4 Pole DC Circuit Breaker

4 pole dc circuit breaker for solar system

  • IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2, GB 14048.2
  • 1 P=250 V DC, 2P=500 V DC 3P=750 V DC, 4P=1000 V DC
  • Different curve
  • 1A to 63A


The JB circuit breaker is a powerful device that works as a protective mechanism for PV installations or solar power systems.

It includes four poles where the protection relies on the three poles while the other one serves as a neutral.

When it identifies any irregularities in the current, it will trip which results in the disconnection of all four poles.

This non polarity sensitive device can also be used in multiple-incomers power source systems, systems with two alternative electrical sources, three phase and four wire distribution systems, bus transformers, or standby generators.

You can find it in hospitals, hotels, corporate buildings, factories, and in other places where there’s a bigger voltage supplied or where multiple types of equipment need protection.

For added safety it can be connected with:

  • residual current unit for AC
  • FPI devices
  • earthing circuit breaker for DC

It can also be locked for extra protection and other devices are also compatible to be connected to it if you need added protection based on your application.


1-1P DC Circuit Breaker for solar

DC circuit breaker E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir 4 Pole DC Circuit Breaker Introduction

Langir is your highly reliable supplier of 4 pole DC circuit breakers from China. You can expect 4 pole DC circuit breakers that are world class quality, super reliable, and built to last.

The 4 pole DC circuit breaker is a safety switch with a high voltage rating capacity that trips when there’s a fault in the electric current. It is generally used in applications that have a high current rating.

It has four poles where protection is applied to the current flow through all the three poles while one is neutral. When it trips or is opened manually, each of the four poles is disconnected.

A similar principle applies to 3P DC circuit breakers. While the 1P and 2P DC circuit breakers normally work the same but they are typically used in low voltage applications compared to 4 pole DC circuit breakers.

4P DC circuit breaker

4P DC circuit breaker

Working Principle

The hot wires are connected to the terminals on one side of the 4 pole DC circuit breaker, usually on the three poles, while the 4th is for neutral. When the 4 pole DC circuit breaker is switched on, the electric current flows from the hot wires and passes through the electromagnet parts (bimetallic strips on conventional types).

When the electric current spikes and reaches alarming levels, the electromagnetic reacts and moves the nearby armature that rotates the trip bar causing the 4 pole DC circuit breaker to trip. This action will open the circuit, the electric current is cut, and the electromagnet coils are de-energized.

While for bimetallic strips high levels of current will cause it to bend towards the trip bar and rotate it, to open the circuit.

Different DC circuit breakers

Different DC circuit breakers


A 4 pole DC circuit breaker can be used when there are two alternative sources in a system, in power feeding systems with multiple incomers, or when you have a stand by generator or transformer feeding to a bus.

The 4 pole DC circuit breaker is also used for 3 phase 4 wire distribution systems. This is where power is distributed to different substations in different locations and supplies electricity to hotels, hospitals, offices, and other similar places needing bigger voltage supply.

In any applications similar to these, it is mandatory to use the 4 pole DC circuit breaker.

4P DC Circuit Breaker applications

4P DC Circuit Breaker applications


There are several places where you can buy 4 pole DC circuit breakers. Such as hardware stores, electrical stores, home depot, ecommerce websites, etc. However, not all the 4 pole DC circuit breakers you’ll find are high quality.

You need to find the right brand certified supplier of high quality products such as those brands with SAA, IEC/EN 60947-2, TUV Rheinland, and similar quality seal. Just like the certifications and quality seals that Langir has acquired for their products such as their 4 pole DC circuit breakers.

So when you order from Langir, you are guaranteed to receive high quality electrical products. Langir’s 4 pole DC circuit breakers are easy to install, with fast delivery, and satisfaction guarantee.

Simply inquire about your circuit breaker needs and a friendly sales professional will assist you immediately. After your orders have been confirmed, they will be delivered right away.

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International quality and safety seals

International quality and safety seals

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