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  • Light weight, durable, shock-resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Can be customized according to the requirements of specific applications
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Durable and Lightweight Aluminum Push Button

Langir is a professional manufacturer of aluminum push buttons. Since 2009, Langir has devoted itself to research and development, from design, production, testing and certification to mass production, totally relying on our whole team.

Langir aluminum push button is not only a common mechanical switch device, but also a newly developed electronic switch device in recent years, which is often used in electronic equipment, control panels and industrial mechanical systems to start, stop, adjust and switch equipment. Functions can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as car buttons, elevator buttons, etc. It can also be used as a siren, emergency stop button and part of a safety device and can be applied in any industry.

Langir aluminum push button is usually composed of cylinders. Pressing the button can control the state of the switch. The working principle is based on mechanical pressure. When the button head is pressed, the pressure switch inside the button will sense the pressure change, and the signal will be passed to the corresponding circuit or equipment, this component, we call it a micro-motion component, there is a spring in the micro-motion, which instantly triggers this mechanism to realize the device, providing users with a convenient, safe and reliable control Way. If it is an electronically controlled switch, then the PCB version is installed inside, and the service life will be longer.

The whole aluminum push button switch is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which has excellent strength and corrosion resistance, so the switch is very light but strong, and can withstand long-term use and harsh environmental conditions, and its design is simple, smooth, easy to operate, and very durable , the appearance is smooth, not easy to get dust and water stains, etc., very easy to clean.

It has the option of light-emitting and non-light-emitting functions, and the switch parameters such as light-emitting color, voltage and current times, etc. can be preset according to customer needs. In a dimly lit or dark environment, you can choose a switch with a light-emitting function. In small equipment or voltage control, you can choose a switch with low current and low voltage.

In a word, regardless of size, color or function, Langir aluminum push button switch has a variety of options. If you are interested in clicking to inquire, we have professional staff to provide you with more detailed consulting services, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum Push Button Range

2-metal aluminum push button

There are different sizes of aluminum materials in this series to choose from, such as 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, and the black aluminum shell and head are commonly used, and you can also customize the matching color according to the color of the equipment. Usually doing so requires a certain number of orders. Click it to get more information.

4-red aluminum push button

The PZ series includes hole diameter from 12 to 40mm, covering more apertures and more size options. Each series has anodized aluminum material. Anodized aluminum colors are also various, which are more eye-catching when installed on the equipment. The head size and height of each series are different, please click the picture to see more details.

3-waterproof aluminum push button

The whole series of CP can be covered with aluminum oxide material, from the shell to the head, the third-party supplier has made a special intensification for us, and can produce exquisite colors very well. At present, this series includes aluminum natural color, gold, red, green, blue, black, if you have other requirements for the color, you can contact us for customization.

Why Choose Langir Aluminum Push Button?

REACH Certification
Langir's aluminum push button is REACH approved
ROHS Certification
All kinds of Certifications are provided to assure of the quality, choose high-quality environmentally friendly materials to ensure your life safety
Langir offers a product liability insurance policy to ensure your product reaches you safely
Samples provided less than 3 days, mass production less than 20 days. Quick to reach you.

Select the Correct Aluminum Push Button

  • Various size options, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, etc., are suitable for different devices.
  • Various colors are available, such as red, green and blue, which are suitable for different scenes.
  • Different currents and voltages can be selected according to the needs.
  • Various funtions like momentary, latching, 1no, 1nc, etc. You can select and order.
5-anodized aluminum push button

Field of Application

aluminum push button application

They can withstand high pressure and frequent use, are durable and reliable, and are often used in industrial automation systems to control the start, stop or switching functions of equipment.

aluminum push button contact

Commonly used for switching, regulating and control functions in electronic equipment. For example, buttons commonly found on consumer electronics such as televisions, audio equipment, and computers are made of aluminum.

aluminum push button automation

Widely used on various instruments to control parameters, adjust measurement ranges or switch functions. For example, aluminum buttons can be found in instruments in laboratories, industrial measuring equipment, and medical equipment.

aluminum push button instrumentation

They are aesthetically pleasing and can match different design styles, and are used as controls for switches, lighting controls, elevators and other functions in the home and construction fields.

Aluminum buttons are widely used in the interior of automobiles or aircrafts. They can withstand the test of vibration and frequency of use in the environment and are used to control the functions of vehicles or aircrafts, such as vehicle start, lighting, seat adjustment, etc.

aluminum push button metal
Use Langir Aluminum Push Button to Delight Your Customers

As a professional aluminum push button manufacturer, we are happy to produce high quality products to delight your customers

How do I order?

Each series has its own different order codes. Make sure each code is really your wanted model. If any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us for confirmation. For example, V12 series, they have flat head, domed head, high flat head. They have screw terminal and pin terminal. You shall choose nickel pated brass, stainless steel or gold plated.

Where to order?

You can directly send the email via and ask for any help.

How to deliver your orders?

For small orders, Langir will use express delivery like FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, and TNT.

These deliveries are door to door service.

While for big orders, Langir will send them either via air or sea.

Langir will guarantee safe and protected order packaging to ensure that the aluminum push button will arrive in good condition and ready for installation.

How many days until you receive your order?

Langir keeps them in stock. If sufficient stock is available, your order will be delivered within 2 to 3 days of confirmation.

However, in the rare event of a shortage, you will be notified immediately.

Langir will ensure that you receive your order intact and hassle free.

Does Langir provide a warranty?

Yes, Langir offers a 365-day warranty on all of its products.
But all of Langir’s products are of world-class quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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