Langir E-catalog:

Langir e-catalog introduces anti-vandal switch, piezo switch, capacitive switch, DC circuit breaker and other different models and series. Please download it here:

Catalogue download

Emergency Stop Switch E-catalog:

Langir emergency stop switch without LED, bright red actuator, waterproof IP65, hole diameter 16mm, 19mm, 22mm. Please click the picture below to see the specific parameters and drawings:

Emergency Stop Switch Catalog

Anti Vandal Switch E-catalog:

Different hole diameters, different styles of illumination, multiple materials, waterproof IP65, IP67, and details please download it here:

2-anti vandal switch catalogue

Piezo Switch E-catalog:

Hole diameter from 12mm to 35mm, waterproof IP68 & IP69K, CE, ROHS, REACH certified, please download it below for more information:

3-piezo switch catalog

Capacitive Switch E-catalog:

Multiple hole diameter and series, different functions, and customization is acceptable. Please download it here for more details:

Piezo Keypads E-catalog:

Advanced technology for keypads and waterproof IP68, long life to use. Please download the details here:

Indicator Lamp E-catalog:

Metal materials, different series and hole diameter, selectable colors, please download it here for more information:

DC MCB E-catalog:

Used in solar application, from 1A to 63A, elegant shape, stable quality. Please get more information here:

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