L22U Series 0.3A 12vdc Anti vandal switch
  • Ultra short body
  • 22mm diameter panel cutout
  • Anti-Vandal IK09/ Sealed IP67,IP68 in the back
  • 1NO momentary switch
  • Ring illumination options available
Electrical rating:50mA,24VDC
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electrical life50,000 cycles
Contact resistance50 mΩ Max
Insulation resistance1000 mΩ Min
Dielectric strength2000 VAC
Operating temperature `-20℃ to 55℃
Moisture protection IP 67
Actuation force 4N
Panel thickness1-3 mm
Mounting nut torque5-14 Nm
Features & Benefits
  • 19,22 or 25mm diameter panel cutout
  • Variety of LED  option
  • Multiple function options
  • Ring illumunation available
  • IP67 rated

L22U Series metal Anti vandal switch order code

L22U Series 4 pins Anti vandal switch drawing

L22U anti vandal switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

L22U Series 0.3A 12VDC Anti Vandal Switch

You cannot underestimate what small things can do. They are made that way because they serve a specific purpose that only they can do. That is what the L22U Series 0.3A 12VDC Anti Vandal Switch does best.

Featuring an ultra short body with a diameter of 22 millimeters, the L22U Series Anti-Vandal Switch makes a great option if you have a smaller area. Its total body height only measures approximately 12 millimeters. With its short body, it can only accommodate a panel thickness between 1 millimeter and 3 millimeters.

This series, however,  also comes in various sizes including 19 millimeters and 25 millimeters, with almost the same features to best fit your need.

The L22U Series has an electrical rating of 0.3A 12VDC, and comes at multiple function options.  It has a solder lug terminal that measures around 2 millimeters by 0.5 millimeters. 

Langir does not only adhere to the highest quality of work but also takes into major consideration the need of its customers. If our designs do not exemplify the aesthetic requirement of the anti-vandal switch you are looking for, then you can discuss with us your customization needs.

When it comes to customization, you can start from its head down to its body. 

The L22U Series’ flat head can be enhanced with multiple customization options including adding illumination styles specifically ring illumination. For available colors, it is always best to contact our team to check your options.

These colors have a base voltage of 1.8V @20mA for red, yellow, and orange and 2.8V @20mA for white, green, and blue. These base voltage ratings can be increased to 3.3, 6, 12, and 24 volts.

Langir also offers graphical options for the head, specifically laser-etched options.

When it comes to its body, it has a built made from high-quality stainless steel making it resistant to dust, water, and other foreign particles. This is supported by an ingress protection rating of IP67.

In spite of a high protection rating, it is still best to install the L22U Series in a working environment where the temperature is between negative twenty-five degrees Celsius and fifty-five degrees Celsius.

Other information about the L22U Series includes its mechanical life, electrical life, insulation and contact resistance, and dielectric strength.

This set of information helps in the identification of how the L22U Series can last and how it can handle the flow of current.

In general, the L22U Series Anti-Vandal Switch makes for a great option if your area is limited, and of course,  if your primary consideration is a high-quality switch that matches all your requirements.

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