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Langir 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

Langir 19mm anti vandal switch is built using top grade 304 stainless steel grade making it rustproof and robust to endure normal to nonstop use. It is also rated IK09 which proves its tough build and can endure a strong force of up to 10 joules.

Aside from that, Langir subjected their products to a round of ingress protection tests that allowed them to be rated IP65 which indicates that it is also dustproof and water resistant. With these characteristics and qualifications, there’s no doubt that purchasing the Langir 19mm anti vandal switch is the best decision you can make for your business.

Langir 19mm Anti Vandal Switch Is with You and Grow up Together

1-Flat Head 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

Vandal-proof , flat head, with pin terminal or screw terminal. Options for a ring, dot, backlit label kit, or non-illuminated are available.

2- Champer Head 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

Vandal-resistant with chamfer head design, momentary or latching options, 1NO1NC or 2NO2NC, available in illuminated with different colors or non-illuminated.

3- Micro Switch 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

UL Certified base with high current capability from 0.3 amps to 21 amps. Compact design with a snap action, suitable for applications with limited space

4- Long Tail 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

IK09 and IP65 are rated with 87% silver alloy contact material with copper alloy terminals for effective conductivity. Ring illuminated, dot illuminated, or non-illuminated options.

8- Short Crust 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

Ultra short profile, IP67 rated protected against dust and temporary water submersion, with ring illumination and various LED color options.

5- Blue LED 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

IP67 rated square bezel head with blue ring illumination. With momentary and latching function options. RGB and power illumination are available.

19mm Anti Vandal Switch by Materials (3)

19mm Anti Vandal Switch Is Guaranted to Support Your Business

IP67 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
It is confirmed to international IP rating test report such as IP65, IP67.
Dustproof 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
It is easy to clean the surface due to the metal materials.
Langir offers a product liability insurance policy to ensure your product reaches you safely
Samples provided less than 3 days, mass production less than 20 days. Quick to reach you.

Backlit Led Label Kit Anti Vandal Switch

There are a few things to note about this new series:

It is necessary to select a specific series with a diameter of 19mm first;

According to your selected series, then select 1-50 optional labels;

Just tear off the label and stick it on the head of the product.

2-19mm Anti Vandal Switch Connector

19mm Anti Vandal Switch Connector

Different series have different sockets, usually the size of the wire(AWG) is 26, and the length is 15mm, 30mm, 45mm. If these specifications are not suitable for you, then you can tell us your needs, we will produce according to your needs.

Customize Your 19mm Anti Vandal Switch

Langir 19mm anti vandal switch can be made from stainless steel and other optional materials such as nickel or gold plated brass and anodized aluminum. You can customize the actuator with chamfer, flat, high flat options as well as the illuminated variants such as dot, ring, power symbol, or backlit labels to enhance the aesthetics of your application.

Customize 19mm anti vandal switch

More Manufacturing Process

16mm anti vandal switch crust making

Langir manufactures all its products with high precision and accuracy based on the client’s requirements. The lathe machine polishes the stainless steel material to produce a smooth and lustrous appearance. Every product undergoes a series of quality inspections before they are securely packed and dispatched to be shipped to clients within the expected delivery time.

19mm Backlit LED Label Kit Tri-Color Anti Vandal Switch

4- Tri-colr Backlit Led

19mm anti-vandal switch is available in tri-color illumination, so does 16mm anti vandal switch. Choose from a wide variety of three color combinations such as blue, yellow, red, orange, green, white, or a specific color to expand your business. The standard tri-color is RGB.

8-19mm Anti Vandal Switch Label Kit

There are over 50 backlit labels icon to choose from for customization which is ideal for indicating every function providing a better user experience. These are back printed using waterproof adhesive (3M) for durability and longevity.

19mm Anti Vandal Switch for A Wide Range of Application

6-19mm Anti Vandal Switch for Small Appliance

19mm anti vandal switch is ideal for small appliances for controls such as start, pause, stop, and other functions. A wide variety of backlit labels plus dot, ring, and power symbol illumination are available to detail your customization even more. There’s also a low-profile option perfect for small appliance installation with limited space.

5-19mm Anti Vandal Switch for Automotive Industry

19mm anti vandal switch is built to be robust and corrosive resistant to endure any type of environmental conditions in your business regardless of the industry you are in such as the food processing industry, car manufacturing industry, electronics industry, agriculture, and so on. It conforms to international standards to ensure long lasting performance and safety.

7-19mm Anti Vandal Switch for Marine

Any type of marine application needs a sealed 19mm anti vandal switch such as the ones Langir provides. It is rated IP65 up to IP68 to ensure that enclosure is sealed enough that water or moisture will not be able to enter prolonging the life of the switch and ensuring continuous quality performance.

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    Xavier Clapes
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    Viviana Calderon from Colombia
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    Stacey May (Inventory planner) from New Zealand

19mm Anti Vandal Switch is The Best Choice for Your Business

Langir produces many types of 19mm anti vandal switches that will suit your business such as the Flat Head 19mm Anti-Vandal Switch, Chamfer Head 19mm Anti Vandal Switch, Micro Switch 19mm Anti Vandal Switch, and more.

These rugged switches are IK09 or IK10 rated which makes them tough enough to handle repeated use and perform satisfactorily even in harsh conditions.

Their enclosures are also IP65 to IP68 sealed so that any liquid, moisture, or dust will not penetrate the switch which guarantees long service life and consistent performance.

About its material

Langir offers different high-quality materials to manufacture your 19mm anti vandal switch.

They can be made with 304 stainless steel which has natural anti-corrosive properties allowing them to remain shiny for a long time.

Other top grade materials can be used such as gold, nickel, and anodized aluminum.

It is also possible to request a combination of these materials to accommodate your design.

About its colors

There’s a wide variety of LED colors available from green, red, blue, white, orange, yellow, and more and you can customize it as a dual or tri-color that allows it to light up in your chosen colors alternatively.

The enclosure and the actuator can also be in color per your request.

You can also request a specific color that you need for your business branding or to match the surface of your equipment.

Feel free to consult Langir for your color requirements.

About its applications

Because it is super versatile, its applications are almost endless.

Some of its applications can be any but are not limited to the following:

  • Vending and ticketing machines
  • Kiosks
  • Control panels of elevators
  • Security control panels
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Building and home intercoms
  • Control switch for gates and garage doors
  • Medical equipment
  • Production control panels in factories

There could be more applications where it is used and its performance has always been satisfactory.

About its advantages

When you buy the Langir 19mm anti vandal switch you can expect to have plenty of advantages that can help support your business.

Some of its notable advantages are:

  • Manufactured using high-quality and top grade materials
  • Real anti vandal and water resistant characteristics
  • Dustproof making it zero maintenance and easy to clean
  • Very long service life making it a cost efficient choice
  • Affordable
  • Various types and different customization options to suit your business requirements

Langir has also acquired different quality and safety seals proving that it is world-class quality and will guarantee only your satisfaction.

About its certifications

Langir has been in the manufacturing industry for many years acquiring different international certifications for all of its products.

It is proud to become an ISO company passing ISO19001:2015 and the ISO14001.

Aside from that, Langir is also successful in obtaining CE, ROHS, and REACH certifications.

Its products have also undergone rigorous ingress and impact protection rating allowing it to receive the IK10 and IP65 up to IP69K ratings which means that its products are vandal proof and water resistant.

About ordering

When you want to order, all you have to do is fill up the short online form with your information and your inquiry.

Within 8 hours, one of our friendly staff will reach out to you and discuss your order.

You can order in small or in big quantities, request customization, check out your options, discuss pricing, and more.

Langir will take care of your orders from the start until you have your orders delivered to your address, even afterward if you have other concerns.

We also welcome aspiring distributors anytime.

So, what are you waiting for, request a free quote now.

Is Langir a manufacturer?

Yes, we focus on this field of anti vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive swith over 16 years.

Do you supply samples?

Yes. Usually for 1-4 samples for anti vandal switch, they are free of charge, you just provide us any express account. For piezo switch and capacitive switch samples, 1-2 samples are free of charge with freight collect.

How to pack them?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, usually our products are shipped by express and air. We will provide you different express fees for your reference.

What is the warranty for Langir push button switch?

Langir push button switch is 365 days warranty.

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