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About Langir

As an experienced metal push button switch manufacturer, Langir is the leading anti-vandal switch, piezo switch and capacitive switch solution provider for multiple application markets worldwide. Langir special customization services save your cost and time. OEM design, color, label and packaging to enlarge your business. Your inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

About Langir
R&D Research

Langir Dependent R&D Research

Since 2008 year, Langir began to set up our dependent R&D Research for push button switches and other products. How will we research and develop our new series? Usually we will research the market activities, Langir engineers will discuss if it is possible. Then we will make the drawings and make the accessories samples. After assembling, they will test them by our complete progress. Then we will make them small batch. After successful test, then our sales team will introduce them to everyone.

Langir Professional Sales Team

Langir professional sales team provides you:

  • Quick response in 24 hours.
  • Confident communication with you by phone or email.
  • Complete products knowledge.
  • Proper etiquette.
  • Professional freight information sharing
  • Be more effective and proactive
Professional Sales Team

Langir Certifications

Langir’s lots of certifications and test reports help our cooperation easier and more.

  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate
  • Certificate

Langir Quality Control

Langir has set up a series for strict quality control. With over 16 years long-term raw material supplier, our requirements for raw materials are higher than the market. Our lathe processing suppliers make the crust according to lathe process requirements. When they reach our assembling production line, our people test and select out the good accessories, dispose of those defective products as waste. After assembling, strict test is needed to make sure of the led and voltage normal. In a word, Langir makes strict quality control before sending the switches out.

Quality Control

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