L30 Series Explosion Proof Anti Vandal Switch
  • Bushing diameter: 30mm
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Working in poor condition: -20°C +55°C
  • Expected working life more than 40,000 hours
  • Meet ROHS requirements
  • Explosion proof
  • Heavy loading, non-magnetic, corrosion resisting, can be used indoor and outdoor

L30 Silver Contact Anti vandal switch order code

L30 2NO2NC illuminated Anti vandal switch technical data

L30 Heavy Loading Anti vandal switch drawing


L30 anti vandal switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue


L30 Series Explosion Proof Anti Vandal Switch

What could be the safest anti-vandal switch you can find in the market other than the L30 Series Explosion Proof Anti Vandal Switch? 

It is explosion-proof which means that it has a specially-made enclosure that prevents the possible occurrence of a bigger explosion. With this feature, the L30 Series can prevent an explosion that might start from inside the switch.

It is important that the term explosion-proof be understood as something that prevents the occurrence of a possible explosion rather than being able to withstand the damage that might be caused by an external explosion. 

If you will look at the technical data of the L30 Series, it might look simple as with the other anti-vandal switches discussed on this page, but its remarkable feature of being explosion-proof can be attributed to the kind of material it is built from and the special, dedicated workmanship of Langir.

It is not surprising to know that Langir’s vast series of anti-vandal switches are highly certified and tested. ISO, REACH, RoHS, and CE are just of the many certifications and compliance reports Langir has for all of its switches.

As for the L30 Series, it has a head and a body made from stainless steel and a base made from PA. These materials are not to be thought of as ordinary but are exemplary in terms of quality. This is manifested by its ingress and impact protection ratings of IP67 and IK10.

As anti-vandal switches are primarily made for heavy use, damages are inevitable. An IK10 rating means that the L30 Series can handle a mechanical force, usually unintended impact made by the user, of up to 20 joules. If we will simulate it, you can imagine a mass of 5 kg hitting the surface of the L30 Series from a free fall height of 400 mm. This impact will not, in any way, damage the switch.

An IP67 rating, on the other hand, describes how the L30 Series can withstand the damage that might be caused by very small particles like specks of dust. This makes the L30 Series dustproof. Liquid, in any form, can also damage a switch but not the L30 Series because it is waterproof.

The above-mentioned features only describe the quality and reliability of the L30 Series Explosion Proof Anti Vandal Switch. 

In terms of appearance and aesthetic qualities, the L30 Series does not fall behind.

Langir offers a wide range of customization options for all of its switches including the L30 Series. From its head down to its body, your options are wide if not limitless.

We offer several illumination style options along with the LED color of your choice. Options to increase the voltage of the LED colors are also available. Putting markings on the actuator, if not illumination is also possible.

There is a lot more to know about the L30 Series including its maximum switch rating, resistance ratings including contact and insulation, lifetimes, and more. All these are presented well in Langir’s catalog which you can get right from the download tab.

So if you’re not just into looks but also quality, efficiency, reliability, and of course, an anti-vandal switch that measures exactly 30 millimeters in diameter, then the L30 Series Explosion Proof Anti Vandal Switch is your best choice.

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