color is connected to which pin. We will check with you and confirm, and then we will start production.

10mm anti vandal switch advantage

Such a small button switch can sometimes play a big role. Some uses may be beyond our expectations. Compared with such a small plastic button switch, its head is stronger, and the plastic button switch of the same size is easier to be destroyed. If you want to try it, please contact us directly.

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