L40 Series Pin Terminal Anti Vandal Switch
  • Bushing diameter: 40mm
  • Application scope: winning equipment, cleanroom interface, access control system, household appliance, medical equipment, electromechanical instrument, industrial cabinet, elevator control system, emergency call system.

1-L40 5A 250VAC anti vandal switch technical data

2-L40 PC base anti vandal order code

3-L40 metal anti vandal switch drawing


L40 anti vandal switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue


L40 Series Pin Terminal Anti Vandal Switch

Sometimes, a small switch won’t do especially if you have a wider surface to put it on. In this case, you will need the L40 Series Pin Terminal Anti Vandal Switch.

The L40 Series is best used in areas where ease of access is needed like in the case of an elevator control system, access control system, emergency call system, and more.

This is probably the biggest anti-vandal switch of Langir in terms of its size. With a bushing diameter of 40 millimeters, panel cutout, the L40 Series will surely fit your need for a bigger switch. 

Just like with the other series of anti-vandal switches of Langir, the L40 Series can also be customized to fit your specific need. But before that, it is best to know what the features of the L40 Series are.

It has a flat actuator that can be made with a graphical marking that is laser-etched. Its head is non-illuminated but can be made with ring illumination. This illumination style can also be customized according to the color of your choice. As of the moment, Langir has the following choices of color: blue, green, white, yellow, orange, and red.

We also understand that you might have a different requirement in terms of the LEDs’ voltage ratings. Although these LED colors are originally offered at base voltages of 1.8 volts and 2.8 volts both at 20 milliamperes, you have the option to increase these to 3.3 volts up to a maximum of 220 volts.

Presently, Langir only offers stainless steel as the primary material option for the L40 Series. Stainless steel, however, should not be underestimated as this forms the foundation of why the L40 Series has a protection rating of IP67 and IK10—both remarkable levels of protection against dust, water, and unintended impact.

Langir only manufactures anti-vandal switches that are of high quality. You can verify these through the tests and certifications passed and complied by Langir including REACH, RoHS, and CE to name a few.

With these, you can rest assured that the L40 Series will do well wherever it is placed—may it be indoors or outdoors where heavy and harsh use is expected.

You can get more information about the L40 Series Pin Terminal Anti Vandal Switch from our catalog which you can download directly from the download tab of this product page.

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