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Langir 35mm Anti Vandal Switch

The Langir 35mm anti vandal switch has a larger diameter than the others. Because of this, it offers better visibility promoting ease of use for many heavy-duty types of machinery and other applications.

Its actuator and crust are made from 316L stainless steel with natural anti-rust properties prolonging its service life. Successfully acquiring the IK09 rating, its design and structure are built to last and it can also handle abusive use and strong impacts.

After passing several IP water tests, this switch has also rated IP67 which proves that it is sealed against dirt, dust, moisture, and water as well. This makes it a versatile switch that you can use in a wide variety of applications even those in wet environments.

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Langir 35mm Anti Vandal Switch Series

IP67 sealed, heavy loading, rust and explosion proof, with more than 40,000 hours estimated service life, available in colorful ring illumination.

35mm Anti Vandal Switch Different Materials (3)

  • 1-Brass Nickel Plated 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Brass raw material undergoes a series of processes where it is precisely cut and made even more rugged and rustproof.

  • 2- Black Anodized Aluminum 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Aluminum is anodized, reinforcing its durability and improving its protection against corrosion then it is prepared for the painting process.

  • 3- Stainless Steel 304 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    High grade rustproof stainless steel is precisely cut by a modern lathe machine and processed to reveal its natural luster.

35mm Anti Vandal Switch Is Guaranted to Support Your Business

IP67 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
Highly rated with IP67, it is sealed and protected against water entry making it ideal for outdoor and water applications.
Dustproof 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
Tightly sealed against dust, even the smallest particles cannot enter its shell, therefore, protecting its internal parts and prolonging its service life.
Langir offers a reliable insurance policy, so you are protected from using our products all the time.
Every order is treated with utmost priority and prepared to be shipped within 20 days while samples can reach you as fast as 3 days.

Langir Help to Solder the Wires

To cut installation time, you can request Langir to solder or connect the wires to your switches already before delivery.

16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer from China
16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer outside China

Plug-in Way

Langir caters to over 50 countries including the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and more.

Customize Your 35mm Anti Vandal Switch for Your Project

You can work together with Langir if you need to customize your switches. There are various modification options possible from their shape, the shell and LED color, and the configuration of the function of your switches such as momentary, or latching, normally open or normally closed. You can also opt for the backlit option for your switches’ actuators to place your business logo or universal symbols for their functions.

More Manufacturing Process for 35mm Anti Vandal Switch

16mm anti vandal switch crust making

316L high grade stainless steel is worked using a hi-tech lathe machine to accurately cut it according to design and then polish it to achieve a smooth texture and lustrous appearance. Highly trained workers assemble all the parts of the switch and quality inspectors meticulously check each end product to ensure 100 percent high quality. Finally, the switches are securely packed and ready to be delivered to you using fast shipping services.

30mm Anti Vandal Switch for A Wide Range of Application

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Game Console

Because it is IP67 rated, this switch is ideal for boats, yachts, ships, and other water transportation and wet applications.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Industry

Bigger buttons mean easier to reach and use controls making this perfect for bike systems for the headlight, brakes, and horn.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Daily Life

Super durable switch that makes it ideal for heavy-duty industries such as mining, shipyards, manufacturing, oil, food, and more.

16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer in China
Leading 30mm Anti Vandal Switch Manufacturer in China

Quick reply & strong support

Langir Team

What is the 35mm anti vandal switch?

The 35mm anti vandal switch is a vandal, dust, and waterproof switch that can be used in various light to he heavy duty applications. It is one of Langir’s switches with a big diameter so it is visually easy to see and use. It is made with stainless steel that’s graded 316L and compliant with ROHS making it rust-proof, aesthetically attractive, with minimal maintenance, and long lasting. There are also various customization choices to meet your requirements. And with a one year warranty,  it is the right switch to choose for your business, clients, or your home.

How do you mount the 35mm anti vandal switch?

Mounting the 35mm anti vandal switch is quick and easy. But before that, ensure that you have switched off the power from the mains if you are working on live wires. Prepare the switch by removing the nut beneath the actuator and setting it aside. Then connect or solder the wires to the terminals. You can also order a pre-wired switch to save time during the installation.

Depending on where you will be mounting it, you may need to drill a fresh hole to accommodate your switch. Trace the panel cutout that comes with your switch and use a hole saw with a bit that has the appropriate size. After that, insert the switch, bottom first, into the hole then secure it by fastening back the nut. Connect the wires respectfully, then finally, test your switch.

How do you order Langir’s 35mm anti vandal switch?

You can order Langir’s 35mm anti vandal switch through our official website. Just fill out a short online “request a quote” form with your inquiry and necessary details to assist you with your order. Then hit submit.

After that, one of our friendly and reliable staff will reach out to you within 24 hours and assist you with your order. Langir accepts any quantity of orders, may it be small or in bulk and samples are provided too if you  request them. Confirmed orders are typically processed within 5-25 working days typically processed within 2-3 business days.

Is Langir a manufacturer?

Yes, we focus on this field of anti vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive swith over 16 years.

Do you supply samples?

Yes. Usually for 1-4 samples for anti vandal switch, they are free of charge, you just provide us any express account. For piezo switch and capacitive switch samples, 1-2 samples are free of charge with freight collect.

How to pack them?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, usually our products are shipped by express and air. We will provide you different express fees for your reference.

What is the warranty for Langir push button switch?

Langir push button switch is 365 days warranty.

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