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Langir 28mm Anti Vandal Switch

The Langir 28mm anti vandal switch is constructed using 316 top grade ROHS compliant stainless steel making it tough and long lasting. Because of its durability, it has been rated IK09, one of the highest ratings of impact protection that is recognized around the world.

It has also achieved an IP67 rating and above which means that it has strong protection against dust particles as well as water ingress. With water resistant and waterproof options, it can be used in water conditions without performance issues or safety risks on your part. Langir provides world class quality switches making it your best manufacturer of choice.

Langir 28mm Anti Vandal Switch Series

6 Pins 28mm Anti Vandal Switch

ROHS compliant stainless steel switch, water resistant IP65 and waterproof IP67 options, ring or dot illuminated, with latching and momentary operations available.

28mm Anti Vandal Switch Different Materials (3)

  • 1-Brass Nickel Plated 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Brass material is processed in high powered cutting machines and electroplated resulting in a reinforced product with protection against corrosion and improved aesthetics.

  • 2- Black Anodized Aluminum 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    The best aluminum material is selected and subjected to an anodization process that strengthens it against rusting and prepares it for painting the color you require.

  • 3- Stainless Steel 304 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Stainless steel with 316 grade undergoes machine lathe processing and the result is a lustrous and smooth switch with enhanced anti-corrosive quality.

28mm Anti Vandal Switch Is Guaranted to Support Your Business

IP67 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
With the high rating of IP67, it is dustproof and waterproof making it perfectly ideal for outdoor and water applications.
Dustproof 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
A real dustproof switch is completely sealed to prevent any dust particles from entering its enclosure which helps prolong its service life.
With Langir’s reliable insurance you can be assured of all of our products’ quality and safety every single time you use them.
Langir ensures that your orders are made right away with our mass production completes in less than 20 days, securely packed, and delivered fast.

Langir Help to Solder the Wires

Upon your request, Langir can provide you switches complete with soldered wires onto them reducing the time spent on installing and less effort on your part too.

16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer from China
16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer outside China

Plug-in Way

Convenience at its best with plug-in sockets and connected wires because Langir understands that you value your time.

Customize Your 28mm Anti Vandal Switch for Your Project

You can talk to Langir when you need to customize your switches. From their specifications, sizes, shapes, colors, and also their illumination colors. There are also plenty of backlit icons to choose from to help users identify each of the switches’ functions but you can always request for your design to be followed.

More Manufacturing Process for 28mm Anti Vandal Switch

16mm anti vandal switch crust making

Stainless steel is worked under a powerful lathe machine and it undergoes several stages. The result is a polished and rugged switch with impressive aesthetics and strengthened rustproof quality. Then each piece undergoes a meticulous inspection to check its quality before they are packed and shipped to you using fast delivery services.

28mm Anti Vandal Switch for A Wide Range of Application

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Game Console

It is very robust and super versatile making it the best switch for any kind of industry such as factories that processes food or beverages and manufactures electronics, cars, computers, etc.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Industry

You can find it almost everywhere you go such as in public places where it is used as controls for vending machines, kiosks, or packing ticket dispensers.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Daily Life

Every day when you commute by train, you will find it on ticketing machines and also in the conductor’s control dashboard.

Leading 28mm Anti Vandal Switch Manufacturer in China

Professional 28mm anti vandal switch provider to save your time and cost

Langir Team

What is the 28mm anti vandal switch?

The 28mm anti vandal switch is a tough and rustproof switch that can be used in a wide variety of applications whether it is indoors or outdoors and even in jarring locations. It is sealed with ratings of IP65 to IP67 making it dust and water proof so you can be sure that it is completely protected against any type of external elements that could damage it hence further lengthening its service life.

How easy is it to install the 28mm anti vandal switch?

The 28mm anti vandal switch is super easy to install and you will be able to finish it within minutes. Before anything else, make sure to switch off the mains for your safety if you will work on live cables. The next step is to remove the mounting nut from your switch and connect or solder the wires.
If the mounting surface doesn’t have a hole ready for your switch yet, you can use a hole saw to cut it following the panel cut out provided by Langir. Then simply insert the switch and fasten it with the mounting nut. Finally, connect the wires as required and test them.

How to know that the 28mm anti vandal switch is the best quality?

Langir has been an expert in manufacturing switches and other products for many years now. It has always been a leader in innovation when it comes to improving its processes to provide you with high quality and versatile products suitable for many applications.
You can tell with the certifications that it has acquired over the years such as ISO14001, ISO19001:2015, CE, REACH, TUV Rheinland, and more. Plus, it has achieved high ratings such as IP67 and IK09 for its switches. Moreover, Langir also includes a solid 365 days warranty despite being confident of the top notch quality of all its products. But this serves as your assurance of product repair and replacement in case you need it in the future.

Is Langir a manufacturer?

Yes, we focus on this field of anti vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive swith over 16 years.

Do you supply samples?

Yes. Usually for 1-4 samples for anti vandal switch, they are free of charge, you just provide us any express account. For piezo switch and capacitive switch samples, 1-2 samples are free of charge with freight collect.

How to pack them?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, usually our products are shipped by express and air. We will provide you different express fees for your reference.

What is the warranty for Langir push button switch?

Langir push button switch is 365 days warranty.

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