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Langir 40mm Anti Vandal Switch

Langir 40mm anti vandal switch has the largest diameter that the rest of the switches up to date. Because of its size, it possesses high visibility when mounted on machines, control boards, automotive, and other applications.

It is made of the best graded stainless steel that is also compliant with ROHS which means it doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic chemicals making it a safe switch you can use.

It is also rated with IP67, confirming that it is dustproof and waterproof so you can use it for outdoors or marine applications without risk. And having been rated IK10, this switch is built tough so it can tolerate strong impacts or continuous use.

Langir 40mm Anti Vandal Switch Series

40mm bushing diameter, IP67 and IK10 rated, ring illuminated, available in different LED colors with up to 1 million mechanical life cycles.

40mm Anti Vandal Switch Different Materials (3)

  • 1-Brass Nickel Plated 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Brass is cut with precision and electroplated to strengthen it allowing it to increase its protection against corrosion and outside elements.

  • 2- Black Anodized Aluminum 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Raw aluminum material undergoes an anodization process to augment its durability, enhance its anti-rust properties and prepare it for the painting phase.

  • 3- Stainless Steel 304 22mm Anti Vandal Switch

    Construction grade stainless steel is fed into a lathe machine that cuts it according to the design and then refines it to boost its rust protection and make it smooth and sleek.

40mm Anti Vandal Switch Is Guaranted to Support Your Business

IP67 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
High IP67 rating makes it sealed against any entry of water or moisture making it perfect for marine and any water applications.
Dustproof 16mm Anti Vandal Switch
Built to also protect itself from dirt and dust, hence providing effective protection for its internal parts and extending its service life.
With our comprehensive and dependable product liability insurance, Langir can guarantee that our products are high quality and safe to use.
Your switches are made typically within two to three weeks upon order confirmation and can be delivered via express shipping.

Langir Help to Solder the Wires

You can request for your switches to be connected with wires for a faster installation process and have more time for your business.

16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer from China
16mm anti vandal switch manufacturer outside China

Plug-in Way

Langir can ship orders to over 70 destinations around the world including countries like the US, Canada, UK, Africa, and Asian countries.

Custom Your 40mm Anti Vandal Switch for Your Project

Customize your switches with the help of Langir. You can request to change their shape, size, colors, illumination, and even their configurations such as NO, NC, momentary or latching, and more. Each part of the switch can be modified like their actuator where, aside from ring illumination, you can request for dot, power symbol, or backlit icons. Not satisfied with our options? Send us your drawing and we’re happy to hear your ideas.

More Manufacturing Process for 40mm Anti Vandal Switch

16mm anti vandal switch crust making

Stainless steel with a high 316L grade is processed using a heavy duty lathe machine to cut it with accuracy based on the design. Then it is polished to attain a smooth and shiny surface also further enhancing its protection against corrosion. Then all the parts are assembled to complete the switch. Lastly, they are strictly inspected and packed securely. Langir can get your orders delivered right away using express delivery services.

40mm Anti Vandal Switch for A Wide Range of Application

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Game Console

With its IP67 rating, it is perfect to be used in different types of ships, personal yachts, mega yachts, luxury boats, and other marine transportations.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Industry

It is the best choice for brake buttons, horn, or headlights. You can easily identify it and press it thus preventing accidents from happening.

16mm Anti Vandal Switch for Daily Life

Rated with IK10, it is the right switch for heavy duty applications in various industries such as manufacturing, mining, oil, shipyards, and so on.

Leading 40mm Anti Vandal Switch Manufacturer in China

Quick reply & strong support

Langir Team

What is the 40mm anti vandal switch?

The 40mm anti vandal switch is an IP67 and IK10 rated switch from Langir. Making it water, dust, and vandal proof. It is also the biggest switch from Langir in diameter. With a bigger appearance, it is easy to find and identify even on a board with plenty of other controls.

It is made with 316L top grade stainless steel that’s why it has high protection against rust, corrosion, and harmful outside elements. It is also smooth and glossy in appearance making it a versatile and luxurious looking switch.

It can also be modified according to your requirements since Langir offers options to change its shape, size, shell color, LED color, even its specific function, and many more.

Is the 40mm anti vandal switch easy to install?

Installing the 40mm anti vandal switch is quick and easy with proper tools. You will need a hole saw with the right bit for the 40mm diameter, the panel cutout, wires, soldering gun, lead wires, and multimeter for testing.

Prepare the switch by removing the hex nut and connecting the wires to the terminals. You can also order switches with connected wires from Langir so you don’t need to solder or connect them anymore. If you need to drill a new hole for the switch, you can use the panel cutout to trace the appropriate diameter then drill the hole using the hole saw.

Insert the switch through the hole with its backside first. Then fasten the hex nut to secure it in its position. Connect the wires and finally, test your switch.

 What are the possible applications of the 40mm anti vandal switch?

With a wide application scope, the 40mm anti vandal switch can be used in just about any device, machine, or equipment. You can find them installed in elevators, medical equipment, factory production machines, or emergency panels.

They can also be used in household applications such as in big appliances, light switches, garage door controls, doorbells, and so on. They are also perfect for public transportations such as in trains, buses, and also in vehicles like cars or trucks.

Moreover, they are also ideal for marine applications in control boards of boats, yachts, or in control rooms of ships. With these varieties of uses, you can rest assured that it is the best switch for your application.

Is Langir a manufacturer?

Yes, we focus on this field of anti vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive swith over 16 years.

Do you supply samples?

Yes. Usually for 1-4 samples for anti vandal switch, they are free of charge, you just provide us any express account. For piezo switch and capacitive switch samples, 1-2 samples are free of charge with freight collect.

How to pack them?

For standard packing, dozens per box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton. We also provide you custom box or carton packing with your logo and design.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, usually our products are shipped by express and air. We will provide you different express fees for your reference.

What is the warranty for Langir push button switch?

Langir push button switch is 365 days warranty.

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