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  • Langir led switch contains ring illumination, dot illumination, power transparent signal and customized signal.
  • Maximum reliability and durability
  • Ideal for use in rough environments
  • Maintenance free for piezo switch and capacitive switch
  • Totally rugged

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Langir Led Switch for A Better Experience

1-maintained led switch for self-locking

Hole diameter 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm with backlit led

2-dot led switch manufacturer

12mm anti vandal switch with dot led, ring led, 2A 36VDC

3-ring led switch

16mm anti vandal switch with dot, ring and power symbol, 3A 250VAC

4-rohs led switch

16mm anti vandal switch, dot or ring led, 2A 36VDC

5-anti vandal led switch

New model, 16mm anti vandal switch with tri-color

6-illuminated led switch

19mm anti vandal switch with momentary or latching

7-push button led switch

19mm anti vandal switch with 2NO2NC function

9-turn to realease led switch

19mm vandal resistant switch with short travel

11-push on led switch

19mm anti vandal switch with big current max to 21A

10-ultra slim led switch

19mm, 22mm, 25mm super short anti vandal switch

8-waterproof led switch

19mm vandal resistant switch with 2A 36VDC

13-12V Rectangular led switch with ring illumination

19mm, 22mm anti vandal switch with square head

12-push off led switch

19mm anti vandal switch with 21A 48VDC

14-push to break led switch

19mm anti vandal switch with tri-color customized

15-spst led switch

22mm anti vandal switch with solder lug(2.8×0.5mm)

16-vandalproof led switch

Economic type of 22mm anti vandal switch with more function

17- screw terminal led switch

22mm anti vandal switch with micro-trip, 1NO momentary

18-surface mount led switch

22mm anti vandal switch with rear mounting

19-rotary led switch

22mm anti vandal switch with big current to 21A

20-RGB led switch

22mm anti-vandal switch with 3A 250vac

21- flat head led switch

25mm anti vandal switch, max rating 5A 250VAC

22- tri-color led switch

16mm piezo switch with dot or ring illumination

23-dot illuminated led switch

19mm piezo switch with dot or ring illumination

24- piezo led switch

22mm piezo switch with dot or ring illumination

25-110v led switch

25mm piezo switch with ring or dot illumination

26-NO NC led switch for sealing IP68

30mm piezo switch with dot or ring illumination

27-plastic led switch

22mm piezo switch with plastic material with whole led , tri-color is available

28-raised head led switch

Hole diameter 16mm capacitive switch with dot illumination or ring illumination

29-lamp led switch for harsh enviroment

Hole diameter 19mm capacitive switch, triggered by flowing water

30-symbol logo led switch

Hole diameter 22mm capacitive switch, very long life expectancy

31- normally closed led switch

Hole diameter 25mm capacitive switch, easy to clean metal surface

Langir Push Button Led Switch
  • LED colors contains orange, blue, white, red, yellow, green
  • Many LED functions optional, single color, double color, triple color momentary or latching
  • The switch surfacec is easy to clean.
  • LED is purchased from qualified manufacturer

Custom Your Led Switch to Suit with Your Equipment

Trusted by famous brands, Langir also has a series of LED switch that come in many forms and functionalities. All Langir LED switch is made to both possess quality and aesthetics in one.

In fact, Langir led push button has already gained popularity worldwide that we already came up with a new varied series. Our new collection of switch led include our famous backlit LED switches, square bezel, ultra-short, and our tricolor series.

With a vast collection of LED switch you could choose from, you will surely find one you really like. However, if you feel like our ready-made LED switch doesn’t match your need, you could always opt for a customized one.

Customization is, in fact, made easy with the help of our professionals. If you have an illustration you could share with us, it will be easy to plan out and actualize your preferred LED switch.

Aside from the type of material, size, and function, the illumination is very important for your LED switch. You could start customizing your push button light by choosing the type of illumination you want.

Whether you want a fully illuminated LED switch or one that only illuminates at the center, or at its ring, you could have it at Langir. Our new backlit series also gives you a new way of illumination for your LED switch.

In terms of color, you could choose from our readily-available set of colors including blue, green, white, red, and yellow. Of course, you could combine two or more colors for a more customized feel.

What’s more, you could specify the color you want not included in our list. That’s how easy customization of your LED switch is with Langir.


Are all your metal push button switch Led?

Yes, all our types are with led or without led.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order is sample order. After samples proved, the moq is 100pcs.

What kind of packing information is it?

For standard packing, 40pcs/box or 50pcs/box, 500pcs or 1000pcs per carton.

Which port do you usually use if by sea shipping way?

Our nearest port is Ningbo and Shanghai port, but if you collect the goods to ship together, we could send to the other farther port.

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Langir Led Switch Stable Quality to Support Your Business

Langir offers a wide range of led switch which are used in a vast number of industries and applications not only for their capabilities, but also for their aesthetics. Langir led switch is the most popular product all over the world.

Langir led switch has a lot of types such as dot illuminated, ring illuminated, backlit led series.

Figure 5 Types of LED Switches

Ring and dot led swith

Great for push-to-start or any accessory that only requires a momentary change to a circuit, Langir LED Switches are an economical, attractive option for your dash. They come in chrome with an assortment of colorful LED rings to suit anyone’s style.

Langir led switch is available for single color, bi-color, tri-color with usual colors green, blue, red, orange, white, yellow. With the wires and PCB controller, when you press it, it is blue color, press again, it changes to be red color, 2 or 3 colors changeable is quite easy.

A specific color LED switch can be difficult, but Luckily in Langir you can pick the color you want and install them anywhere such as the dash of your car. Most importantly, from a visual point of view, Langir LED switch makes your device or panel looks more beautiful.

Each Langir led Switch will get 365 days warranty from the day you receive the switches.

Langir recently developed new series such as:

  1. Backlit led anti vandal switch with lable kit
  2. Square bezel series
  3. Ultra- short series
  4. Tri-color series

As long as you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Get a quick quote now!

LED Switch – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, we will talk about led switch and all the things you want to know about them.

From the different kinds of led button switches, their characteristics, where they are best used for, and other important information that can help you decide before making a purchase.

Read this guide to help you find the best led switch suitable for your needs.

1. What is an led switch?

Figure 1 LED Switches in Elevator Control Panel

Led switches in elevator control panel

An led switch is just one of the many types of switches but they are illuminated by led or leds. They often come with different designs, make, functions, and a variety of colors.

The led push button switch is vastly used for light switches, control panels, public dispensers, and many more.

Fun fact: led switch is not a new technology.

In the 1950s, illuminated switches were first introduced for household use and they were called the “glowing switch”.

The early models have a mercury switch that contained a tiny neon bulb inside the handle that lights up when it is off.

Figure 2 Glowing Switch

Glowing switch

The glowing switch became popular to consumers because they are easy to find in dark rooms or hallways.

2. Who invented the led switch?

The led switch was not invented by one person. It was the contribution and discovery of talented inventors that has brought led push switch to what it is now today.

In 1884, john henry holmes an english inventor and co-founder of j. H. Holmes & co. Invented the first quick-break light switch. His invention offered the solution to electric arcing which is a fire hazard and the problem of an earlier switch invention.

While a russian scientist and inventor named olev losev is the one responsible for the creation and discovery of led in 1927. Further studies and electrical advancements over the next centuries have paved the way for led lighting development.

These developments resulted in many other led applications in various places like the household setting, industrial, commercial, and many more.

3. What is an led switch light?

Figure 3 Light Emitting Diodes

Light emitting diodes

An led switch light is the tiny light bulb that is also known as led or light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor that emanates light when a certain amount of electric current flows through it.

It only needs a small quantity of electricity for it to light up. Early leds only have the red color and were used as indicator lamps replacing the small incandescent bulb.

Nowadays, there are many different colors of push switch led you can choose from such as blue, red, green, orange, yellow, white, etc.

4. What materials are used to make an led switch?

Led switches are usually made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, brass, and other approved materials.

The other parts such are the lens and lens body can be made from polycarbonate material.

Other materials used are silver contact, silicone, nitrile, and copper alloy for tags and terminals.

5. What are the parts of an led switch?

The parts of an led switch are the following:

  • Actuator – this controls the closing and opening of the circuit.
  • O-ring – it creates a tight seal between panels and the nuts.
  • Hex cut – this hexagonal shaped component helps secure the switch with led to where it is mounted.
  • Crust – this is the cylinder that houses the actuator down to the pins.
  • Illumination – it is also called the lens which comes with different standard and customizable designs.
  • Illumination terminals or pins – these are the metal or copper tiny bars where the wirings are connected.
  • Led color and voltage indicator – this label indicates the light color and the voltage of the led switch.

Figure 4 Parts of an LED Switch

Parts of an led switch

6. What are the types of led switches?

Figure 5 types of switches

There are many types of led switches available in the market.

Each type is typically flexible for any type of purpose.

Here is a list of the common ones that you can find:

  1. anti-vandal switch
  2. piezo switch
  3. capacitive switch
  4. low-profile push button switch
  5. spdt push button switch
  6. dpdt push button switch
  7. spst push button switch
  8. normally open push button switch
  9. normally closed push button switch
  10. panel mount push button switch
  11. surface mount push button switch
  12. flush mount push button switch
  13. outdoor push button switch
  14. waterproof push button switch
  15. illuminated push button switch
  16. metal push button switch
  17. latching push button switch
  18. momentary push button switch
  19. reset push button switch
  20. push button on/off
  21. push button toggle switch

And there could be more metal led push button switch types that are available in your region that are not included on this list.

7. What is an led switch panel?

An led switch panel is a piece of board, sheet, or mounting plate that houses the push button switch with led indicator.

These are usually made of metal or modern plastics such as polycarbonate, polyamide, polypropylene, or polyvinyl chloride (pvc).

You can also find decorative switch covers made of wood with different designs such as an engraved art to match led switch.

8. What is an led switch panel cutout?

Figure 6 Example of led switch Panel Cutout

Example of led switch panel cutout

A panel cutout is the size of the diameter of the led switch which is typically measured by inches or millimeters.

The cutout will guide you in measuring the size of the push button com led mounting hole.

Sometimes you can find this information included in the product packaging or product catalog. Usually the led switch panel cutout size covers 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm. You also could customize your required panel cutout for switch with indicator light.

9. What is the panel thickness in led switch installation?

Led switch panel thickness refers to the recommended thickness measurement of the panel, board, sheet, or plate where the led switch will be mounted to. Some backlit push button panel thickness is from 1-4.0mm, longer is from 1-8.0mm. Before you start ordering, it is better to confirm.

This recommendation allows you to secure the installation of the led switch.

10. What are the types of led switch actuators?

There are three common types of led switch actuators.

  • flat actuator – these have a leveled surface that is ideal for a more stylish and modern look.
  • high actuator – the actuator is a bit protruded on the surface which is better for big fingers.
  • domed actuator – the shape of the actuator resembles a dome when viewed on the sides which has a better feeling.

Figure 7 LED Switch Actuator Types


Led switch actuator types

11. What are the types of illumination in led switches?

Led switches have different illumination types.

  1. ring illuminated led switch – this led indicator push button switch has a ring-shaped illumination.

Figure 8 Ring Illuminated LED Switch

Ring illuminated led switch

  1. dot illuminated led switch – the led light bar push button switch has a small circular lens that resembles a dot when lit up.

Figure 9 Dot Illuminated LED Switch

Dot illuminated led switch

  1. whole led illumination – these led switches usually have a plastic material surface and illuminates as a whole.

Figure 10 Whole LED Illuminated Switch

Whole illuminated led switch

  1. backlit label led switch – backlit switch to have illuminated icon designs that can be customized.

Figure 11 Backlit Label LED Switch

Backlit push button led switch

12. What is a backlit led switch label kit?

Figure 12 Backlit LED Switch Label Kit

Backlit led switch label kit

A backlit led switch label kit is the different labels you can choose for your switches.

Depending on the drawing or idea, the led switch is customizable. Meanwhile, you would like to collaborate on a unique design with the manufacturer.

The design of the labels usually displays indications of what the switch is used for or its purpose.

With the same rgb led switch, you could change the colors between the backlit labels to save the switch cost. When the labels are perfectly designed, users can easily identify the function of the switch.

13. What are led switch pins?

Figure 13 Screw Type and Solder Lug Type LED Switch

Screw type and solder lug type led switch

Led switch pins or terminals are the rods made of metal located at the bottom part or below the switch.

In general, there are three types which are based on how they are connected or installed:

  1. Screw type – when installing these pins, you will need a screwdriver for a secure assembly.
  2. Solder-lug type – you will need a soldering iron and soldering lead to connect this to the wires.
  3. Plug – you just connect with the plug with the wires which is quite easy and save the time.

14. How many pins does an led switch have?

The pins or terminals of an led switch depends on its type.

Led switches can have 4 and up to 10 pins or more. For rgb led push button, they could reach 7 pins with 4 pins for triple colors.

Typically, led light bar push button switch will have the following electrical connections:

1.Positive and negative is for led connection no matter it is tri-color or bi-color.

2.Power – also called the positive source and wired to the power source for example a 12v battery or a fuse block, etc.

3.Ground – this is the negative or the grounding wire which is connected to either an internal or external structure.

15. How does an led switch work?

A switch with led indicator is a device that controls the current flow.

Usually, when the led switch is turned on, the device wired to it performs its functions for example if it is wired to a light bulb, it will be lit up.

Depending on the type of the switch, the led light inside uses a small amount of electricity to stay lit even when the led switch is turned off.

16. How long is the mechanical life cycle of led switches?

The mechanical life cycle of switch to led is up to 1,000,000 cycles.

17. How many hours can led switches last?

In general, leds can last up to 50,000 hours.

Since led switches uses led, it is safe to assume that it has the same number of hours.

This is 50 times that of a typical incandescent lamp.

The 50,000 hours, if used 12 hours a day, can last up to 11 years.

18. Are the led switches waterproof?

Yes, there are marine led push button switches that are waterproof or have passed a certain standard for water resistance.

One of them is the waterproof push button switch. They could be used as marine light switch.

This means that they are watertight and designed to withstand liquids or temporary submersion in the water.

19. How many colors does led switch have?

Figure 14 LED switch Colors

Led colors

Led switch has several colors which are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, or white.

The early led which emit only the red color uses a low-intensity wavelength of 760 nm below.

Later on, the blue leds and ultraviolet were developed, followed by white leds, and the rgb systems.

Modern push button with light indicator now can emit higher intensity light and many different colors.

20. Can you customize the colors of led switch?

Yes, you can customize the colors of led switch as well as rgb push button.

You can pick which color you would like from a range of colors available.

Some manufacturers allow you to combine two or three colors for more personalized customization.

21. What are the diameters of led switch?

Led switches vary in diameters or mounting holes depending on the manufacturer.

Some small led switch diameters can be 10 mm, 12 mm; The other led switch diameters can be 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30mm, and up to 40 mm. Absolutely you could customize your required mini led push button switch or pc led switch for non-standard.

22. What is a latching led switch?

A latching led switch works when a user switches it on, then it remains on until the user switches it off.

This type of lighted buttons does not need continuous compression from the user.

Normally, latching led switch can be found in homes for light switches, stereos, heating control panels, and many other applications.

Figure 14 latching led switch

Latching and momentary led switch

23. What is a momentary led switch?

A led momentary switch requires continuous compression from the user if you want to change the state.

It switches on when a user presses it and will be switched off when the switch is pressed again. The actuator will not be locked even it is on or off.

An example is a doorbell, push to exit buttons, or buzzers.

24. What is an anti-vandal led switch?

Figure 15 anti-vandal switches

An anti-vandal led switch is a kind of push button switch designed to endure heavy exposure and damage.

This also means that they are made to withstand dust, rain, snow, or ice.

They are also intended to be operated by the general public and withstand frequent use.

Usually, you will see this type of push button switch with led indicator in business and commercial places, the streets, and so on.

Figure 15 led switch to control Circulation pump

25. What is a bi-color anti-vandal led switch?

A bi-color anti-vandal led switch is a switch that emits two different colors.

These led switches can also have dot or ring illumination options.

26. What is a tri-color anti-vandal led switch?

A tri-color anti-vandal led switch includes three different colors in one switch. It is rgb push button switch with red, green, blue color for usual, but you could choose the other colors combination.

You can change colors by pressing the switch actuator.

27. What is spdt led switch?

Figure 16 led spdt push button switch

Spdt stands for single pole double throw, this means that it only has one input terminal and two output terminals.

To better understand this, the following definition of terms can help:

  • Pole – this refers to how many circuits the switch can control.

Single pole or sp controls only one circuit.

  • Throw – this refers to the actuator’s position in the circuit.

Double throw or dt switches closes the circuit both in the up position and the down position.

Here’s an example of spdt push button switch.

28. What is spst led switch?

Figure 17 led spst push button switch

Spst led switch stands for single pole single throw which is called as led momentary push button as well.

This means that it has one input terminal and also one output terminal.

This is a simple on and off switch where the two terminals can be connected or separated from each other.

Here’s an example of spst push button switch. They could be operated as momentary led push button.


 SPDT Led switch drawing

29. What is dpdt led switch?

Figure 18 dpdt push button switch

Dpdt stands for double pole double throw.

As the term connotes, it means that the switch has two input terminals and two output terminals.

This is also equivalent to two spdt switches that are controlled by one mechanism.

Here’s an example of a dpdt push button switch.

Figure 18 DPDT Push Button Switch

DPDT push button switch with led

30. Where is led switch best used for?

There are many places and industries where led switches are used.

This only proves that led switch is highly preferable for a vast majority of purposes.

Some places where push button switch with indicator light can be found are the following:

  • Appliances
  • Elevators
  • Control panels
  • Automotive
  • Car wash system
  • Bus system
  • Railway system
  • Airplanes
  • Boat controls
  • Medicine equipment
  • Kiosks
  • Vending machines
  • Parking systems
  • Military defense systems

And there could be more.

Figure 19 Many uses of LED Switches

Many uses of led switches

31. What type of led switch is suited for homes?

Many types of push button with led indicator can be used for homes. Selecting the best suited momentary button with led depends on the area where the switch will be exposed.

In general, you can use an led switch with a lower IP rating when they are installed in living rooms, bedrooms, and similar low-risk areas.

While ip65 above rated led switch and above are best recommended for areas where the switches can be exposed to liquids.

32. What type of led switch is suited for cars?

Cars have largely incorporated led switches since they are efficient in aiding the driver in locating the proper buttons for different driving functions.

Other people also customize their vehicles by installing led switches.

backlit anti-vandal led switches or illuminated push button switches are a great option if you would like to customize your vehicle’s control panels.

Figure 21 Start Stop Engine Push Button LED Switch

Start and stop engine push button led switch

33. What type of led switch is suited for boats?

Since boats or yachts are always at sea or any body of water, there’s a high risk that backlit marine switches used for controls can be exposed to water.

Waterproof led switch or piezo switch is most advisable if you’re planning to customize your boat’s control panel or if you’re in a boat manufacturing business. Marine led push button switch will be the best way to protect from the water. RGB momentary switch could be used too in the boat.

It is also important to remember to look for a high IP rating switch to ensure watertight quality.

34. What type of led switch is suited for dispensers?

Dispensers are usually found in public places and they are exposed to frequent use.

These devices are generally used to dispense food, hygiene products, medicines, and many others.

If you’re planning to fix a broken dispenser switch or build your own, you can choose the momentary push button with led which is a perfect switch for public use.

Figure 23 Water Dispenser Machine

Water Dispenser Machine with led switch

35. What type of led switch is suited for outdoors?

Switches for outdoor use are exposed to many elements such as rain, dirt, sand, and user abuse.

Therefore, it is wise to choose a momentary button with led that has an ip65 rating and above for a more efficient quality.

36. What type of led switch is suited for kiosks?

Kiosks can be electronic, interactive, or computer operated. They are popularly known as vending machines, self-service payments, or ticketing machines.

Since kiosks are generally used by the general public, it is best to choose the momentary push button switch with led with the highest IP rating.

backlit led anti-vandal switch is also a good option due to their icons that can also be customized to represent a product or a function.

Figure 25 Vending Machine with led switch

Vending Machine with led switch

37. How much voltage can led switch handle?

Led switch can handle up to 220v.

It can vary from 3v, 5v, 9v, 12v, 24v, 110v, 220v and these depend on the manufacturer and labeled as 12v led push button switch or 12v led switch.

For example, 5v led push button or 12v led push button switch.

It is highly recommended to choose led switches that are at or above your circuit requirements.

Using too high voltage capacity led switches on a lower circuit may cause the failure of electrical components due to overheating.

38. Can you dim lights using an led switch?

No, led switch itself can’t have this function to dimmer the light to be darker or lighter. You could connect with some electronic parts which have this dim function. So that the dimmer could change the led switch lightness.

One example of an led switch is the capacitive switch which is activated with just a slight touch of a finger.

Modern designs of dimmer switches include smart dimmers that are compatible with wifi and smart speakers such as alexa and google assistant.

Other types are the slide dimmers, turn knobs, and rocker switches.

Led dimmer switch is widely used in hotel rooms, offices, and can also be used at home.

39. What is an led switch dual?

An led switch dual is also known as a double dimmer switch.

This type of led switch includes two stacked led dimmer switches whether horizontal or vertical and they are housed in one control unit.

It has a compact design that saves space. These are oftentimes used in homes in areas such as the living room, kitchen, and even bathrooms.

40. What is an led switch dimmer trio?

This is one of the types of led switches or led dimmer push button that allows you to control the light intensity in three different levels. For example, the first instance that you switch it on, you will get 100% light intensity.

Switch it off then the second time that you switch it on, you will get 50% light intensity. Switch it off and on the third time that you turn the light back on again, you will get 25% light intensity.

These functions allow you to only use the ample lighting needed and save electricity costs.

41. What is an led switch wiring diagram?

Figure 28 Example of LED switch Basic Circuit Diagram

Example of a led switch basic circuit diagram

In electrical terms, a wiring diagram or circuit diagram is a graphical illustration of electrical wirings and where they are connected.

It is different from the other diagrams like the block diagram or layout diagram since it illustrates the definite electrical connections.

Aside from showing the electrical wirings, circuit diagrams are also used as reference and guide for conducting electrical maintenance.

There are two types of a circuit diagram:

  • Pictorial circuit diagram – these illustrations utilize simple image components.
  • Schematic circuit diagram – in this diagram, the components and interconnections of the circuit are shown using standardized symbols.

42. How to wire an led switch?

Led switch wiring needs careful planning and proper tools to install successfully.

If you will be replacing a broken switch, here’s your guide on how to do it.

Materials needed:

  • New led switch
  • Screwdriver
  • Voltage tester
  1. Turn off the power source first.

Make sure that there’s no electricity flow by shutting down the main power supply from the mains consumer unit or circuit breaker.

  1. Check the connection of the wires at the bottom of the LED switch.

Check if the wires are not connected. If the led switch is in good shape, remove it. You can use a voltage tester as a safety precaution to ensure that there is no current on the circuit.

  1. Wire the new led switch.

Attach the new switch to the wirings using a screwdriver or electric soldering iron to wire and place it into the panel board.

Switch the electricity back on and test the led switch.

If you are unsure of doing this procedure, it is best suggested to contact a qualified electrician instead to avoid any untoward incidents.

43. Can you use a 12v led switch on 120v or 240v?

No. Using a 12v led switch on a higher electrical circuit may cause overheating and premature damage to the switch.

You need to select led switch with a higher voltage which are available in the market. It is better to check the led switch max rating. Under this rating, the led switch will not be damaged.

44. What is the operation temperature of led switches?

Led switches that are unusually hot to touch may have too much electricity flowing through them or may have bad quality.

If you feel that your led switch is hotter than the room temperature it is best to consult your local and licensed electrician to have it checked.

To confirm if your led switch is abnormally hot, you may refer to the product’s specification or packaging.

Manufacturers would oftentimes include the operation temperature of their led switches in the product page or catalog.

An average led switch can bear from around -20° and up to +55°.

45. What does current limiting resistance in led switch mean?


Figure 29 Different Examples of Resistors

Different examples of resistors for led switch

Led switch current limiting resistor’s purpose is to limit the amount of the current flow in the circuit.

It ensures that the current flow does not exceed the recommended forward current.

resistors have power ratings which are measured in watts.

In general, it has a power rating of 0.125 w up to 1 w.

Remember to select a resistor that is sufficient for the voltage supply of the led switch.

Look for power resistors if you need more than 1 w power rating. But for small push button led lights, maybe the resistor will be connected external.

46. What does contact resistance in led switch mean?

Led switch contact resistance refers to the resistance of the device against the current flow.

A “ductor tester” or ohmmeter is used to test contact resistance and it is measured using the unit of ohmmeters.

The higher the contact resistance is, the lower is the current carrying capacity and higher losses.

47. What does insulation resistance in led switch mean?

Led switch insulation resistance refers to the total resistance of the product’s insulation by applying a range of voltage within minutes.

It is considered one of the electrical safety testing done for electrical mechanisms, devices, or equipment.

48. What does IP rating mean in led switch?

The IP rating is a grading system that determines the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings against dust, dirt, water, etc.

IP stands for ingress protection and is comprised of two numbers that represent different levels of protection.

The beginning number signifies the protection against solid objects while the second number is for protection against liquids.

The higher the IP rating number, the stronger protection the led switch has.

Figure 31 IP Rating Chart

IP rating chart

49. Why is IP rating important to look for in an led switch?

Ip ratings are crucial in determining the consistent efficiency of many electronic device’s enclosure protection against any entry of solid or liquid elements.

Any entry of these elements can cause irreparable damage to the electronic device or can sometimes cause unfortunate accidents.

Led switches are considered electrical devices or mechanisms and this is why their manufactures are required to secure a standard IP rating.

IP ratings also serve as a quality assurance for the consumers which means that they are purchasing a high-quality product.

It also acts as a determining factor where an electrical product is best suited for.

50. What is IP65 rated led switch?

IP65 rated led switch means that it is dust-tight or no opening for dust and can withstand powerful jets aimed at any angle.

51. What is IP66 rated led switch?

IP66 rated led switch is also dust-tight and it can withstand powerful jets or brief flooding.

52. What is IP67 rated led switch?

IP67 rated led switch means that it is ingress-free and it can resist the effects of momentary water submersion which is around 30 minutes at 0.15 to 1 meter deep.

53. What is IP68 rated led switch?

IP68 rated led switch is also dust-tight and can withstand permanent water submersion of up to 3 meters depending on the manufacturer.

54. What does IK rating in led switch mean?

IK rating or also known as impact protection rating is a classification system that indicates the level of protection provided by electrical equipment enclosures.

A piece of electrical equipment or device will undergo tests to check its strength against mechanical or external impacts.

This system is recognized internationally and many electrical industries are complying with its standards.

It consists of two numbers where the first number represents the strength of impact or energy while the second number refers to the equivalent impact.

The level of protection ranges from 0 to 10 where 10 is the highest level of protection.

Led switch could reach IK09/IK10 grade.

55. What does IK10 rating led switch mean?

Figure 32 IK10 Rating Symbol

IK10 rating symbol

IK10 rated led switch means that it can protect up to 20 joules.

It can withstand an impact of 5 kg mass dropped from a free fall height of 0.40 meters.

Further testing also mentioned that it can also bear the force of a pendulum hammer and a free-fall hammer.

56. Why is IK rating in led switch important?

IK rating in led switch is important due to the following reasons:

  1. To select appropriate led switches suitable for high traffic areas and prone to vandalism.
  2. It reassures consumers that the led switch will work efficiently.
  3. It offers more value to your money and peace of mind.
  4. You are assured that the product is strong and long-lasting.
  5. Consumers can choose a low IK rating for areas with no or low risk of impact.

57. What does RoHS compliant led switch mean?

Figure 33 Led switch RoHS Compliant LogoRoHS compliant of LED switch

RoHS or restriction of hazardous substances is a directive that restricts the electronics industry from using hazardous materials in manufacturing their products.

The following are the restricted substances and their permitted maximum levels based on ppm or parts per million.

  1. Cadmium cd (< 100 ppm)
  2. Lead pb (< 1000 ppm)
  3. Mercury hg (< 1000 ppm)
  4. Hexavalent chromium cr vi (< 1000 ppm)
  5. Polybrominated biphenyls pbb (< 1000 ppm)
  6. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers pbde (< 1000 ppm)
  7. Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate dehp (< 1000 ppm)
  8. Benzyl butyl phthalate bbp (< 1000 ppm)
  9. Dibutyl phthalate dbp (< 1000 ppm)
  10. Diisobutyl phthalate dibp (< 1000 ppm)

A RoHS compliant led switch means that it has passed the required RoHS testing methods.

The RoHS testing methods include testing by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (xrf), gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy (gc/ms), and flame ionization detection (gc/fid)

58. What does reach in led switch mean?

Reach stands for registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals.

This is a regulation that is implemented in the European union.

It started back in december 2006 which affected many industries in the world.

It is considered the most complex legislation, which contains 849 pages and took seven years to complete.

Reach acts as a regulatory body to address the manufacturing and use of chemical substances which has potential health impacts to humans and the environment. Led switch must pass through this test to make sure of your safety.

59. What does CE marking in led switch mean?

Figure 35 CE Symbol

CE symbol

CE stands for “conformité européenne” which is a french term that means European conformity.

It is an administrative marking or symbol that represents the conformity with environmental protection, health, and safety standards of the manufactured products.

Although CE is not a quality indicator or certification mark, it affirms the compliance of the manufacturer to the relevant European legislation.

It is not related to or should not be confused with consumer electronics which refers to electronic equipment.

60. How much is an led switch?

The price of led switch differs from its size, mounting hole diameter, design, quality, and other factors.

Led switch with smaller panel cutout will typically cost around $3 up to $10.00+.

While led switches with bigger panel cutout cost up to $30.00+.

These prices depend on your region and do not include shipping fees and other costs.

61. How can you order an led switch?

Just like any other electrical device, you can order led switch at your local electrical shops, hardware stores, or you can also shop online.

There are many ecommerce websites where you can purchase a variety of led switches such as amazon and ebay.

Ordering directly from the manufacturers allows you to save more money and you can also be sure of the product’s quality.

Resellers or drop shippers may sell them for a higher price and could be ordering them directly from the manufacturers as well.

62. Can you start your own led switch business?

Yes, you can.

However, starting up your led switch manufacturing business will require equipment or machinery to make, manpower, a production area, and many other start-up business costs.

This means you will need to have the capital to start up this business, take care of paper requirements, as well as the certifications for your industry.

Otherwise, you can do drop shipping where you order the products from the wholesalers and sell them on your website or physical store.

Your income will come from the difference between the wholesale price and the price you have assigned to the product.

Figure 36 Led switch Factory

63. Why led switches are the best option?

led switches offers many benefits and advantages over the regular switches that you can find in the market.

The following are some of the reasons why it is best to choose led switches:

  1. Modern and stylish look – many led switches have modern designs that can go with any kind of mounting surface or any surroundings.
  2. Illuminated switches – aside from their futuristic look, users can easily locate the switches even in dark places.
  3. Multi-functional and energy efficient – led switches can be used for a lot of purposes and are well known to save electricity.
  4. Affordable and availability – you can find led switches that have reasonable prices and they are vastly available in the market.
  5. Wide array of choices – led switches have many kinds and there is always one that is perfect for any of your switches needs.

64. What is the best led switch?

The best led switches should pass the international standards and certifications such as RoHS, reach, CE or European conformity, and ip65 to ip68 graded.

This helps you to ensure that the led switch you have purchased is high quality, efficient, and durable. You should also purchase from a trusted seller or manufacturer and always look for a product guarantee whenever possible.

You will normally see the compliance and certifications markings on the product packaging, the manufacturer’s website, or on their advertisements.

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