L22O Series Rear Mounting Anti Vandal Switch
  • 22mm diameter panel cutout
  • IP65 rating with surface mount
  • Multiple LED color options
  • Dot and ring illumination options available
  • Solder terminals and screw terminals options available
Illuminated optionsNon-illuminated/Ring illuminated/Dot illuminated
TerminalScrew/Solder lug(2.8*0.8)
Max.switch rating50mA   24VDC
Contact resistance≤100mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric strength2000VAC
Operation temp·-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electiical life50,000cycles
Contact materialSilver alloy
Operation pressureApprox.8N
Switch asemblyUL94V-0 rated polyamide(nylon)
TagsCopper alloy
TerminalsCopper alloy
Switch body&buttonStainless steel
Lens and lens bodyPolycarbonate
Internal sealSilicone
O ringNitrile
Red    Green    Yellow       Blue     White

L22O Series surface mount Anti vandal switch order code


L22O Series silver alloy Anti vandal switch drawing

L22O anti vandal switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

L22O Series Rear Mounting Anti Vandal Switch

Langir’s series of anti-vandal switches does not fall behind in terms of durability and reliability. With several tests passed and complied with, including RoHS, you will never be disappointed with whatever you choose. 

One of these is the L22O Series Rear Mounting Anti Vandal Switch which features a bushing diameter of 22 millimeters, a body height of approximately 34 millimeters, and a panel thickness between 2 and 10 millimeters. It also features a rear mount that measures around 24 millimeters.

Technically, the L22O Series has a maximum switch rating of 50mA/24VDC. It has a contact resistance of 100 milliohms, maximum, and an insulation resistance of 1000 milliohms, minimum. Its dielectric strength is 2000VAC. These technical pieces of information may come helpful in testing how the switch can handle or resist the flow of electrical current.

As with any other electrical material, life expectancy is longer when not in use, and shortens when connected to a full load current. As with the L22O, it features a mechanical life of around 1 million cycles—a pretty long life when not in use—and an electrical life of 50 thousand cycles only when loaded with current. 

In terms of its material composition, the L22O is made from a combination of several materials. Its switch assembly is made of UL94V-A-rated polyamide, commonly known as nylon. Its tags and terminals are both made from copper alloy, while its body and button are made from high-quality stainless steel material. The L22O lens and lens body as well, are both made from polycarbonate. It also makes use of silicone for its internal seal and nitrile for its O ring.

These materials contribute to how durable and reliable the L22O Series is. In fact, it has a remarkably higher protection against dust ingress and water as well. There might be exemptions in terms of water penetration as it cannot be submerged in deep levels of water for too long. However, a small amount of liquids will not do any harm to this switch. Anti-vandal switches are specifically made for rough conditions, and with the L22O Series IK09 rating, damage against intentional, external mechanical impact is not possible—although this may vary if the impact made is beyond ten joules.

The L22O is also open for customization. Its lens can be illuminated or not depending on your requirement. Among the options for illumination styles are dot and ring illumination. Both of these are available in different LED colors including white, yellow, blue, green, and red. The LED colors red and yellow have a base voltage of 1.8 volts at 20mA, while white, blue, and green have a base voltage of 2.8V at 20mA also. All these can be increased depending on your required voltage including 3.3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, and 36V.

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