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  • Bigger size push button switch includes panel cutout 28mm anti vandal switch, 30mm vandal resistant security switch, 35mm vandal-proof switch, 40mm anti-vandal switch & 30mm piezo switch.
  • Big size actuator is easy to be used for big fingers
  • Heavy-duty and rugged in construction
  • Are also called as normally open pushbutton & normally closed push button
  • Be used outdoor or indoor

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Langir Over 30mm Push Button Switch to Enlarge Your Market

Large 30mm push button switch

Panel cutout 28mm anti vandal switch with momentary or latching functions, stainless steel material only

ring illuminated 30mm push button switch with corrosion resistance

L30 series anti vandal switch with flat head, hole diameter 30mm, large size and heavy duty

3-35mm anodisation automotive push button switches on off

L35 series anti vandal switch with panel cutout 35mm, 6 led colors such as green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange

stainless steel 40mm push button switch

The biggest panel cutout 40mm for heavy duty use in the industry. Multiple functions

Illuminated 30mm push button switch

Piezo switch, with led or without led. Multiple functions such as NO prolongated pulse, packing with 10pcs/box

Langir 30mm Push Button Switch?
  • High quality of metal material such as stainless steel 304 and 316L, anodized aluminum, etc
  • High requirement of lathe technology and our accessories. Our silver contact thickness and high purity make the waterproof push button switch work properly no matter bad weather or harsh environments
  • Unqualified parts will be selected and placed in a dedicated area

Custom Your 30mm Push Button Switch

One of the thickest and biggest in our line of push button switches, the 30mm push on off switch makes for a great choice for a variety of industrial uses. In fact, our 30mm push button switch could be used either indoors or outdoors.

Thanks to the many features and functionalities they possess, especially its characteristic of being vandal-resistant. Whether you want a 30mm push button switch with either a large or thin ring, or a colorful LED, you can have it with Langir.

We have a collection of ready-made 30mm push button switch, but you could have yours fully customized. Customization has been made easy with Langir.

From the function of the 30mm push button switch to the aesthetical requirement you need, you could have it actualize with our team of professionals. Langir offers a variety of materials for you to choose from.

Presently, we have high-grade stainless steel like our 316L version and anodized aluminum which can be customized in terms of color like black, blue, white, etc. With that, you can expect that our 30mm push button switch is durable and could withstand damage from adverse uses.

You could also customize your 30mm push button switch according to illumination where you can opt for one that is non-illuminated, bicolored, or with dot illumination. Of course, in terms of LED color, you can choose from our readily-available colors like red, green, and blue, but you can still opt for a color not mentioned in our list.

Whenever you feel like customizing your 30mm push button switch is overwhelming, you can take advantage of the help our experts can offer. You can discuss with us your preferred 30mm push button switch, and we’ll guide you all the way.


What are your payment terms?

We accept T/T, L/C at sight, Cash, Paypal, Alipay, etc.

For small orders, we usually T/T 100% in advance or Paypal. For big orders, 30% T/T in advance, 70% after the bill of lading copy. We welcome you to check the goods at any time.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order is sample order.

What kind of packing information is it?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, but if you collect the goods to ship together, we could send to the other farther port.

Are you capable of big order?

That will be our honor to handle it. At present our month capability is between 50000-80000 pcs. We are capable of your any order.

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Langir 30mm Push Button Switch & Bigger Size

Langir electric is a leading manufacturer in China that specializes in big size push button switch. Langir provides panel cutout 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm.

Designed in compliance with international standards, Langir lines of push button switch were developed to meet the signaling, control and electric command requirements in a wide range of industrial applications.

1-30mm push button switch size

Langir 30mm push button switch is made of metallic materials which are not easy to be broken. That is why it is called anti vandal and the service life is longer compared to other similar products. Due to the metal surface, it is easy for you to clean which is more suitable for harsh conditions.

Langir 30mm push button is available as momentary or latching in both SPST and DPDT, normally open and normally closed. Flush actuator styles offer non-illuminated, bi-color ring or dot illumination. Illumination color choices are red, yellow, green, blue, white, and orange. LED voltage choices range from 6V to 220V.

15-30mm push button switch

Langir electric offers precise, reliable & cost-effective push button switch solutions for OEM applications with our strong technical support. Once you send us your idea or drawing, our team will send you the quotation in 3 days. From the idea to the completed drawing, samples confirmation, it is very fast to start your orders.

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30mm Push Button Switch – Complete FAQ Guide

This guide is all about the things which you want to know before buying 30mm push button switch.

This guide covers A-Z questions that you might have about 30mm push button switch.

1. What is 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button switch has an electric mechanism or air mechanism that involves switching on and off a unit, object, or anything else.

This type of switch button has different models with various sizes, and each push button switch has its specifications.

They are also called momentary push button switch normally open or latching normally closed push button switch due to their high functioning quality.

16-30mm push button switch stainless steel material

Stainless Steel Material for 30mm Push Button Switch

They sometimes operate with spdt latching push button switch or as dpdt momentary push button.

30mm push button switches are made with sturdy and robust material, and this makes them long-lasting.

Usually, they are constructed with metal or plastic and are protected from dust and water.

2. What is the principle behind 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button switch is an electrical command device. In electrical control circuits, people usually press it by their hands and every electric product will begin to work i.e. ac contactors, relay, timers etc.

It is composed of button head, return spring, bridge contact and shell. You can press it with start it or stop it.

Typically, with one pair of contact or two pairs of contacts, each 30mm led switch is pressed, the normally closed contact and the normally open contacts connects or disconnects.

For piezoelectric switches, a piezoelectric switch is a sensor switch based on the piezoelectric effect. Its working principle is the piezoelectric effect, which is the electrical charge that certain materials (such as quartz) naturally generate under pressure.

2-30mm push button switch wiring for piezo

Piezo Switch Wiring Diagrams

3. What are types of 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button types contains 30mm anti vandal switch, 30mm piezo switch.

30mm piezo switch are usually made of plastic or metal that is long-lasting and easily saved from damage. 30mm vandal switch mainly are made of metal crust, PBT base, silver contact and metal mechanism. They are easily to be clean and damaged from the hammer.

The functionality of each size push button varies.

Furthermore, 30mm push button switch’s head is designed according to the finger or hand to operate efficiently.

4. What are the applications of 30mm push button switch?

Push button 30mm has a wide range of applications.

  • They can be switching on and off the bubbles in spas.
  • They can be used to complete circuits and waterproof doorbell button.
  • They can be used as switches in a station.
  • They can be used as pc push button.
  • These 30mm push button switches can be used in the shower system of gyms, sports clubs, or schools to turn on and off the water.
  • They can be used like lighted push button.
  • They can be used in the public toilets where they are used in flushing toilets.

12-30mm push button switch application

30mm Push Button Switch Application for Door Access

5. Who will use 30mm push button switch?

Mostly the heavy duty industry companies will purchase 30mm push button switch for their big machine. The actuator is big and if men’s fingers are big, absolutely big actuator will brings you much better feelings to press them.

6. How does 30mm pushbutton switch work?

From wiring drawing, you could see how 30mm push button switch works. As you see, even the size is 30mm and it is big size in push button switch family, they are still a kind of sealed small tool for controlling.

When it is connected, the internal components are connected together to allow current to pass.

When disconnected, contact is interrupted by pressed again, and the current no longer flows.

3-30mm push button switch wiring for antivandal

7. How do you test 30mm push button switch?

You need to follow a complete procedure for testing push button switch 30mm. Some of the necessary steps are:

  • By turning on the multimeter, verify the ohm meter operation.
  • Put the leads into a meter. For verification of the ohmmeter, touch the probe tips together.
  • The terminal on the 30mm switch, connect the red lead into.
  • Turn ip68 push button switch in an off position.
  • Keep on operating for on and off for some time.
  • If it works, then 30mm push button switch is working with any problem.

8. What are the components of 30mm push button switch?

The components of the 30mm push button switch are:

  • Actuator
  • Stationary contacts
  • Grooves
  • Spring
  • PBT base
  • Nuts and O-ring

9. Is 30mm push button switch necessary in appliances?

30mm push button switch has multiple uses. A control switch in every appliance is mandatory as it has control of the entire device.

Switch 30mm is usually used in the control circuit for turning on and off.

You could manually send control signal signals to relays, electromagnetic starters, or control contactors in electrical automatic control circuits.

18-30mm push button switch application

10. What is normally open 30mm push button switch?

A normally open push button is abbreviated as no push button.

The default state of this is open, which means that it doesn’t make any electrical connection within the circuit.

The NO 30mm push button switch is generally most common in circuits and devices.

After pressing this button, an electrical connection is established and responds.

13- 30mm push button switch lathe

30mm push button switch lathe machine

11. What is NC 30mm push button switch?

Unlike the NO push button, this nc push button switch(normally closed) is closed in a default state, which means it has electrical contact with the circuit.

As the button is pressed, it gets open, and the circuit is open, the switch no longer remains electrically connected.

12. What are the differences between the momentary and latching function of the 30mm push button switch?

Momentary 30mm push button switch

A continuous compression is compulsory for the momentary button switch.

As long as the user puts pressure on the switches, they will continue to work.

As the pressure is removed from it immediately, 30mm push button switch will turn off.

Consider an example of an electric drill.

industrial momentary push button switch has broad applications. One of them is in the medical industry. Telephone operators also use them to talk. A momentary switch is actuated only when someone is pressing it – like a doorbell.

Latching 30mm push button switch

On the other hand, latching button switch starts operating as the user switches on and keeps working until the switch is turned off.

This means that it doesn’t require continuous compression from the user.

The application of lockable push button switch is comprehensive, and majorly it is present in home-like central heating switches, light switches, or on stereos.

You might have also observed them in different industries in spa operations etc.

13. What is a double-acting 30mm push button switch?

Double-acting 30mm push button switch contain2 2 normally open contacts and 2 normally closed contacts.

When connecting 30mm push button switch in a circuit, you must make sure to join the wires to the correct set of contacts.

14. What is maintained 30mm push button switch?

A maintained 30mm push button switch in fact means latching switch. The important and obvious change is the actuator return or not. The actuator is down and it is locked due to the inner parts interlocks. This position will changes when it is actuated again.

15. How do you install 30mm push button switch on the panel board?

Follow below steps, you could install 30mm button easily.

  • Using hole cutter, and choose about 30mm mold, drill the hole on the panel to be about 30mm, max to be around 30.5mm.
  • Plug the switch into the panel board. Check the hole is easy to be put in or not.
  • Put the O-ring to the back until it just sticks to the panel
  • Tighten the nut to the panel board.

This way is all for any 30mm push button switch installation, the other size of button as well.

10-30mm push button switch box station

Control station box for push button switches

16. Can you find 30mm push button switch easily in the market?

Yes, you can find 30mm push button switch very easily in your local market. 30mm push button switch varies in different models and functions, you need know your device or equipment very well, then find the suitable 30mm push button switch to match.

17. If without 30mm push button switch , what else do you choose?

If the shop is out of stock for 30mm push button switch, you could choose smaller sizes of 25mm or 22mm. They are same functions.

18. Are 30mm illuminated push button?

Yes, 30mm push button switch is illuminated. You could choose ring illumination or dot illumination. Piezo switch has large ring or thin ring for your selection. With six colors, recombined bicolored or tricolored, it relies on your requirement to choose the correct one.

19. Is 30mm push button switch a sensor?

Yes, 30mm push button switch is a sensor switch like 30mm piezo switch. It is simply the application of external force instead of physical movement that produces the output of the switching element.

5- non illuminated 30mm push button switch actuator

You still need push the actuator with 2N to 6N force to press it, then the piezo switch will be activated.

It has following advantages:

  • Metal finishing shape is easy to clean.
  • A vast range of led option makes the modern look refined.
  • The complete sealed shape makes the switch waterproof. If you are worried about the intrusion of dust, dust or moisture, it may be the best choice for piezo switches.
  • Robust momentary and latching push button switch.

20. How to wire 30mm push button switch?

For this you need, jumper wires, push button, resistor and breadboard.

You need to content a wire which is called jumper to any size volt pin.

It is most preferably 5-volt, but you can adjust size of volt according to the size of your30mm push button switch.

You need to connect 30mm push button switch other side with the pin 2 of the jumper wire.

When you attach both sides only then 30mm push button switch will work.

6- dot illuminated 30mm push button switch actuator

Now connect the resistor which is on the breadboard.

The side to be attached with the resistor should be of pin 2 of jumper wire

The 12v push button switch is easy to wire and you can do it at home.

For wiring 12v push button switch, there are 2, 12 volts- positive and negative.

You need to attach, those positive and negative of 12volt battery with 2 wires of 30mm push button switch.

21. How do I know if my 30mm push button switch is working?

To know whether your 30mm push button switch is working or not.

You need to connect 30mm push button switch through an electrical connection and check if it is working or not.

Before shipping out, all the 30mm push button switches are tested with good quality. If your current and voltage is not over the switch max rating, the switch will be not be damaged.

7-ring illuminated 30mm push button switch actuator

22. Is it hard or easy to select 30mm Push button switch?

Based on its innovative designs, time-tested durability and reliability, you could select it.

While selecting it, keep in mind the aspects:

  • The function for latching or momentary
  • Universal color caps reduce inventory, give more flexibility.
  • Finger safe contact and light modules for safety.
  • High silver contact for ease of use.
  • Pin terminals and wiring mounting for rapid installation.

23. Are 30mm push button switches used in industry?

30mm Push button switches are used in industrial applications, because of the degree of functionality afforded over other switches.

Unlike a standard switch that gives one particular function, these pushbuttons can be used to associate to other mechanical applications through linkages.

24. Can 30mm push button switch be used as emergency push button?

Yes, they can be used as emergency push button.

The aim of the emergency push button is to stop the machinery rapidly when there is a risk of damage or the workflow needs stopping.

These are fail-safe control switches that protect machinery and the person using machinery.

25. What are the 30mm push button switch prices?

There are different prices of 30mm push button switch.

For 30mm waterproof latching type prices are higher than the momentary type.

If you choose 30mm piezo switch and capacitive switch, the unit price is higher than anti vandal switch due to the complicated craft.

26. Can 30mm push button switch head be square?

Yes, it could be the square head. Its diaphragm seal gives a complete blanket of safety from liquids, particles and corrosive agents. If you wish to square head or the other shape, high lathe technology will be ready for your design.

30mm push button switch does not need lubricating oil to operate ease.

Its design is followed using international standards.

30mm push button switch was designed to meet the signaling, control and electric command requirements in a broad range of industrial applications.

In the harshest industrial environment in the world, more styles and sizes will be provided to meet the most challenging specifications.

27. What will 30mm push button switch guard?

30mm push button switch guard acts as a protective cover for 30mm push switch button.

The guard material may be of plastic or metal and size varies.

For plastic material, It can be easily installed from the front panel. It will protect 30mm push button switch from the dust and heavy rain. You also could install 30mm push button switch in the plastic switch box so that it will protect 30mm push button switch more.

8- 30mm push button switch cover waterproof

28. What are piezoelectric 30mm push button switch electrical specifications?

Max current / voltage rating with resistive load:

Function NO: standard 200 24VAC/ DC, 1A 24VAC/DC or request

Function NC: standard max. 600mA 24VAC/ DC

29. Is 30mm push button switch ignition safe?

Cars inadvertently left running can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

In a striking example of the law of unintended consequences, a popular automotive convenience feature, pushbutton start, can lead to accidental death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

30. Can you convert a car to a 30mm push button switch start?

Yes, you can convert your car to the 30mm push button switch start.

Add a keyless ignition, and you can do this by replacing hot wires with a switch.

The two wires touch each other in a hot-wiring process to produce ignition.

However, in the case of pushbutton start, you will use a switch.

31. Is 30mm push button switch rugged?

30mm push button switch is heavy-duty and rugged in construction due to their metal materials such as stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316L, anodized aluminum. Rugged for use in the industry.

They have completely encapsulated IP69K construction for high-pressure wash-down environments having models either latching or momentary outputs.

You could wear gloves to operate them and they are optimal for switching higher currents. This coating gives a flat black smooth, consistent, corrosion-resistant surface.

30mm push button switches are made of metallic materials that are not easy to be broken.

32. What are the key points of 30mm push button switch assembly?

30mm push button switch has following assembly parts

  • Head
  • Seal
  • Tightening nut
  • Fixing base
  • Light block
  • Contact block

9-30mm push button switch piezo switch inner drawing

30mm push button switch piezo type parts

33. Can a cover be installed on 30mm push button switch to protect big rain?

Yes, 30mm push button cover can protect more. If the rain is too big, piezo switch could resist the rain, but stainless steel anti vandal switch IP grade is IP67, it is better to have this cap. Absolutely, the cap will dust-free. Why not? Better choice.

The cover is suitable for 30mm push switch button. It protects the button from collision disoperation.

You could install from the front of the 30mm push button switch, and it is easy to install it. And the fee for the cover is cheap. When someone misuse them, they have some seconds to reconsider it. Hence this is a protection way.

34. What are the dimensions of 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button switch mounting hole size is 30mm, absolutely. Switch rating is 5A/250VAC.

Switch Combination is 1NO1NC/2NO2NC. Operation types are Resettable and Self-locking.

Head shape is flat and enclosure material is Nickel plated brass and stainless steel. The degree of protection is IP67, IK10.

Dielectric strength is 1,000 VAC rms and 1,500 VAC rms for metal material.

The silver contact thickness and high purity make the waterproof Push button switch work properly in bad weather or harsh environments.

30mm piezo switch dimension is same as above, the switch rating is 200mA/24vac/dc.

Is socket connector with 30mm push button switch?

At present 30mm push button switch doesn’t has socket connector. But you could get them with terminals wiring completed. Choose the required wires size and colors, plus additional small assembling fees, you will get a completed one.

35. What happens if 30mm pushbutton switch start fails?

 It is a great way to check the electric power is on or not. If it is on, maybe the pushbutton is damaged. Uninstall it, and test them. If it is damaged, then you have to purchase them. For 30mm piezo switch, the life time is super long. It is not easy to be damaged under the correct current and voltage.

For 30mm stainless steel push button switch, the switch rating is correct, electrical life is over 100,000 cycles. No worries, use them freely.

36. What type of switch is 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button switch is a simple switch which is used to control some feature of a machine or a process.

30mm push button switches are typically made out of hard material, mostly plastic or metal.

The surface is usually flat or shaped to adjust the human finger or hand. For the purpose, it can be easily depressed or pushed.

30mm push button switch could work with momentary or latching function.

It is used in calculators, kitchen appliances, push-button telephones, and various other mechanical and electronic devices, home and commercial.

37. How to connect 30mm push button switch with horn?

Things you will require.

  • two lengths of wire
  • 12v Push button switch
  • A charged 12v battery

One portion of wire to any part of the horn (ground) to the – (negative) of a 12v battery.

The other portion of wire goes to the electrical connection on the horn.

You could connect 30mm push button switch to both wires seperately.

The horn can also set on the negative post and touch a wire from the positive post to the electrical connection on the horn to check the horn

38. Is it easy to find 30mm push button switch pdf?

Yes, you could find 30mm push button switch pdf about technical data, drawing, switch rating, installation requirement etc in the website. The pdf file about 30mm push button switch is very detailed.

39. How many types of actuators are optional for 30mm push button switch?

Usually, you could choose flat head with height 1.3mm, 3.0mm & 4.5mm, chamfer head with height 3.0mm & 4.5mm, concaved head. Surely, you could customize the head with your design.

40. Is maintenance required for 30mm push button switch?

You don’t need to worry about maintenance of 30mm push button switch. The surface is metal material, only use the rag to wipe it. Isn’t it easy?

11-30mm push button switch maintenance

41. What is the warranty of 30mm push button switch?

30mm push button switch warranty is one year. This is according to electric standards.

This is all about 30mm push button switch. If you have any more questions, you can contact us.

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