BL16,19, 22, 25 Series Backlit LED Anti Vandal Switch with Label Kit

With an IP67 waterproof rating and stainless steel body, our switches can be installed on your boat or other vehicle in wet and dusty environments, but not under water. This switch can be changed between daytime mode and nighttime mode.

  • Hole diameter: 16, 19, 22, 25mm
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate material
  • Back printed for durability
  • Waterproof adhesive for longevity in wet environments
  • Custom icon lables can be made to your design specifications

BL16,19, 22, 25 Series 3M label Anti vandal switch with label kit order code

BL16,19, 22, 25 Series 16-25mm Anti vandal switch with label kit 5 icons

BL16,19, 22, 25 Series waterproof Anti vandal switch with label kit 50 icons

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Langir E-Catalogue

BL Series Backlit LED Anti Vandal Switch with Label Kit

Langir is one of the leading manufacturers of backlit LED anti-vandal switches in the market. 

Its series of backlit LEDs includes a label kit that offers users a wide selection of icon labels that adheres to their design specifications, and when we say wide, we mean to say more than fifty switch function icons to choose from. If this still not enough, you can have your icon labels customized. All these are easy to change, if you need to, while helping you save on cost.

What makes the BL Series unique is its ability to be set in different modes. Primarily, the BL Series can be set in Daytime Mode and Nightime Mode. In the daytime mode, the LED light is off, however, when set to nighttime mode, the switch becomes visible because of its blue LED that provides the switch great visibility. The blue light also signifies that the switch is off. When turned on—still in the nightime mode—the switch changes its LED color to red.

The interesting part in choosing Langir as your provider of backlit LED anti-vandal switches is the option to customize the LED colors. If you want to change the color indicator for on and off functionalities from red and blue to another set of LED colors, you can check with our factory to verify the availability of the colors you want.

What’s more, the BL Series comes in various sizes. These include the 16-millimeter, 19-millimeter, 22-millimeter, and 25-millimeter switches.

All these can either be manufactured out of PVC or PU dome. This makes the BL Series scratch-resistant with its polycarbonate material. The BL Series also has a remarkable level of protection. It has an ingress protection rating of IP67 which not only makes it waterproof, as mentioned earlier, but it is also secured against possible penetration of foreign particles like dust and other solid materials that may damage the switch. For added durability, the BL Series is back printed and has a waterproof adhesive to allow it to endure a wet environment.

If what you are looking for is something that allows you to identify its function easily, the BL Series is the one for you. Its icon labels are interchangeable, easy to change, and are cost-effective. 

Not only it is aesthetically functional, but it is also durable and reliable.

So, if all these features seem to exemplify everything you need there is in an anti-vandal switch, then the BL Series Backlit LED Anti Vandal Switch with Label Kit is right for you. It comes in different sizes, so you can simply specify the right size you need.

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