LS19 Series Led Anti Vandal Switch
  • 1NO momentary switch
  • 19mm diameter panel cutout
  • Anti-Vandal IK09/ Sealed IP65
  • Dot and ring illumination options available
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Illuminated and Non-Illuminated
Illuminated optionsNon-illuminated/Ring illuminated/Dot illuminated
TerminalSolder lug(2.8*0.5)
Max.switch rating2A 36VDC
Contact resistance≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric strength2000VAC
Operation temp·-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electiical life200,000cycles
Contact materialSilver alloy
Operation pressureApprox.3~5N
ActuatorStainless steel
BodyStainless steel
3.3V/6V/12V/24V/36V(The resistor is extermal)
Red    Green    Yellow    Orange    Blue     White

LS19 Series 2A Anti vandal switch order code

LS19 Series engraved power symbol Anti vandal switch drawingLS19 Series engraved power symbol Anti vandal switch drawing

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LS19 Momentary Series Led Anti-Vandal Push Button Switch

The LS19 anti-vandal push button switch is a 19mm push button switch that is rugged and vandal resistant with a momentary function.

It is made from durable stainless steel making it innately corrosive resistant and rugged built to last more than a lifetime.

It also has illumination with different colors of Led and in dot or ring illuminated actuator.

Best of all, LS19 is certified IK09 for vandal resistance and IP65 for dust tight and also water resistant characteristics.

The LS19 momentary series Led anti-vandal push button switch is also a versatile switch with elegant aesthetics so it can match a lot of various applications regardless of the nature of your business.

About the types

The LS19 illuminated anti vandal switch comes in non-illuminated, ring illuminated, dot illuminated head and it can be a combination of styles.

It is also available in laser etched head with the symbol of the power icon and Langir’s very own backlit Led logos.

About its material

It is made from 304 grade stainless steel which is the same material used in refrigerators, dishwashers, food processing equipment, piping, and many other household or industrial applications.

It has an excellent anti-corrosive property that protects itself from most oxidizing elements.

It is also easy to sanitize making it ideal as the prime material for making push button switches.

Aside from that, the shiny aesthetics of the stainless steel allows the LS19 momentary series Led anti-vandal push button switch to appear elegant and sophisticated.

Other premium materials are also available to suit your requirements such as anodized aluminum and nickel.

About its colors

You can find many Led color options for the LS19 anti vandal momentary switch.

Langir offers Led colors such as blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and white.

Other colors can be available upon your request.

Moreover, they can come in bi-colors or tri-colors too.

The enclosure of the it can also be changed into the color that is suitable to your application, simply ask Langir for customization options.

About its applications

The LS19 can be used in a wide array of applications in any type of industry.

It is the perfect switch for conveyer control panels, processing systems, hand controls for lifting heavy materials, and more.

If it can handle heavy duty operations then it can also handle the operations in the commercial businesses such as the controls and switches for large appliances, food processors, beer stations, condiment refills, and so on.

And back home, it can also be used as doorbells, buzzers, or intercoms.

The LS19 momentary series Led anti-vandal push button switch is super versatile that it is the ideal switch for many purposes.

About its advantages

Ordering from Langir allows you to receive several advantages such as:

  • Real anti vandal switches
  • Top of the line quality
  • Timeless aesthetics
  • Dust tight and water resistant
  • Millions of service life
  • Budget friendly
  • Plenty of customizations are available
  • Unmatched performance

The LS19 momentary series Led anti-vandal push button switch from Langir guarantees 100% satisfaction with one year warranty.

About Langir’s certifications

Langir is the number #1 manufacturer and supplier in China and many countries.

Trusted by over 600,000 customers which makes it a truly reliable company that you can also trust.

Over the years Langir has passed many certifications such as ISO19001:2015 and ISO14001.

As well as acquiring certifications from REACH, ROHS, TUV Rheinland, UL, and CE.

These achievements prove why Langir continues to be the leading manufacturer of metal push button switches.

So, for your LS19 RGB anti vandal switch needs, the best manufacturer of choice is Langir.

About ordering

Just fill out a simple online form to request a free quote if you decide to order the LS19 momentary series Led anti-vandal push button switch from Langir.

Within 24 hours a professional staff will reach out to you and advise you of the cost of your orders.

Langir accommodates orders regardless of quantities and we can also provide 1 to 2 free samples.

After order confirmation, your orders are prepared and shipped immediately so you can receive them asap.


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