LS16 Series Black Aluminum Anti Vandal Switch
  • 1NO momentary switch
  • 16mm diameter panel cutout
  • Anti-Vandal IK09/ Sealed IP65
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Illuminated and Non-Illuminated
Illuminated optionsNon-illuminated/Ring illuminated/Dot illuminated
TerminalSolder lug(2.8*0.5)
Max.switch rating2A 36VDC
Contact resistance≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric strength2000VAC
Operation temp·-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electiical life200,000cycles
Contact materialSilver alloy
Operation pressureApprox.3~5N
ActuatorStainless steel/ Nickel plated brass/Anodized aluminum
BodyStainless steel/ Nickel plated brass/Anodized aluminum
3.3V/6V/12V/24V/36V(The resistor is extermal)
Red    Green    Yellow    Orange    Blue     White

LS16 Series high quality Anti vandal switch order code

2-LS16 Series SPST Anti vandal switch drawing


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LS16 Series Black Aluminum 1NO Momentary Anti Vandal Switch

The LS16 series black aluminum 1NO momentary anti-vandal switch is a 16mm rugged push button switch encased in premium and high-grade materials.

For this series, it has a normally open momentary function but other functions such as normally closed and latching types are available too.

More importantly, the LS16 series anti-vandal switch has acquired international ratings such as IP65 and IK09 which proves that it is a dust tight, water resistant, and vandal proof switch.

And because of this the LS16 series anti-vandal switch is a highly reliable and versatile option that can be used in a variety of applications.

About the types

The LS16 series anti vandal switch generally comes with a flat head design but with Langir you can also have it made with raised, high raised, chamfer, concave, domed, and also with laser etched and backlit LED options.

It also comes in different illumination styles such as ring illuminated and dot illuminated or a combination of both illumination styles.

About its material

The LS16 series  anti vandal switch is available in different head and body materials available such as stainless steel, nickel plated, and anodized aluminum.

The stainless steel is graded 304 which means that it naturally has anti-corrosive properties making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Nickel is also considered very durable and resistant to corrosion making it a suitable material for switches too.

While the aluminum material has undergone an anodization process to transform it into a decorative yet durable and corrosion-resistant shell for the switch.

About its colors

This series anti vandal switch comes in different LED colors such as red, blue, green, white, yellow, and orange while other colors can be available with Langir too.

The colors can be single, bi-colors, or tri-colors too if your application requires.

About its applications

The LS16 series black aluminum 1NO momentary anti vandal switch can be mounted to any type of equipment, machinery, systems, or control panels.

For example, you can find them used on heavy duty roller doors where you hold down the switch to open or close the door and if there’s an obstruction in the doorway, you can release the switch to quickly stop the door from closing hence preventing an accident to happen.

You can also find them inside the hospital such as the hospital beds’ hand and foot controls that allows you to move the bed to the patient’s desired position while holding down the button.

For restaurant owners, the LS16 series  anti-vandal switch can be used for drinks refilling stations or ice machines.

The LS16 series black aluminum 1NO momentary anti vandal switch can also be found in residential applications which is beneficial for home builders and homeowners as you can use it for door buzzers and doorbells.

About its advantages

When you order from Langir, the quality and reliability of your LS16 series anti vandal switch are 100% guaranteed.

Some of the advantages of choosing Langir as your switch manufacturer are:

  • Robust quality
  • Superior vandal proof properties
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Elegant appearance
  • Weatherproof and dust resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Long service life
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Reliable performance
  • Customization options

There are more advantages to choosing Langir and surely your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About Langir’s certifications

With over 16 years of dedication and commitment, Langir has acquired many certifications that are well-recognized in the manufacturing industry around the world.

Langir is proud to have passed the ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO19001:2015 for quality management certifications.

Aside from that, Langir also has passed CE, REACH, TUV Rheinland, and ROHS as well as has submitted their products to various IP testing and acquired IP65 to IP69K seals.

About ordering

Langir has a simple ordering process for its clients and customers.

You simply have to complete a short online form to receive your free quote.

Our friendly staff will get back in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your inquiry and be ready to finalize your order.

Langir accepts orders of any quantities whether big or small.

Once you confirm your order, Langir will advise you of the estimated delivery date and immediately ship them to your delivery address.

Whether you’re a customer, distributor, or agent, Langir is happy to discuss business with you.


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