3 Pole DC Circuit Breaker
  • IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2, GB 14048.2
  • 1 P=250 V DC, 2P=500 V DC 3P=750 V DC, 4P=1000 V DC
  • Different curve
  • 1A to 63A


IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2, GB 14048.2
The JB is a DC circuit breaker dedicated to multi string photovoltaic installations.
This circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables located between each string of photovoltaic modules and the photovoltaic inverter against overloads and short circuits (see application diagram).
Combined with a switch, the JB will be installed in a string PV protection enclosure at the end of each string of photovoltaic modules.
It can be locked (by a padlocking device) in OFF position as a safety measure for removal of the PV inverter.
Since a fault current can flow in the reverse direction to the operating current, the JB can detect and protect against any bidirectional current.
To ensure the safety of the installation, it is necessary, depending on the various types of application, to combine the JB with:

  • a residual current device at the AC end
  • a fault passage detector (insulation monitoring device) at the DC end
  • an earth protection circuit breaker at the DC end
    In all cases, fast action on site will be required to clear the fault (protection not ensured in the event of a double fault).

JB is not polarity sensitive: (十) and (-) wires can be inversed without any risk.
The JB is: delivered with three inter-pole barriers to providing increased isolation distance between two adjacent connectors.

1-1P DC Circuit Breaker for solar

DC circuit breaker E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir 3P DC Circuit Breaker Introduction

Langir is your trustworthy provider of high performing and reliable 3P DC circuit breakers from China.

Their 3P DC circuit breakers are meticulously built to guarantee world class quality, lasting performance, and high reliability.

The 3P DC circuit breaker is like three separate 1P DC circuit breakers bound together with five terminals.

It also means that a 3P DC circuit breaker also has 3 separate switches that work together when necessary.

3P DC circuit breaker

3P DC circuit breaker

The 3P DC Circuit Breaker Working Principle

A 3P DC circuit breaker is a switch that quickly cuts the electricity flow once an electrical problem occurs such as overloading, short circuit, power surges, etc.

This device acts as a shield to protect the electrical equipment or appliances from the possible damages caused by electrical problems.

These electrical damages can cause your equipment or appliances to overheat or burned which causes anyone to spend more for the necessary repairs or replacement.

Unprotected circuits could be quite expensive and in a year, it could amount to a good amount where you may face financial burdens.

3P DC Circuit Breaker applications

3P DC Circuit Breaker applications

3P DC Circuit Breaker vs 4P DC Circuit Breaker

Langir’s 3P DC circuit breakers work similarly to a single pole DC circuit breaker.

But the difference is, the 3P DC circuit breakers have more connected or bridged conductors and they are oftentimes used in three phased electrical systems.

The 3P DC circuit breakers trip breaking the bridge and opening the circuit, once there’s a surge anywhere in the electrical system.

While 3P DC circuit breakers are used in high power applications, 4P DC circuit breakers are required when there are two alternative sources of power.

If a power failure happens, the standby generator takes over.

When the protection is connected to zero and not grounded, it is best to use 3P DC circuit breakers while 4P DC circuit breakers are best to use when the protection is grounded.

Factory with high powered machines

Factory with high powered machines

The Langir 3P DC Circuit Breaker Advantage

Langir is recognized by many international certification standards such as IEC, SAA, and TUV Rheinland.

You can be sure that Langir will provide you with high quality products and deliver them to you fast and secure.

Their 3P DC circuit breakers are easy to install that will save your time and money from expensive professional fees.

Ordering the Langir 3P DC Circuit Breaker

You can order the 3P DC circuit breakers through several outlets such as electrical or hardware stores, and even in large depocenters.

If you prefer online purchases, you can visit your favorite manufacturer’s website and order online.

Langir is a circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier you can trust to deliver highly reliable 3P DC circuit breakers.

They can accept orders online, via email, or via phone transactions too whichever is most convenient for you.

A knowledgeable and friendly assistant will be happy to help right away.

Langir accepts small or big orders of 3P DC circuit breakers and they also offer other products too such as push button switches.

They understand that you want to try out their products first too, so you may inquire about samples.

Strict in quality and performance, Langir is your go-to supplier of reliable 3P DC circuit breakers.

Send in your inquiry now.

Langir's DC circuit breakers

Langir’s DC circuit breakers

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