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Langir is a professional metal push button switch supplier in China with more than 16 years experience.

Langir switch mounting sizes include Φ10, Φ12, Φ16, Φ19, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ30, Φ35, and Φ40, suitable for any application you want. If you need such a tool, this is a perfect choice!

Langir supplies stainless steel/brass/aluminum/zinc alloy materials for metal pushbutton switch housings and heads. Compared to traditional push button switches, our metal buttons are very strong and durable in construction. For stainless steel and nickel plated brass head surfaces we can make them a shiny mirror finish where you can see you.

Langir metal pushbutton switches are carefully designed to be used in many fields such as access control systems, coffee machines, laser machines and home appliances. As long as it is for power control and needs to be turned on or off, the metal button switch with a compact design must be suitable for your needs.

Langir attaches great importance to product quality and invests special funds in research and development. Langir metal push button switches comply with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CCC, CE, REACH and RoHS reports. Langir metal push button switches have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Turkey.

Langir is committed to supporting your business and contributing to the further development of your partnership. If we can be of any help, please contact us today!

Langir Metal Push Button Switch to Support Your Business

1-Vandalproof Metal Push Button Switch

Various hole diameters from 10mm to 40mm, led voltage from 3.3v to 220v optional, different pin terminal plated gold or silver. Non illuminated with different head, customization is acceptable.

2-Piezo Metal Push Button Switch

You can choose products with apertures from 12mm to 40mm. The waterproof level can reach IP68. The outstanding waterproof ability makes it fearless in the wind and rain. The internal structure is with LED or without LED, and a variety of functions can be selected.

3-Capacitive Metal Push Button Switch

You can freely choose capacitive type with a hole diameter from 16mm to 30mm. The metallic material can range from stainless steel to aluminum oxide of different colors. The internal structure is composed of PCB. The material is not easy to break and the life cycle is super long.

By Materials (3)

  • 3- Stainless Steel material

    We provide high-quality stainless steel material, which makes the switch easier to clean and more beautiful on the surface

  • 2- Black Anodized Aluminum material

    We provide metal button switches made of aluminum oxide, available in black, red, green, aluminum color, gold, blue, etc. Different colors of materials match different colors of equipment, which is more consistent visually

  • 1-Brass material

    The metal push button we provide also contains nickel-plated brass materials, usually H59, H62 brass, high copper content, more environmentally friendly

Advantages of Metal Push Button Switch

Easy to Clean
The button surface made of metal material is very easy to clean, our workers will carefully wipe it with banana oil before leaving the factory
We have made a special waterproof treatment between the actuator head and the shell, so that water vapor will not enter the product due to pressing the start or close
Lasting Durability
It is not only durable because of the material, but also the strict material selection and rigorous internal structure
Anti Corrosion
Even in a storm, it can still start normally. Stainless steel material will not be corroded by rainwater and salt water

Customize Your Metal Push Button Switch

Langir metal push switch is specially made to meet different application needs. Our metal push button of this type are available in different sizes and make a great choice for many use.

Our metal push button switch could be made from any of the following materials: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and even zinc alloy. Of course, all these are highly customizable to meet your demands. Our push button metal material, for example, can be plated according to the color you want, like gold, black or red.

If you also need a metal push switch with a customized symbol, you may also send us the symbol and we will help you to confirm. Your choices are actually limitless when customizing metal push button switch with Langir.

In fact, Langir meets the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CCC, CE, REACH, and RoHS. Now customize your metal push button now!

13-customized metal push button switch
14- metal push button switch connector


With this socket, you can easily put on the metal switch, no need to use solder pin wiring. Save labor costs and time for workers


Actuator: this is the part of the metal push button switch that you press to actuate it.Crust: it protects all the internal parts of the push button switch and keeps all parts intact.
Terminals: made from a conductive material like screw, pins or wires, they come in two, three, four, or more depending on the type of the metal push button switch.

Illumination: with light has an illuminating element which an LED chip is generally used for its energy-efficient properties. It comes with different designs, symbols, and sometimes a customized option to fit your personal or business needs.
Mounting flange is a hex-shaped metal mounting nut that is used to fasten the button switch either through the rear or front panel.
O-Ring is commonly known as the rubber ring or rubber seal and it is used to seal the space between the actuator and the surface of the panel when mounting the metal push button switch.

Grooves: these are the indentations or depressions around the body or actuator of the metal push button switch where the mounting flange is inserted through for securing the mounting installation of the switch.
Other parts are the ones located inside the metal push button switch such as the contacts (stationary and movable), coil spring, or a module unit for a capacitive metal push button switch type.

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