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  • Ideal for use in rough environments, waterproof IP65 & IP67
  • Are used as waterproof pushbutton & panel mount pushbutton
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  • Widely be used in industry & home appliance

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Langir Anti Vandal Switch to Meet Your Demands

1- 10mm Miniature Anti Vandal Switch

10mm series anti vandal switch with center illumination, switch max rating: 0.5A/220VAC

1- metal anti vandal switch for waterproof

Zinc-ai aluminum with green, yellow, white, red, blue & black domed head color. Switch rating 2A 48VDC

3-L12 Dot led Illuminated Anti Vandal Switch

Variety of led option; Dot, ring illumination available; Terminal option: Solder lug(2.0X0.5)

4-V16 Flat Head Anti Vandal Switch

Metal materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, nickel plated brass & gold plated brass

5-L16 Metal Anti Vandal Switch

L16 series anti vandal switch max rating is 3A 250VAC, transparent power symbol optional

6-L16T Tri-color Anti Vandal Switch

L16T series with Tri-color and backlit label led, plastic connection base is available

7-LS16 IP65 Rated Anti Vandal Switch

Momentary normally open with 4 pins terminal, switch max rating is 2A 36VDC

10-V19 Normally Closed Anti Vandal Switch

Domed head, flat head, high flat head with hole diameter 19mm, normally open or normally closed available

11-VS19 Short Body Anti Vandal Switch

Low profile and short body, screw terminal or solder lug, wiring connection is provided

12-L9U Ultra Short Anti Vandal Switch

Ultra short body, momentary 50mA/24VDC, momentary 1NO, only solder lug, 6 led color optional

13-LS19 4 pins anti vandal switch

Diameter 19mm, bi-color, tri-color, can be customized with bottom glue and wiring

14-L19A Pin Terminal Anti Vandal Switch

Stainless steel material with momentary or latching 1NO1NC or 2NO2NC, power backlit symbol

16-L19 Bi-color Anti Vandal Switch

Flat head with screw terminal or pin terminal. Non-illuminated, dot, ring  & backlit label kit.

18-L19T Momentary 2NO2NC Anti Vandal Switch

Tri-color such as red/green/blue. Solder lug is 2.8X0.5mm; Protection waterproof IP65 & IK10

17-LF19 flicker buzzer

19mm vandal-proof flicker buzzer with bi-color. Stainless steel material, ring illuminated only

15-L19M Solder Lug Anti Vandal Switch

Micro-trip, screw terminal and pin terminal. 4 terminals. Tri-color such as red/green/blue

19-L19B High Current Anti Vandal Switch

High current from 0.3A to 21A, the red base of micro switch is with UL certification

20-L19Y Big Current Anti Vandal Switch

High current with max switch rating 21A 24vdc, long crust and IP68 sealing in the bottom.

21-L9S Momentary Anti Vandal Switch

Square bezel surface, max switching rate: 3A 250VAC, SPDT & DPDT, momentary & latching

22-L22S Square Bezel Anti Vandal Switch

Panel cutout 22mm with square bezel shape, 5A/ 250VAC switch rating, latching or momentary function

23-V22 Screw Terminal Anti Vandal Switch

Panel cutout 22mm with non-illuminated, max switch rating is 2A 48vdc, lase engraving optional

24-L22 Weatherproof Anti Vandal Switch

Panel cutout 22mm with stainless steel & black anodized aluminum, providing wire connection or plug in the back

25-L22M Micro-trip Anti Vandal Switch

Micro-trip, short stroke, switch rating 50mA 24VDC, momentary 1NO, stainless steel 304 material

26-L22A Latching Anti Vandal Switch

Economic type, switch rating is 5A/250vac, momentary & latching 1NO1NC, solder lug or screw terminal

27-L22O LED Anti Vandal Switch

Panel cut out 22mm with rear mounting and flush mounted. 6 led colors such as green, blue, red, white, yellow

28-L22B On Off Anti Vandal Switch

Big current from 0.3A to 21A with panel cutout 22mm, SPST & SPDT, LED voltage from 3.3V to 220V

29-L22T Transparent Anti Vandal Switch

Only solder lug 2.8×0.5mm, Momentary & Latching 1NO1NC & 2NO2NC, other material is customed

30-L22U Pcb Mounted Anti Vandal Switch

Super short body, only solder lug for circuit board directly. Ring illumination is optional

31-L25U Waterproof Anti Vandal Switch

Flat head, hole diameter 25mm, super short body, low profile model to be used in circuit board

31-L25 Ring Led Anti Vandal Switch

Flat head, stainless steel, momentary & latching 1NO1NC, 2NO2NC, elegant shape to good touch feeling

32-Backlit Led Anti Vandal Switch

nel cutout 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm. Backlit LED label kits can be used in many models

33-L28 Large Ring Anti Vandal Switch

Panel cutout 28mm anti vandal switch with momentary or latching functions, stainless steel material only

34-L30 Stainless Steel Anti Vandal Switch

L30 series anti vandal switch with flat head, hole diameter 30mm, large size and heavy duty

35-L35 IP65 Sealed Anti Vandal Switch

L35 series anti vandal switch with panel cutout 35mm, 6 led colors such as green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange

36-L40 Heavy duty Anti Vandal Switch

The biggest panel cutout 40mm for heavy duty use in the industry. Multiple functions

Langir Anti Vandal Switch
  • Langir is one of the best anti vandal switch manufacturer
  • Passed through lots of certificates and test report for your market
  • Many end-users like our products
  • Whether materials choosing or the accuracy of the metal housing, our standards are higher than the market

Custom Your Anti Vandal Switch

You have probably seen this anti vandal switch, but you can’t remember where. Was it when you’re crossing the street? Or, when you were buying a ticket?

Langir anti vandal switch is designed for heavy exposure to abuse and damage. That is why you’ll mostly see this in public places like the pedestrian crossing.

An elevator even has anti vandal button. A public ticket dispenser. And even a drink vending machine.

Langir Anti vandal switch can withstand damage attempts of metal tools, and so dirt and moisture. Thus they could be called as vandal switch as the function of vandal resistant.

Imagine how many times an elevator button is pressed, or probably a public interactive kiosk. Langir anti vandal switch is so often to be seen, even vandal switch pc.

Regardless of its application, langir anti vandal switches can be customized to meet your demands. Langir comes best if you’re thinking of upgrading your car’s ignition system.

We can also make custom anti vandal switch for your electronic doors. With a wide array of options, you can choose from any type of langir anti vandal switches.

Meet your preferences with high-quality standards. From a miniature anti vandal switch to illuminated ones, the options are just endless.

Various LED options, types of durable material, and more, you have it at Langir. You just need to specify your requirements, set your preference, and you’re good to go.


What is an anti vandal switch?

Anti vandal meaning opposes or prohibits vandalism. Vandal-resistant switches (also referred to as vandalproof switch) are electrical switches designed for bad enviroment.

How do we pay for them?

Usually we accept T/T, L/C, Paypal. Small or sample orders, we advise you to transfer by Paypal.  For big orders, T/T in advance will be better.

Do you sell samples?

Yes, we provide you one or two free samples for your testing.

Do you custom our anti vandal switch?

Yes, we will. This is our advantage to handle this.

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Langir Anti Vandal Switch

With over 16 years experiences in China, Langir is quite professional at anti vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive switches, etc. If you are looking for anti vandal switch supplier, Langir is your first choice in China.

L19A parts

Langir anti vandal switch is variety of materials available. You can choose stainless steel 304, nickel-plated brass, anodized aluminum and zinc-al alloy. With these metal material, Langir anti vandal switch is rigid in the instructure.

Langir anti vandal switch provides different hole diameters—8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm. Different hole diameters will match with your sundry installing panel mount requirements.

anti vandal switch

Langir anti vandal switch has different led colours such as white, black, green, red, orange, yellow. We also provide bi-colours like green-red, white-yellow etc. There are 7 led voltages like 3.3v, 6v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 110v and 230v for you to choose.

Our anti vandal switch has been qualified by CE, ROHS, REACH and IP65, IP67 test report. You will receive these reports if you require.

Langir anti vandal switch is widely used for automotive equipment, industrial control, medical equipment, access control system etc. They support your device operating well and save your cost and time. Compared with the equipment system, anti vandal switch is a small electronic part, but you will find good anti vandal switch is quite necessary.

Langir support you for the custom anti vandal switch. With your ideas or your drawing, the custom anti vandal switch sample will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks after drawing confirmation. Pre-production sample will be kept for your comparison.

anti vandal switch laser

Langir anti vandal switch has exported to 70 countries and regions such as United kingdom, Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey, France, Italy etc.

We believe Langir anti vandal switch will be your reliable supplier in China and Langir 100% support your business developing. Please contact us for a quick quote.

Anti Vandal Switch – The Complete FAQ guide

In this FAQ guide, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the anti vandal switch.

You will find out the many advantages of choosing this type of switch among the other switches and why this is the right choice for your money.

Moreover, you will also learn how durable this switch is and the varieties of applications it can be used for.

And besides that, you will also be guided on how you can wire this switch properly and safely using different wiring configurations.

Read on to find out why you should be purchasing the anti vandal switch for all of your switch needs.

1. What is the anti vandal switch?

This type of switch is also known as a vandal proof switch which provides a higher level of protection and quality than ordinary switches.

Despite having better quality and reliability than the others, they remain affordable and budget-friendly.

It is generally the preferred choice when looking for a switch that will be used frequently and will be used in an environment where there’s possible high-risk damage.

Fun Fact: The term “push” in switch terminology also means that it can also be hit, slapped, stepped on, and even punched.

All the more reason why the switch needs to be tough and strong to endure this abuse and will still be able to function well despite being in a harsh environment

This is why the anti vandal switches were developed and improved to meet these demands and requirements.

Figure 1 Anti vandal switch

Anti vandal switch

2. What are the advantages of getting an anti vandal switch over other switches?

Because the anti vandal switch is made to be tough, you will find that it has a lot of features and benefits that it can offer you like the following:

  • It can be installed outdoors
  • It can handle extreme temperatures.
  • Dust-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Can endure abuse such as intended damage.
  • Made of robust materials such as stainless steel and thick plastics.
  • Heavy-duty, quality, and long service life.
  • Variety of types and design choices
  • Cost-effective

There are many anti vandal switches in the market and the majority will offer similar features.

However, it is highly recommended that you should look for top-quality vandal resistant illuminated switch so you are guaranteed that the switch is reliable and hard-wearing.

3. Does the anti vandal switch offer different types and designs?

Aside from what has been mentioned before, another advantage of choosing this type of switch is that you can also find different kinds, shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that would perfectly match what you need.

Some of them are the following:

  • Miniature type
  • Low profile
  • Square bezel anti vandal switch
  • Big Current

Amongst these anti vandal switch types, you can find contact types and specifications such as normally open or normally closed, latching or momentary, as well as DPDT, SPDT, or SPST types.

Your options are almost endless and you can be sure that you can find a switch for every purpose you require.

Figure 2 Different types of illuminated anti vandal switch

Different types of illuminated anti vandal switch

4. Does the anti vandal switch come in black aluminum type?

Yes, you can find manufacturers that sell the black anti vandal switch.

If you’re out of luck, you can always inquire with your manufacturer to confirm if they make this type of switch or if they can accept requests for making this type.

5. Does the anti vandal switch come in different light colors?

You can find manufacturers that offer anti vandal switches with several LED colors that are usually red, blue, green, yellow, or white.

Sometimes the anti vandal switch will have two or multiple LED colors that interchange each time you press vandal resistant light switch.

Other colors may be available and manufacturers may accept color customization if you need something different and unique.

6. How does the anti vandal switch get rated?

Despite the majority of them being vandal-proof, they are also rated based on the level of protection they can offer which is called the IK rating.

To acquire this, the anti vandal switch will undergo a series of tests to identify its toughness against different impact levels.

It will be submitted to a couple of tests namely the Charpy Impact Test and the Drop Weight test.

In the first test, the anti vandal switch will be subjected to different stages of impact in different temperature levels as well using the Charpy test machine.

Then for the second test, it will be submitted to a series of impact tests such as dropping it from high ground or striking it with a hammer all the while it is subjected to different temperature levels.

After all of these tests are completed, the anti vandal switch will be rated and if it did well, IK10 vandal resistant will be the highest.

Here’s a table showing the IK rating and its descriptions:

IK10 chart

IK rating levels and test descriptions

7. What is the anti vandal switch for?

Usually, you can see the anti vandal switches being used in machines or control panels for general public use as well as in places such as businesses, factories, and many others more.

Also, you can find them in the following applications:

  • Public kiosks and ticket machines
  • Elevator buttons
  • Safety and security switches
  • Pedestrian crossing button
  • Intercom devices
  • Garages and mechanical gates controls
  • Alarms
  • Vending machines
  • School address systems
  • Community center systems
  • Dispensers
  • Rental equipment
  • Medical equipment

The anti vandal switch may also be used in different types of machinery and equipment. Sometimes people will use anti vandal switch pc for surface mount or panel mount.

They can also be customized to meet your specifications as some manufacturers accept customization requests.

Figure 5 Anti vandal switch as arcade buttons

Anti vandal switch as arcade buttons

8. What is the physical measurement of the anti vandal switch?

The measurement or dimensions of the anti vandal switch will depend on its type as some types have shorter bodies while others have longer body lengths.

For example, an anti vandal switch with 16mm diameter.

This would typically have about 0.94 mm or 0.03 inches from the head up to the tip of its terminals.

While a short body switch would have around 0.677 mm or 0.02 inches in length.

You also need to consider the type of actuator it has since a raised or high flat head can add about 1 to 2 mm.

The same applies to the type of terminals which can either soldered and screw type and each with different lengths.

However, you can find these diameter sizes existing in the market today: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, and even bigger sizes readily available or made upon request.

Figure 6 Standard anti vandal switch measurement

Standard anti vandal switch measurement

9. What type of materials make up an anti vandal switch?

The anti vandal switches are specially made with high-grade materials that are robust and impossible to damage easily.

The following are the common metals that make up its body and sometimes the actuator:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Anodized aluminum

For brass anti vandal switch, it is usually plated as nickel or gold, absolutely you could custom the other colors to plate.

While for the terminals, most of the time they are made with copper or brass.

For the backlit actuator kind, you may find that the button is made of a clear resin material and an icon is attached under it.

These icons would have a standard set but they can also be personalized according to your preference if the manufacturer offers customization services.

 7 Anodized aluminum tubes

Anodized aluminum tubes

10. How deep is the threaded shaft of the anti vandal switch?

This will rely on the length of the anti vandal switch.

The low-profile type would have approximately 0.55 inches or 14 mm while the bigger types would have around 0.70 inches or 18 mm.

Knowing these measurements will allow you to select the right panel thickness for a hassle-free mounting of the switch.

11. Can the anti vandal switch be used for NO closet door lighting setup?

No, you can’t use anti vandal switch for closet door lighting setup. If you would like to have the closet light turn on when the closet door is opened then it turns off when the closet door is closed, you will need a normally closed type of anti vandal switch.

This means that the current flows when the switch is not pressed and, in this scenario, the closet light is switched on.

12. Can the anti vandal switch be used for the car’s power window controls?

Yes, they will work especially if you are looking to replace an existing power window switch.

However, you may need 2 switches per window and above-average knowledge of wiring configuration.

You also need to check the voltage and amperage of both the switch and the requirement of the power windows.

13. Will the anti vandal switch work as a house’s light switch?

Of course, yes. With illuminated anti vandal switch, you could see in the darkness and open it in one second.

It is one of the many daily applications of the switch since light switches are often turned off and on every day.

You simply have to look for a light switch panel with the right-sized holes that will fit the illuminated vandal switch and they are also available online or from the switch manufacturers.

Figure 8 Anti vandal switch as light switches

Anti vandal switch as light switches

14. Can the anti vandal switch be wall mounted for garbage disposal?

Yes, they could. But it is better to use bigger size anti vandal switch. Some anti vandal switches may not be able to handle the high induction load that will be required by the garbage disposal.

Typically, a garbage disposal machine has 220 volts, you will also need to have a matching voltage for the anti vandal switch.

If you use a lesser voltage rating, the switch’s contacts may not be able to handle the heavy load it is being induced and eventually get damaged.

15. Can you use female crimp connects on the anti vandal switch?

Yes, there are female crimps that will fit the anti vandal switch’s terminals just right.

These are usually purchased in sets of several different sizes.

The female crimps would have a bullet diameter of around a minimum of 2.88 mm or 0.11 inches.

You simply need to find the female crimps with the right size to connect to the terminals.

Figure 8 Anti vandal switch connector

Anti vandal switch connector

16. Does the anti vandal switch click when you press it?

Depending on the type, it should have a responsive feel when you press it and you would hear a good click sound. No matter latching vandal switch or momentary type, it always has this click sound. But different models has different sound.

If you don’t like this click sound, you could choose short travel like L19M series, L22M series, etc.

The same with the piezo and capacitive type that usually would only require a touch of a finger to activate the switch. They will not have this click sound.

17. Will the anti vandal switch color fade when used outdoors?

This would generally rely on the quality of the materials that made up the switch.

Unfortunately, some anti vandal switches may change in appearance when used outdoors.

This is because they can be exposed to direct sunlight and other outside elements causing them to fade in color and even weaken.

The fading of color or any changes in the switch’s appearance and its functionality are just some of the indications that it is low in quality.

That’s why when looking for the right switch for outdoor use, look for high-quality ones that can bear the outside conditions.

18. Will the anti vandal switch corrode under humid conditions?

Although a device made from metal would corrode easily, the IP65 rated and water-resistant anti vandal switch is specially made to be rustproof so it won’t corrode that easily.

If the switch is sealed, moisture will not enter and oxidation will not happen which usually damages the internal mechanisms inside.

19. Can the anti vandal switch be used for operating a garage door remote?

Yes, they work great for garage door controls.

The anti vandal switch can be mounted on your vehicle to remotely control the opening and closing of your garage doors.

You can also use the low-profile type so it doesn’t require much rear space.

20. Is it okay to use the anti vandal switch for the trunk release button?

Yes, absolutely.

They work similar to the trunk release button and you can also find a diameter size to match it.

However, this process may require the removal of the interior parts of the vehicle using specialized tools so you can reach out for the wires of the trunk release button and connect the new switch.

You may also need to check your vehicle’s manual to check how this can be done properly or you can also get it serviced by your dealership.

21. Will the anti vandal switch work as a killswitch for a car?

Yes, you are correct.

If you want to secure your car by adding anti-theft switches, you can use the anti vandal switches for your car modifications.

It can be used for kill switches for the ignition, fuse box, battery, or even to shut off fuel line valve.

Figure 10 Hidden car killswitch

Hidden car killswitch

22. Is the anti vandal switch a good ignition switch button for cars?

Yes, the anti vandal switches also work well as an ignition switch for automotive.

Likewise, you can find automotive switch types specially designed for vehicles with specifications and designs suitable for this purpose.

23. Can the anti vandal switch be used as a horn button?

Yes, the anti vandal switch can also serve as a horn button for your vehicle.

You can find a universally-fit-all momentary switch that works well as momentary push button horn switch.

Many car owners can install this DIY replacing their car’s broken horn switch and it works just like the original one.

Figure 11 Car horns

Car horns

24. What is the size drill bit for the anti vandal switch hole?

When you need to drill a hole where you will mount the switch, the drill bit size relies on the size of the switch.

Normally, when you order it, you will receive a cutout guide for your reference when you need to drill a hole for your switch’s installation.

Otherwise, you can also purchase a panel or a switch control station with bored holes with the same size as the diameter of the switch for easy mounting.

25. Can the anti vandal switch be used as the on and off button for a lamp?

Yes, definitely.

Whether you need to replace a broken switch of a desk lamp or a floor lamp, or if you want to build a lamp from scratch, this switch is your perfect choice.

You can look for the LED on and off type of switch or any other types you desire to match the design of your lamp.

Also, look for the right voltage requirement to match it to avoid early switch failures.

Figure 12 Repairing desk lamp

Repairing desk lamp

26. Does the anti vandal switch come with harness plugs in the package?

Harness plugs are sometimes included when you order an anti vandal switch.

Although you will be able to determine this by checking the product’s title or images, it’s best to confirm it by reading the product description or the information about what is included in the package.

Sometimes the images will include the harness but it could be for presentation purposes only.

The pricing tends to be higher as well than the anti vandal switch without any included wires.

27. How long are the leads for an anti vandal switch?

The electrical wires would typically measure about 14 cm or longer which will rely on what the manufacturer will provide.

Sometimes the leads or cable wires would be longer when it is specifically for switches that need longer wires such as indicator light switch which can have around 23 cm long.

28. Can you use the anti vandal switch in the water?

Even though there are water-resistant types, you may not be able to use them underwater.

Switches are rated with the level of protection it has against solid and liquid substances which includes water ingress.

If it’s for underwater use, try to look for the switch with the highest rating that is IP69K which describes that the switch is dust-tight and can protect itself from high-pressure water spray even at close range.

Figure 13 Hot tub button controls

Hot tub button controls

29. Do you need an external resistor for the LED of the anti vandal switch?

Usually, the anti vandal switch will have a built-in resistor for its LED and it will work fine without an external resistor.

The external resistor is only needed if you will use the switch on applications above their current rating.

Figure 14 anti vandal switch resistor

Anti vandal switch resistor

30. Will the LED remain lit even when the anti vandal switch is turned off?

Yes, usually the terminals that power the LED are separated from the terminals that power the switch.

You have the option to wire it according to what you want such as having the LED illuminated even when the switch is off.

31. Does the anti vandal switch require a full press of the button to work?

High-quality anti vandal switches would let you press it smoothly with just the right resistance.

Generally, the switch’s specification would indicate that pressing the button will require about 5N (Newton).

In comparison, pressing the keys of a keyboard would have around 2.5N.

32. Can a DC-rated anti vandal switch be used for AC voltage?

Yes, a DC-rated anti vandal switch can be used for AC voltage.

On the other hand, the AC rate switch can’t be used with DC voltage as it is not as resilient as DC rated.

33. Is it a good idea to use the anti vandal switch for a motorbike start button?

It would work great for a motorbike ignition switch.

But try to look for the type that has water-resistant properties or has sealed features to avoid water entry.

34. What cable size can fit the anti vandal switch terminals?

You can try cable gauges AWG 22, 24, or 26, and any of them should fit well inside the hole on the terminals.

Trying other cable gauges could be too thick or thin and may not have a good grip on the terminals even when soldered.

Figure 15 Different colored cable wires

Different colored cable wires

35. What kind of anti vandal switch can be used for a windshield washer?

You can try an SPST anti vandal switch type with two contact posts.

One wire is for the ground then the other wire connects the washer to the switch.

When you press the button and hold it, it will start the windshield motor and complete one cycle then it will stop.

36. Can you use the anti vandal switch on a LED bar?

Yes, you can use the anti vandal switch to turn on and off an LED bar with consideration if the LED bar uses the same voltage as the switch.

Also, it should be an anti vandal latching switch instead of the momentary type.

37. Does the anti vandal switch work on a subwoofer or speaker?

Yes, the on and off type of anti vandal switch will work perfectly for subwoofers or speakers.

The installation is easy especially when the old switches are round as well since you could find a switch with the same diameter with the compatible voltage for it.

Some people would use this type of switch when building speakers from scratch because of their dependability and smooth operating features just like a normal speaker button would have.

38. Can you use the anti vandal switch as doorbell buttons?

Yes, you can use the anti vandal switch, especially for doorbell buttons.

Since they are vandal-proof, they are suited for this purpose and other outdoor button switches.

Doorbell buttons are one of the most common and earliest applications of anti vandal switches.

Figure 16 Door bell buzzer

Door bell buzzer

39. Is the anti vandal switch good for marine boat use?

Yes, the waterproof anti vandal switch types are best used in marine boat controls.

They also have anti-corrosive properties which protect them from rusting and deterioration.

These switches are also made to be used near saltwater.

40. Do you know anti vandal switch lightsaber?

You could see some anti vandal switch with diameter 12mm or 16mm used in this lightsaber. It is a cool thing to wield this lightsaber like the “Ninja Martial Arts” in “Star Wars” in COS play party.

41. Will the anti vandal power switch work to replace the computer’s power-on button?

Definitely, yes. You will see pc vandal switch used in the computer.

You can find the momentary vandal switch pc types for your computer’s power button.

They are usually with laser-etched power symbols, made from stainless steel material, and illuminated with LED. Surely you could choose the other material or anything you want like rgb vandal switch.

There is also a backlit LED type if you would prefer a different kind of design and look.

42. Can the anti vandal switch be wired to have the LED on when it is off and no LED when it is on?

Yes, you can.

For example, when wiring 5 pin terminal anti vandal switch type, you can try the following anti vandal switch wiring configurations:

  • Connect the negative terminal to the negative pin of the power supply.
  • Then the C to the positive pin of the power supply
  • Then pin NO to the positive of the device, while NC to the positive terminal.
  • Finally, connect the negative wire of the device to the negative pin of the power supply.

Figure 17 Waterproof anti vandal switch for ship controls

Waterproof anti vandal switch for ship controls

43. Can you use the NC of the anti vandal switch as another circuit?

NC means that this terminal is for normally closed contact.

When the anti vandal switch is in the rest state, the contact is closed hence the normally closed term.

For example, if you have wired a light bulb to the NC terminal and then the power wire was wired to the C or common terminal, the light is on even when the switch is off.

Then the light bulb will be off when the switch is turned on.

44. What happens if you use a 12 volts anti vandal switch on a 220 VAC?

Using 12 volts switch on a 220 VAC would probably work but for a while, until the anti vandal switch overheats and burn due to too much power current.

45. Will the anti vandal switch work on a house fan with 120 volts?

Ideally, yes, the anti vandal switch will work when it is rated with the same volt or higher.

Using a switch with lesser volt capacity may not be able to handle the rush-in current of the fan when it is turned on.

What you wanted to avoid is melting the internal contacts of the switch because the current is too powerful.

46. Can you use a 10 amp anti vandal switch as a replacement for call buttons with low voltage?

Typically, yes, if the voltage of the call button is between 12 volts to 24 volts direct current and if the amp is lower than 12 amps then it will work just fine.

47. Is the anti vandal switch made with 304 stainless steel?

Not all metal switches are made with 304 stainless steel as some are made with other metals.

But you can find manufacturers that use this material for their switches even the 316 stainless steel which is usually a construction grade material.

This is preferred by users who needed switches for the marine environment for their anti-corrosive properties.

Aside from the material of the switch, the wires with the marine standard are usually made of tinned copper instead of the bare type.

You will find that the manufacturers will label the anti vandal switch as “waterproof marine switch” instead of the term “waterproof” alone.

48. How bright are the LED lights of the anti vandal switch?

A 5-watt LED bulb would have about 450 lumens or 40 watts for incandescent light.

This is already bright enough to illuminate a small electrical device such as anti vandal switches and is still visible to see during daylight.

If you would like to have a brighter switch, you can look for higher LED amperes.

49. When wiring an anti vandal switch, which terminals are for the LED and which ones are for the switch?

The LED terminals are usually marked with positive (+) and negative (-) signs which are embossed on the terminals plate.

Other labels would have NO, NC, and C which is for the contacts and power supply.

The terminals can be wired depending on how you would like your switch to function, NO or NC, and illuminated or not.

50. Can the anti vandal switch be used for a car’s headlights modification?

Yes, provided that you use a quality anti vandal switch, with a compatible voltage for the current load, and the switch is installed inside the car.

If the load is significantly higher than the switch, the installation will require a relay.

A fuse and proper wiring should also be considered to prevent issues if in any case that some water would enter the headlights.

51. Does the anti vandal switch have a built-in breaker?

No, typically an anti vandal switch does not have a breaker built inside it.

However, you can purchase a breaker separately which you can wire inline.

Or you can also use a relay instead to avoid the switch from burning out.

52. Does the anti vandal switch package include an installation guide?

Usually, manufacturers would provide the installation diagram along with your anti vandal switch order.

However, there are instances that the wiring instruction is not included for some reason but you can go back to the point of sale to inquire about it.

For example, if you have ordered the switch online, you can return to the website and check for the wiring instruction.

If by a rare chance that it is also not available or you’re unable to locate the product anymore, you can always look it up using a search engine or check tutorials to help you with your switch installation.

53. Can you order a separate O ring or nut for the anti vandal switch?

Yes, you can order these accessories separately.

You must simply find the diameter size that you need for your switch.

Some manufacturers even include extra O ring or nut inside the package for free in case you need them in the future or for your other switches.

Other accessories can also be ordered separately such as anti-rotating rings, button caps, button covers, flip guards, button shields, fixing tool kit, and so on.

Figure 21 Metal panel with push button switches

Metal panel with push button switches

54. How thick is the panel that the anti vandal switch will work in?

This will depend on the type of switch as longer switches will be able to be mounted on thicker panels.

For example, for switches with 0.84 inches to 21.33 mm length from the actuator up to the tip of the terminals, you may need around 11 mm panel thickness.

While low profile switches will probably only need about 8 mm panel thickness.

For an accurate measurement, you may refer to the switch’s specification since the majority of the time this information is provided by the manufacturers.

Using the right panel thickness allows you to install the switch without any hassle.

Figure 22 LED Volt and Current draw

LED Volt and Current draw

55. What is the max current rating for the LED of the anti vandal switch?

When you’re looking for anti vandal switches, you will notice that the LED of the switches would be rated differently than the switch itself.

They are usually rated in volts which determines the LED’s current performance limit.

For example, 24 VDC would work fine within the range of 10 VDC to 30 VDC with a current draw of about 24 mA.

LED can be rated as low as 3.3 volts or as high as 220 volts.

56. Are there available sockets for a 5 pin anti vandal switch?

Yes, you can find switch sockets that will match a 5-pin anti vandal switch.

This consists of a socket adapter and electrical cables for easier installation which discourages the need to solder wires to the switch’s terminals.

Switch sockets are the best solution if you are not comfortable with your soldering skills.

57. How to solder small anti vandal switches so that the terminals don’t melt?

It takes some care when wiring the small anti vandal switches since their terminals are short and sometimes tiny in size.

Here are some tips when soldering small switch terminals.

  • Use a fine point solder for precision soldering and to avoid touching other terminals during the soldering process.
  • Try to start with a lower heat, too high solder temp might melt the small terminals.
  • Solder some lead on the terminals before connecting the wires in anticipation of shrinkage.
  • Insert the naked part of the wire through the terminal hole and twist them together to secure the wire before soldering them.
  • Solder with a 25-degree angle while aiming to melt the lead and avoiding directly touching the terminals.
  • Try soldering the terminals within 1 to 2 seconds in increments until the wires are completely attached.
  • Start with one terminal first before connecting the next wire to avoid the lead from connecting the terminals.

58. How to wire an anti vandal switch with 6 terminals?

If you would like to have the LED on when the anti vandal switch is pressed and off when not pressed, you can use the following wiring guide:

  • Connect the red wire to the positive terminal.
  • Then, connect a green wire on the last terminal and connect it together with the positive wire.
  • Attach another wire to the terminal on the opposite side of the switch.
  • Connect a black wire on the negative terminal for the ground.

Figure 23 LED light on when pressed and off when not pressed wiring diagram

LED light on when pressed and off when not pressed wiring diagram

And if you prefer the LED light to be always on, you can use the following steps as your reference:

  • Connect a red wire to the positive terminal and another wire on the input terminal, then connect them together.
  • Connect another wire for the load or power supply.
  • Lastly, connect a black wire for the ground.

Figure 24 LED light always on wiring diagram

LED light always on wiring diagram

But if you want the LED to be only lit up when you press it, try the following instructions:

  • Connect a wire to the positive terminal and the terminal on its right.
  • Then a green wire for the load or power supply to the last terminal on the right.
  • Connect another wire to the terminal on the opposite side, then another wire to the terminal beside it, and attach these wires together.
  • Then the black wire to the negative terminal for the ground.

Figure 25 LED light on when pressed only wiring diagram

LED light on when pressed only wiring diagram

59. Why does the anti vandal switch get hotter after a few minutes?

In most cases, this is because the anti vandal switch is receiving too much load beyond its current capacity.

The switch may work for a while but the contacts may melt later on since it can no longer handle the load being supplied to it.

It is better to check the voltage requirement you need before purchasing the compatible switch with a similar or higher voltage capacity.

Using a low voltage switch on a high power supply could shorten its life expectancy and this action may not be covered by its warranty.

60. What happens if you receive a faulty anti vandal switch?

Sometimes, this can’t be avoided.

Despite having the anti vandal switches tested for quality, now and then there’s a faulty switch included in the batch.

When this happens to you, you may reach out to your manufacturer for the warranty of the product.

You may also have the warranty information included in the package for you to refer to.

Usually, faulty products can be replaced or repaired depends on what your manufacturer stated on your warranty.

The warranty normally covers 1 year from the date the vandal switches were purchased.

As a consumer, ensure that you are purchasing a quality product to prevent issues such as receiving a faulty switch.

Look for quality seals, positive reviews, and the company’s trust ratings before finalizing your decision.

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