Professional Manufacturer of 40A DC MCB from China

  • Current ratings up to 40 amps
  • Wide choice of voltage ratings
  • A wide choice of product poles
  • Other 50A, 63A is available
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Langir's 40A DC MCB Has the Confidence to Safely Protect Your Circuits

Langir’s 40a dc mcb can be easily mounted on a circuit board and it is firmly mounted and not easily damaged, so it does not need to be replaced frequently. 40 amp dc mcb cases are usually made of high temperature and low temperature impact resistant materials that are hard and durable. Installation is also very easy, requiring no special tools or specialist skills, just a simple screwdriver and other tools to install, very simple and easy to use.

Langir’s 40a dc mcb can be used to protect batteries and motors in cars, electronic equipment in aircraft, or lighting systems in ships, and can be used in many other applications.

The 40 amp dc mcb is also available in different poles, usually 1, 2, 3 and 4poles. In DC circuits, the right number of poles needs to be selected to protect the safety and stability of the circuit.

As there is not much difference between 40 and 32 amps, the 40 amp dc mcb and 32 amp dc mcb have the same 3.5 square metres of copper wire, so the difference in weight of the product is not too great at around 122g.

40A DC MCB Range

2-1p 40a dc mcb

12v, 24v and other voltage ratings are available

3-2p 40a dc mcb

Choice of poles such as 1 pole, 2 poles, etc.

Certificates & Insurance

TUV Certified
Langir 1P, 2P, 3P & 4P and kinds of currents are all TUV certified with CB
CE Certified
Certification is provided to assure of the quality
Langir offers a product liability insurance policy to ensure your product reaches you safely
Samples provided less than 3 days, mass production less than 20 days. Quick to reach you.

Why Choose us?

  • High rated current, suitable for large circuit equipment.
  • Wide range of rated voltage, such as 250dc,500vdc, 1000vdc and other voltage options.
  • Multiple poles, 1 pole, 2 poles, 3 poles and 4 poles can be selected.
  • At present, we also develop 125A and bigger current.
dc mcb 40a

40A DC MCB Installing

8-40a dc mcb factory
7- 40a dc mcb wholesale

Regarding how to install the it in the distribution box, guide rails and screw accessories of appropriate length are necessary. If you also need guide rails or other accessories, you can contact us to purchase and deliver them together. Langir will provide all facilities for your convenience for one-stop shopping and save your time and cost.



9-40a dc mcb CE
40A DC MCB to Boost Your Business

Langir’s 40A DC MCB guarantees quality and gets your product to you as quickly as possible, we serve customers worldwide and get back to you within two hours.

  • “Langir’s products are really good, we have been working together for many years and will continue.”

  • We like Langir’s products, the quality is good and we will definitely work with them for a long time

  • “Langir is the best partner we have ever had, and that has always been recognized.”

Does Langir deliver you orders?

For small orders, Langir will use express delivery like FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, and TNT.

These deliveries are door to door service.

While for big orders, Langir will send them either via air or sea.

Langir will guarantee safe and protected order packaging to ensure that the products will arrive in good condition and ready for installation.

How many days until you receive your orders?

Langir keeps them in stock. If sufficient stock is available, your order will be delivered within 2 to 3 days of confirmation.

However, in the rare event of a shortage, you will be notified immediately.

Langir will ensure that you receive your order intact and hassle free.

Does Langir provide a warranty?

Yes, Langir offers a 365-day warranty on all of its products.
But all of Langir’s products are of world-class quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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