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Metal snap automotive push button switches with rotary

V16 series with panel cutout 16mm, 2 pin terminals. Easy to be connected with wiring

auto illuminated automotive push button switches for anti-vandal

L16 series vandal-proof switch with LED colors, backlit power symbol is available.

anodized aluminum automotiv push button switches

LS16 anti vandal switch with ring illumination or dot illumination in the center, 4 pin terminals.

Latching 1NO1NC automotive push button switches

L19A series anti vandal switch with 6 pin terminals for latching or momentary type function

2-metal automotive push button switches with 24v led

Square bezel surface, max switching rate: 3A 250VAC, SPDT & DPDT, momentary & latching

self locking automotive push button switches

When the Dual color LED function switches are turned on, the Blue LED lights up through the actuator.

Langir Automotive Push Button Switches

There are a lot of models that can be used widely in automotive. Not Just the types listed above. Our anti vandal switch includes bushing from 12mm to 40mm. All of them can be mounted on the panel board in the car.

We can laser engrave any symbol such as horn, low beam sign, high beam sign, etc. We also can make these symbols transparent so that you can see them in the dark.


Custom Your Automotive Push Button Switches

As the leading manufacturer in China, Langir has a wide range of automotive push button switches that can best fit your needs. Whether you want an illuminated, anti vandal automotive push button switches, or one with a square bezel surface, we have it ready for you.

Of course, aside from our ready-made automotive push button switches, you can also opt for a customized one. From the size of your automotive momentary push button switch to the termination style, down to its actuator, you can have it all personalized.

Our automotive push button switches range in sizes from the smallest 8mm to a bigger 30mm. This is to make sure that you can have the best fitted automotive push button switches for your car.

In terms of termination style, you have varied options to choose from including the pin terminal, the screw terminal, and even the wire connections. Your automotive push button switches will likely be exposed with elements like water and dust, but you don’t have to worry about that.

All our automotive switches and buttons are specially made to be waterproof and dustproof. Regardless if you want an automotive push button switches with an illuminated symbol or a laser-etched one, we can make it for you.

Customizing your actuator with the design you want is that easy. Whether you want the symbol of a horn engraved, or headlight symbols like a full-beam, etc., your possibilities are actually beyond the limit.

It’s only with Langir that you can fully customize the automotive push button switches you have been wanting. Share and discuss with us your preferences, or drawing if you have, and we’ll actualize it for you.


What is automotive push button switch?

Automotive push button switches are usually used in the car from 12mm to 25mm.

How about the packing?

For standard packing, 40pcs/box, 50pcs/box.

How to ship the goods?

We usually ship the goods by express such as TNT, DHL, FEDEX.

Do you supply free samples?

Yes, we supply one or two samples.

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Langir Automotive Push Button Switches

As an excellent manufacturer in China, Langir electric produce and sell various automotive push button switches. Rely upon langir’s reliable, high-performance, high-quality automotive push button switches, the automotive companies have powered their innovative applications and designs.

Langir offers an extensive line of automotive push button switches options to fulfill the needs of your application. Langir push button switches offer a large range in size, termination style, and actuation in order to accommodate different application demands.

1-automotive push button switches stainless steel materials

Automotive push button switches stainless steel materials

You could choose hole diameter from 8mm to 30mm. Termination style includes pin terminal, screw terminal and connector with wires. It depends on your demand on how to choose the correct wiring. Since this push button switch is applied for cars, the users like you will like flat head, high flat head or domed head actuator because it is easy to touch.

For automotive push button switches, it has latching or momentary type. Transparent power symbol or the other symbols are selectable according to your cars. Of course, you will eat or drink in the car, Langir automotive push button switches are waterproof and dustproof. You don’t need to worry about injecting water into the car PCB through these push buttons.

2-automotive push button switches brass material

Automotive push button switches brass material

In short, we can’t say the advantages of automotive push button switches, but they are becoming more and more popular in the world. We provide products at ex-factory prices. Contact directly and get a real-time quote immediately!

Automotive Push Button Switches: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find out all the interesting facts about the automotive push button switches.

Whether you want to replace a broken switch on your car or upgrade your car’s dashboard controls, it is possible with this type of switch.

From the car power button, power window controls, headlight switch, trunk release button, window wipers, and even anti-theft secret switches, the possibilities are almost endless.

You will also learn how you can install the automotive push button switches on your own and upscale your car’s ignition and appearance.

Find out what other applications this amazing auto push button switch is also good for and how you can find the best auto push button for you among the thousands of choices.

The automotive push button switches have both beauty and top-notch functionalities combined in one. So stick around as you’re taken for a discovery ride about these wonder switches.

1. What is an automotive push button switch?

An automotive push button switch is a type of switch used in most vehicles like cars.

It is also known as the push button switch for car.

It performs a simple mechanism of turning something on or off through a push and may operate differently depending on its function.

You can find different types of automotive push button switches such as black push button switch or push button black.

There are different designs and sizes available in the market so you can find the one that will perfectly fit your vehicle.

3- Automotive push button switch series

Automotive push button switches series

2. How did the automotive push button switches become what it is now?

Since the invention of the first button-controlled flashlight in 1898, the evolution of the push button switch took off like a rocket.

Many inventors have explored the many potentials of push button switches on many applications from light switches, doorbells, cameras, radios, telephones, and of course, automobiles.

In the 1950s, car manufacturing industries incorporated the push button switch on the new range of high-powered cars hence the push button auto were born.

Its first functions were to lower windows, adjust the driver’s seat, or open and close the ventilator wings on the front doors.

In this era, cars did not start with keys.

You will have to stand outside your vehicle then manually hand-crank the engine until it starts.

Aside from the physical strength required to perform this action, this also imposes serious safety risks such as hand and arm injuries due to the engine backfiring.

Safety became a priority for car manufacturers which led to Henry Leland, the founder of Lincoln and the Cadillac car companies, to commission Charles Kettering to develop a safe and practical way to start a car’s engine.

And in 1912, Charles Kettering finally developed the first electric car starter by just pushing a button.

Thanks to him, starting a car is no longer physical labor or safety risk.

4-The 1912 Cadillac model 30 first push to start car

The 1912 Cadillac model 30 first push to start car

3. Does the automotive push button switch come in different sizes?

The average size of the automotive push button switches is around 19mm in diameter.

But it is not limited to this size as there are other sizes available in the market.

And this will also depend on the size of the ignition switch on your car if you would like to replace it.

Other specialty ignition switches or customized ones also differ in diameter size and appearance as well.

4. What is an automotive momentary push button switch?

An automotive momentary switch works when the user or operator compresses the switch continuously.

Car horns are one of the most common applications of momentary automotive push button switches.

It is also called as horn push button, or push button horn for car.

It is one of the earliest applications of the push button switches that go back as far as the 1910s.

It produced a buzzing or an electric bell sound rather than the extremely loud noise of its predecessor, the air horn.

5-The 1910 car air horn

The 1910 car air horn

5. What is the function of an automotive push button switch?

An automotive push button switch serves several functions depending on where or what you will use it for.

One of the most common is using it as a push button starter switch or push button starter button for cars.

It serves the same function as the traditional key ignition system.

It only differs with how the car is started.

With an automotive push button starter switch, users or operators will simply need to quickly press the button for the car’s engine to start running.

You can find varieties such as 12v starter button or 12v horn button, or 24 volt push button starter switch.

Other functionalities include using this type of push button switch for the headlights, fog lights, and more.

6. What is inside an automotive push button switch?

Just like other push button switches, what you will see inside an automotive push button switch are the sealing, front plate, fixing nut, and switching element.

Each of these parts has its own functions and they are equally important to make the automotive push button switch work.

The sealing or also known as O-ring is placed to ensure that that the switch is sealed to avoid water ingress.

The front plate serves as the user-facing part of the switch that houses the actuator or the part that you press.

In most designs, the front plate would have the label “start-stop engine” or “push to start” as an indicator of its function.

The front plate part also has different designs depending on the manufacturer.

And the switching element is the internal mechanism that opens or closes the circuit causing the car’s engine.

In some cases, the names of the automotive push button switch parts differ since some manufacturers use different terminologies.

However, the purposes of each part remain the same.

6-automotive push button switch parts

Automotive push button switches parts

7. What are the materials for an automotive push button switch?

An automotive push button switch can be made of several materials but are usually out of hard yet durable materials like hard plastic and premium metal.

Generally, the most common materials used but not limited to are the following:

  1. For the casing – Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, polyamide
  2. Terminals – Silver alloy, copper alloy
  3. O ring seal – Silicone, polymer
  4. Lens – Polycarbonate, polyamide

Some manufacturers may use other approved materials for their automotive push button switches.

It is better to find the ones made from durable materials to ensure longevity and that the switch can withstand frequent use.

8. What is the difference between an automotive toggle switch and an automotive push button switch?

There is quite a huge difference between an automotive toggle switch and a push button switch.

While automotive push button switches are operated by a simple press or push, a toggle switch including those used in automotive is operated manually by moving a short handle.

In an automotive toggle switch, an operator will have to move a rod or a handle back and forth until it snaps into place in a springing action.

Commonly, toggle switches are designed to operate a simple on-off functionality.

Among cars, toggle switches are rarely used nowadays but were prevalent among classic cars.

Although less common, toggle switches are still used in some car accessory installations like fog light kits.

Some car companies use it in their dash controls.

7-Classic car dashboard with toggle switch and automotive push button switches

Classic car dashboard with toggle switch and automotive push button switches

9. What are the working principles of an automotive push button switch?

As with any push button switch, an automotive push button switch’s working principles can be described through the behavior of an electric circuit when a simple press or push activates the switch.

Through that simple mechanism, a small metal spring inside it makes contact with two wires that eventually allow the electricity to flow.

When not activated, the spring retracts, contact is not made, and eventually current is suspended.

10. What to do when the automotive push button switch suddenly stops working?

There could be many reasons why the automotive push button switch suddenly stops working.

Some of these reasons are indicated below:

  • Too high or low outside temperature
  • Too high or low engine temperature
  • Seat belts are not fastened
  • The interior temperature is not normal
  • The ventilation overloaded
  • The hood of the care is still open
  • One of the car doors are open
  • The parking assistant is turned “on”
  • The battery sensor is not working
  • The air-mass sensor is not working
  • Poor charge condition
  • The new battery is not recognized by the car
  • If this happens while driving, you may be driving on a steep slope
  • The automotive push button switch is poor quality

While some of the reasons why the automotive push button switch is not working can be fixed easily, the others may require immediate repair.

If you are not knowledgeable enough to do the repairs, you can always consult a licensed mechanic to inspect your vehicle and identify the cause of the problem.

The repairs can cost around $50 to $150 or more depending on the work that needs to be done on your car.

You also need to consider the skill and experience of the mechanic as sometimes those with more years of experience tend to charge more.

Also, it depends on your area or region since in some states the mechanic’s labor cost on average is quite affordable.

8-Car mechanic repair service

Car mechanic repair service

11.  Are automotive push button switches waterproof?

Although not all automotive push button switches are waterproof, you can choose to get one that will not get damaged easily by water.

Typically, you should look for enclosures with these ratings: IP65, IP66, and IP67.

As for these ratings, the higher the value, the greater the resistance of the automotive push button switches to water damage.

12.  Are illuminated automotive switches available?

Yes. Illuminated car switches are not only used as push button start for classic cars, but also for modern cars.

13.  Are automotive push button switches better for your car than key switches?

Technically, there are no set criteria that set automotive push button switches safer than key switches.

However, since the 1980s, there have been several reports where car owners complained with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the faulty key ignition system.

Most car owners had their keys caught in the ignition; some had their vehicles starting on their own, and some stalling while driving.

On the other side, while key switches caused headaches to some car owners, push button switches are not an exception.

Since it only requires a single action for a car to start, with the convenience of not needing a key, some people consequently forget to turn off their car, which in turn, can be a downside for automotive push button switches.

But of course, most car models are now equipped with push button switches, and that means people are getting used to it.

9-automotive push button switch installed in the car

Automotive push button switch installed in the car

14.  Are there installation requirements for an automotive push button switch?

There are no installation requirements for automotive push button switches, but of course, it is always recommended that someone who has the skill should install one for your vehicle.

If you are confident with your knowledge and your skill, you can choose to install the automotive push button switch yourself.

You will usually receive an installation guide that includes the functions of each switch terminals and how you can wire the cables to the terminals of the switch.

You can also find tutorial videos on how you can install the automotive push button switch DIY.

Another helpful idea is checking out the social media groups with similar interests to get some tips and tricks on how you can do it.

15.  Can an automotive push button switch be removed easily?

The automotive push button switch can’t be removed easily.

It is designed for a secure fit and can’t be easy being taken out.

You will need a special tool to pry it out so if you are using your bare hands, it will be challenging.

If you are replacing an old start button, it is best to use a push button switch removal tool to safely remove it from the dashboard.

However, you may need to remove a part of the dashboard interior to gain access behind the panel and unfasten the switch.

10-automotive push button switch in the dash board

Automotive push button switch in the dash board

16.  How do you install an automotive push button starter switch in your car?

Installing an automotive push button starter switch by a skilled professional could be expensive.

While it is recommended to hire a mechanic, doing it by yourself is possible.

Always remember to have your battery disconnected. Even though your car sources its electricity from a 12-volt battery, it can still cause injuries and even fire if left connected while working.

Decide as to where you would want your push button switch car.

A proper and good location is as important as the process itself although it is more of personal concern.

The dashboard, the center console, or the glove compartment are considered good locations for installing your starter switch.

In cases where you need the automotive push button starter switch temporarily, there is no need to have it installed.

Simply connect it using electrical tape and put it at the top of the dashboard.

Here’s a detailed video to guide you with the installation.

17.  How much does it cost to install a push button start for your car?

There are many factors to remote car starter installation cost.

In addition to the price tag of the starter itself, you may need to purchase a bypass module to make it compatible with your vehicle.

Generally, you can expect anywhere from $150 to $500 for the professional installation of a remote car starter.

This price would sometimes depend on your location, other fees that could be involved with the professional installation and can be subjected to change or increase anytime.

18.  Where else can you use automotive push button switches?

Contrary to what many think, automotive push button switches are not simply used in cars.

These push button switches are also used in other vehicles or other means of transportation.

Some people use the water-resistance types on their boats or yachts as ignition push button switches too as they simply fit and work perfectly just like the original switch.

You can also find the automotive push button switch installed on motorbikes, appliances, sound equipment, and many others.

It is a versatile type of switch which means that it can be used in many different applications.

11-automotive push button switch application

Automotive push button switch application

19.  Why did manufacturers switch to the use of an automotive push button switch?

As there had been several issues that faced customers in using key switches, one of the main reasons for the shift is because of the convenience and safety that the automotive push button switches provide.

Recently, car manufacturers are now incorporating keyless technology to most of their new vehicle models.

20.  Can you fully customize the automotive push button switch?

Yes, definitely. Customizing your car’s buttons is entirely possible.

Some push button switch manufacturers offer customization options from the design, color of the material or LED, the icon displayed on the surface of the actuator, even the electrical specifications you need.

You can inquire about this option from your manufacturer and provide them your preference so you can confirm if they can accommodate your specific requests.

21.  Can automotive push button switches be set in a latching position? How do you control it?

Yes, definitely.

Automotive push button switches can be set in either a momentary or latching way.

An automotive push button switch with a latching function must be switched on by the user and will remain on until switched off again. It does not require the user to continually press it.

A common example of automotive push button switches with a latching function is those that are used to operate lights in a vehicle.

12- automotive push button switch locking station

Automotive push button switch locking station

22.  How do you install the universal automotive start-stop button in your car?

This guide will help you install a universal start and stop push button for your vehicle.

The universal start and stop push button is specially made to be compatible with most cars and trucks.

When you order one, you may have the following items included in the box:

  • Start-stop button main unit
  • RFID tabs
  • Transponder ring
  • Start-stop button
  • Immobilizer bypass module (which can be sold separately)
  • Break signal wire
  • Ignition wiring harness
  • Instruction manual

Tools needed:

  • Voltmeter
  • Electrical tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Hand drill with a hole saw

Here are the steps to guide you for automotive push button installation.

  1. Take out the panels behind the steering wheel by unscrewing them.
  2. Locate the ignition harness which is usually located directly opposite the lock cylinder.
  3. Strip a little portion of each wire and separate them preventing them from touching each other when exposed since they are “live” wires.
  4. Insert the key on the ignition, and turn it on the accessory position.
  5. Get the voltmeter ready, take the positive lead, and ground the negative lead.
  6. Test each wire to identify which one has power running on it.
  7. Turn the key in the “on” position and test which wires have voltage.
  8. The wire with constant voltage is your power line and accessory while those without voltage will is your break or start-up wire.
  9. To test the start-up wire, simply let the positive lead stay on the wire while you start the engine, you will notice that there’s a significant increase of voltage.
  10. While for the brake wire, you will find this when you engage the brake pads and the brake wire will receive a significant increase of voltage.
  11. Disconnect the negative cable of the car battery.
  12. Using the wire stripper strip the wires that came with the start-stop button.
  13. Follow the wiring instructions from the instruction manual.
  14. Then connect the brake signal wire to the brake wire.

For cars that have a chip and a key, you will need to purchase an immobilizer bypass module and duplicate key made.

  1. Unscrew to open the immobilizer bypass module and insert your original car key below the induction coils or as what is instructed in the manual of the module.
  2. Close the module and fasten the screws.
  3. Then take the end of the black loop which is attached to the module and wrap it around the ignition cylinder about three or four times.
  4. Secure the loop with electrical tape.
  5. Take the red and black wire from the module and connect the red to the accessory wire while the black wire goes to the chassis ground.
  6. Insert your car key and turn the ignition to the accessory position.
  7. Cut off the head of the key and cover the ignition with tape.
  8. Plug the harnesses to the start-stop button main unit and reconnect the negative cable to the battery.
  9. Test the installation by starting your car and turning off the engine as you would using a car key, test the lights and signals too.
  10. Then determine where you will place the start-stop button so that you can make a hole for it.
  11. Fold up the tabs of the start-stop button so that you can insert it into the hole on the panel.
  12. Then open the tabs of the start top button behind the panel and secure it with glue or tape.
  13. Try to place the transponder ring somewhere hidden.
  14. Secure the wirings and screw back the panels to complete the installation.


  • The start-stop button harness may come with two ignition wires since some cars have two of them.
  • If your car has two ignition wires, ensure you connect them both on the ignition wires from the start-stop button harness.
  • If you only have one ignition wire, you simply have to connect it to one of the ignition wires allocated by the start-stop harness, there’s no need to connect the other one anymore.
  • If your car has two accessory wires and the start-stop button has only one allocated for it, you can combine your car’s accessory wire and connect it.
  • If your car has two constant 12-volt wires, you can also connect them to connect it to the wire assigned for it from the start-stop kit.
  • The last wire should be your ground wire.


  • When you strip the wires, create a hole in between the exposed copper wirings that should make your wiring connection easier.
  • You can use the lead of the voltmeter to make the small holes.
  • Then when you’re connecting the wires of the start-stop button to your car, simply twist and insert them and cover them with electric tape.

23.  Will you still need your coded key once you installed the automotive push button switch?

Not necessarily, but one car key should be left permanently in the ignition and it is highly recommended to keep it there and never remove it.

24.  Can you remove the key cylinder when you install the automotive push button switch?

You will still need your key cylinder since it needs to engage the starter.

If for some reason your key cylinder is broken, you can remove the wiring at the back of it and hotwire it into the automotive push button switch.

25.  Does the automotive push button switch have cover trims available?

Yes, and there are many different cover trims available you can find online.

Aside from choosing from the variety of colors and designs, you can also request customization for an additional fee.

You can also find famous character designs which are fun to add to accessorize the interior of your car.

26.  How do you take out an old automotive push button switch cover?

You can use a special prying tool to take it out.

But you can also use clay that you can stick on the surface of the cover and once it sticks completely, you can pull it out.

The prying tool or clay would sometimes be included in the new automotive push button switch cover you have purchased to replace the old one.

Otherwise, you can also purchase them separately online or in hardware stores.

27.  How do you wire the automotive push button switch for the car horn?

Generally, the car horn button will have its specific installation guide when you purchase them.

Here’s a typical wiring instruction for a car horn with LED:

  1. The positive and the negative terminals are for the LED.
  2. The NC is normally closed and this means that the switch is activated when not pushed.
  3. The NO is normally open and this means that the automotive light switch is activated when pushed.

If you want the LED to remain lit even when not being pressed, connect the positive to the battery.

If you want the LED to work with the other dash lights, connect it to the power on the other dash light.

Connecting the LED to the dash light then the horn wire to the battery will let the horn button work even when the car is switched off and the LED will work with the dash lights.

13- automotive push button switch with horn

Automotive push button switch with horn

28.  How long is the typical warranty for an automotive push button switch?

Most manufacturers would provide a 1-year warranty while others have a 3-year warranty on their automotive push button switch from the time of purchase.

In general, the warranty covers faulty products which can be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer.

Other issues such as human error causing the switch to stop working or inflicting intentional damage to the switch may get your warranty claims rejected.

As a consumer, it is best to read and understand the automotive push button switch warranty coverage to know what to do if it stops working.

Also, you will be able to avoid improper use of the switch that will void your warranty.

29.  Will you void your car’s warranty if you install the automotive push button switch?

Warranty policies for newly bought vehicles are strict when it comes to modifying parts of your car and they are even specific to the fuel that you should use.

Since you are replacing a part of the car, such as the ignition switch or the horn switch, you may be risking getting your warranty voided which can bring a lot of issues later on.

The warranty outlines what you can and you cannot do to your new car and this is an agreement between you and the carmaker.

Even for old cars, since most of the car insurance policies do not cover damages that are deliberately done to the vehicle or damage caused by car modification or installation of any parts.

However, there is a law that states that car insurance companies must prove that the damage or car failure is because of these before denying any insurance claim.

Despite that, it is still best to read your insurance or warranty coverage to be familiar with what to avoid.

And always look for high-quality car push button switches to ensure that they will not cause any untoward damage to your vehicle.

30.  What are the pros and cons of using an automotive push button switch for your vehicle?

Although the automotive push button switch is a convenient way to upgrade your car, some things are good to know before deciding on purchasing one.

We all know now that it provides safety and convenience and perhaps these are some of its major advantages.

But there are a few others more such as the following:

  • Hands-free operation
  • Added security
  • Best for car upgrades
  • Futuristic and customizable designs
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-corrosive and anti-vandal properties
  • Can be installed DIY
  • Affordable

But there are also cons to it which is also something you should consider and these are the following:

  • Fob can be misplaced locking you out of the car
  • DIY installation can cause damage which can be costly to repair
  • Fob batteries can run out that causes the system to shut down and overriding the system is required
  • The car may be left still running as owners forget to switch the engine off
  • Car thieves are also getting smarter in hacking computerized controls

Knowing both sides of installing the automotive push button switch allows you to understand what it can and can’t offer you.

But common sense should always prevail to avoid inconvenience and worse of all, car theft.

Always practice the basic stuff such as switching the engine off, parking in a well-lit area, being familiar with the security indicators and alarms of your vehicle, and so on.

In this way, you can enjoy the keyless and push to start technology worry-free.

14-starter button

Starter button

31.  How do you choose the best automotive push button switch from the rest?

There are a lot of automotive push button switches in the market so it is not surprising that you will be confused how to choose the one with the best quality.

However, you can consider the following guide so you can select the right automotive push button switch for your vehicle.

  • Look for the quality seal or logos

These seals are sometimes shown on the product’s packaging, on the information sheet, the product catalog, on their advertisements, or the manufacturer’s website.

What you should be looking for are the following seals:

The seal on the left indicates that the protection level of the automotive push button switch against force is at its high level.

This means that the automotive push button can withstand frequent use or unintentional blunt force.

While the seal on the right indicates that the automotive push button switch has high protection against outside elements.

This would mean that the switch is sealed to avoid dust or water from entering and causing damage to its internal mechanisms such as rust and corrosion.

Other seals are indications that the materials used to make it are within safe levels or it is safe for people to use and also environmentally friendly.

  • Compare the pricing

Sometimes the price can make or break the deal when you’re shopping for the automotive push button switches.

There are those which are too expensive which could sometimes indicate high quality but not all the time.

The others may be too cheap which can be a bit risky since you may not be too sure about their quality.

Try to compare the prices between your choices before you make your final decision.

Don’t forget to include the other factors in this list to guide you as well.

  • Check the reviews of the previous customers

Perhaps the best way to identify if the automotive switch is of the best quality is to read the reviews of the previous customers who purchased it.

You will find these reviews available on the manufacturer’s website or marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Aside from knowing their own experience in installing and using this switch, you can also gain some ideas about the other applications where the switch can be used as well.

  • Only buy from a trusted and reliable manufacturer

Always do some research about the manufacturer where you will be purchasing the automotive push button switch from.

Try to find out how long they have been in the manufacturing business which indicates their experience in making automotive push button switch.

Companies in several years of operations usually have better products as they had more experience in improving their own.

This also serves as your assurance that the automotive push button switch is top quality.

  • Check warranty coverage

When you purchase an appliance or television, you are often told about the warranty coverage by the salesperson.

This is the same when buying automotive push button switches.

However, if you’re making a purchase online, most likely you will not be told about the warranty coverage but instead, you will need to read it.

This information is usually included in the product information or description.

If in any case that you’re unable to find it, it is best to contact the manufacturer and ask for the warranty information.

  • Know the manufacturer’s contact ìnformation

Knowing how you can contact the manufacturer will be helpful in case you need to follow up on your order or if for some reason; you received a bad batch of 12v car switches.

You should be able to find this information right on the manufacturer’s website under the “Contact Us” tab.

Otherwise, you should be able to look it up on the internet.

  • Ask for a sample product if possible

Some manufacturers would accommodate your free sample request so you can test out the automotive push button switch first.

However, this can be provided if you are ordering in large quantities and if you only need a few or a single switch, your request may not be granted.

You can order 10, 20, and 50, up to 100 switches or in thousands of quantities especially when you are going to use them for many applications or resell them in your area.

Simply discuss this matter with your manufacturer, they will confirm your free samples and will be happy to discuss matters regarding your automotive push button switch orders.

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