Light Switch

The light switch is one of Langir’s main products, which allows you to determine the position of the switch in poorly lit environments, and even to quickly determine the status of the switch.

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Light Switch With A Wide Range of Options

Can light up, is one of the Langir switch can be customized This is a kind of switch can choose to light up the form and light color, this kind of switch generally have ring and point two kinds of light up style, the color can choose some common colors, there are some models can also choose to light up in two colors or even three colors light up.

Light Switch

figure 2.Backlit LED Switch

On the buttons you can label them with backlit labels according to the industry or function, so that you can see the pattern clearly when there is enough light. Of course, this is a customizable feature, you can find your own label through the label icon and number.

figure 3.Tri-Color Switch

The general led light form is single-color, Langir has some models with two-color or even three-color light, such as anti-vandalism switch series model L16T switch has red, green and blue three-color light, the square frame of the switch also has two-color and three-color light style.

Light Switch Advantage

figure 6.High LED Brightness
High LED Brightness
LED high brightness light in the air turbid unclear environment can also see the light and shape of the led, accurately determining the position and status of the switch.
figure 7.Various Colors
Various Colors
Common white, yellow, blue, green, red, and these monochrome colors composed of two-color and three-color colors.
figure 8.High Aesthetics
High Aesthetics
The led indicator is integrated with the switch, there is no protruding or redundant part, and the integrity of the switch is very high, so the aesthetics is higher.
figure 9.Novel Style
Novel Style
Light switch has a variety of backlighting labels with obvious Langir style, and these icons cover most of the functions, so the suspense is very strong.

Ruggedized Metal Materials

Langir switches made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metal materials have a more rugged enclosure to protect them from moisture, dust and corrosion in harsh environments.

figure 4.Ruggedized Metal Materials
figure 5.Diverse Range of Switches, Applicable to A Variety of Industries

Diverse Range of Switches

At Langir, you can choose from a diverse range of switches such as anti-tamper switches, capacitive switches, toggle switches, etc. These can be applied to a variety of industries and can act at different strengths to perform a variety of critical functions for your equipment.

figure 10.backlit labels icon&part number legendfigure 11.Variety of led types

What is the voltage range of LEDs?

The general basic voltage is in the range of 3.3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 110V, 220V.

Do capacitive switches have led function?

Yes, and unlike other switches, the led function of this switch is divided into two forms: independent and output indicator.

What is the protection level of light switches?

There is no difference between the general switch, the general switch is about IP65, there are special requirements of the switch, the protection level can reach IP68.

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