PP22 Series Plastic Piezo Switch
  • 22mm panel cutout
  • Normally open, momentary action
  • Make impulse time of 125-300 msec
  • Recessed face
  • Wire termination
  • IP68 Sealed
  • Available in 12V and 24V
Operating voltage1-24V  AC/DC
Switch current0.2A(standard)/1A options
Actuation force3-5N
Operating temperature·-20℃~+70℃
LED operating voltage12DC max OR 24V DC max
LED max current consumption(12V)(24V)
Ingress protectionIP68
Life time50 million operations

PP22 Series piezo switch order code

PP22 Series piezo switch switch drawing

PP22 piezo switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir PP22 Piezo Switch Introduction

The Langir PP22 piezo switch is a type of piezo switch made from durable plastic with an illumination feature.

Depending on its type it illuminates when you press it or after pressing it, it stays illuminated until you press it again where the illumination turns off.

It is made from white plastic with exceptional durability and reliability.

Fully illuminated plastic piezo switch

Fully illuminated plastic piezo switch

PP22 Piezo Switch Features

The PP22 piezo switch has plenty of great features that your application can take advantage of.

First, it has illumination and if it’s a momentary action switch, it illuminates while it is being pressed which makes it a great indicator that the switch is activating the function it was installed for.

Since it can be IP68 or IP69K sealed, this means that it is highly dust and water proof which makes it ideal for outdoor applications, wet environments, and even for tough environments.

The PP22 piezo switch is also easy to operate, as you only need to apply an almost negligent force to actuate it.

It is also designed to be compact using a piezo assembly module without any mechanical parts which make it void of wear and tear thus prolonging its lifespan.

The PP22 piezo switch also has wire termination which means you don’t have to connect wires to it anymore, therefore cutting down the mounting time for faster installation.

Working Principle of the PP22 Piezo Switch

The PP22 piezo switch works similarly to its metal piezo counterparts.

It has a piezo assembly module composed of self generating piezoelectric elements that when you press the PP22 piezo switch’s head, a charge polarization phenomenon happens inside the module.

This phenomenon triggers the switch to actuate and stops when the pressure is lifted until it the head is pressed again.

The PP22 Piezo Switch Types

The PP22 piezo switch has different types based on its size, illumination colors, and waterproof properties.

You can find types that are ideal for space limited applications such as the 12mm PP22 piezo switch but there is also a bigger size such as a 30mm PP22 piezo switch.

The illumination colors can be blue, green, red, or a combination of red and green, red and blue, or green and blue.

You can also choose red, green, and blue continued LED colors.

Finally, you can find sealed IP68 and IP69K PP22 switch great for environments prone to water ingress.

Applications of the PP22 Piezo Switch

The PP22 piezo switch has many applications which can be any of the following but not limited to:

  • Automatic gas pumps
  • Automotive control panels
  • Restaurants or bakeries
  • Car wash systems
  • Control panels
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Dairy factories
  • Fertilizers
  • Food preparation and packing
  • Gate control access and security doors
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and pharmaceutical equipment
  • Process control
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Testing equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Water in and out controls

Example of Fully illuminated plastic piezo switch application

Example of Fully illuminated plastic piezo switch application

The Langir PP22 Piezo Switch Advantage

The Langir’s PP22 piezo switch has a significant advantage among the others.

This is because Langir has been specializing in piezo switches for many years ensuring to provide you with highly reliable and robust PP22 piezo switches for any application use.

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