L22M Series Micro-trip Anti Vandal Switch
  • Hole diameter: 22mm
  • Anti vandal IK09/Sealed IP65
  • 1,000,000 cycles momentary
  • Variety of colors
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Illuminated and Non-Illuminated
Illuminated optionsNon-illuminated/Ring illuminated/Dot illuminated
TerminalSolder lug(2.8*0.8)
Max.switch rating50mA   24VDC
Contact resistance≤100mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric strength2000VAC
Operation temp·-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electiical life50,000cycles
Contact materialSilver alloy
Operation pressureApprox.8N
Switch asemblyUL94V-0 rated polyamide(nylon)
TagsCopper alloy
TerminalsCopper alloy
Switch body&buttonStainless steel
Lens and lens bodyPolycarbonate
Internal sealSilicone
O ringNitrile
Red    Green    Yellow    Orange    Blue     White

L22M Series short distance Anti vandal switch order code


L22M Series 50mA 24VDC Anti vandal switch drawing

L22M anti vandal switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

L22M Series Micro-trip Anti Vandal Switch

You will probably see a long list if you want to check out all the anti-vandal switches of Langir. But if you have set the specifications you need, then it’s a no-brainer. Perhaps, you need something that measures around 22 millimeters, and that’s probably why you are checking this right now.

The L22M Series Micro-trip Anti Vandal Switch has a hole diameter of 22 millimeters. It has a flat actuator and a screw and solder lug terminal—depending on which one you will need.

It performs at a maximum switch rating of 50mA/24VDC and has a contact and insulation resistance of ⩽100 milliohms and ⩾1000 milliohms, respectively. Additionally, its dielectric strength is at 2000VAC.

As with other switches, once it is not loaded with current, you can expect a longer lifetime. Of course, when used, its lifetime shortens not just by half, but even more. As with the L22M Series, it has a mechanical life of about 1,000,000 cycles—the lifetime it has when not in use—and an electrical life of 50,000 cycles.

As to the L22M Series material composition, this one is probably the first one you have seen that is made from a combination of different materials. Its switch assembly is made from Polyamide (PA), more commonly known as nylon, which is UL94V-0 rated. Its tags and terminals are both made from copper alloy, while the switch’s body and button are made from stainless steel. The lens and lens body are made from Polycarbonate, the internal seal made from silicone, and its O ring made from nitrile.

That’s probably overwhelming  to read, but this material composition of the L22M Series is what makes it remarkable in terms of protection, both from ingress of dust and water, and at the same time, impact.

It has an ingress protection rating of IP65 and an impact protection rating of IK09. This feature, therefore, makes the L22M Series a good choice if you are looking for an anti-vandal switch to install at a place where possible damage from dust, water, and impact are expected, and that also meets all the required specifications you need.

When it comes to customization, you can expect that almost all of the anti-vandal switches at Langir are customizable, but may only be limited at a specific part. As with the L22M Series, for example, you can have its head illuminated or not. Two of the popular options we have are ring illumination and dot illumination.

If you have decided on the illumination style option, then you’re ready to choose the color. Langir has red, orange, white, blue, green, and yellow as available colors that can go with the type of illumination you have chosen. All these LED colors have a lifetime of approximately 40,000 hours. Additionally, depending on what for and where you’ll be needing your L22M Series, you can have its voltage rating increased or retained at its base voltage which again varies depending on the LED color.

Other information that may come helpful are presented in the technical data table above. 

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