PZ16 Series High Head Piezo Switch
  • 16mm panel cutouts
  • Latching or momentary function options available
  • Ring or Dot illumination options available
  • Material color and Illuminated color options available
  • Long life (50 million cycles)
Electrical Specifications
  • Max current/ voltage rating with resistive load:
           Function NO: standard 200 mA 24 VAC/DC, 1 A 24 VAC/DC or request
           Function NC: satandard  max. 600 mA 24 VAC/DC
  • Switch resistance ON: 10 Ω max.
  • Switch resistance OFF: 5M Ω max.
  • Life exoectancy: 50 million cycles
  • LED consumption: illuminated dot 10 mA-illuminated ring 20mA
Environmental Specifications
  • Sealing: IP68 per IEC 60529, IP69K per DIN 40050-9(switches mounted on panel)
  • Vibration resistance : 10-500 Hz/10 g per IEC 60068-2-6
  • Operating temoerature:-40℃ to +75℃  (-40℉ to +167 ℉)
  • EMC compatibility according to EN 61058-1 for the whole range
  • EMC compatibility according to EN 61000-4 & EN61000-6-2 for 1A

PZ16 Series gold anodized piezo switch order code

PZ16 Series NO prolongated pulse piezo switch switch drawing

PZ16 piezo switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir PZ16 Piezo Switch Introduction

The Langir PZ16 piezo switch is a variety of piezo switches that has a concaved, high head, dot and ring illuminated types.

The PZ16 piezo switch is used to be connected to a machine as controls to perform various operations such as on and off functions, go and stop, and many others.

The PZ16 Piezo Switch Features

The PZ16 piezo switch features a surface designed to guide your fingers where the center is and for you to be able to actuate the switch easily.

It is generally made from aluminum material or stainless steel providing durable housing for the switch.

The most significant feature of the PZ16 piezo switch is that there are no mechanical or moving parts therefore there are no components that can be worn out therefore a longer lifespan.

The wires are also integrated into the housing which means that you don’t need to do any soldering.

The PZ16 Piezo Switch Working Principle

A PZ16 piezo switch works from the time that you press the head of the switch.

The pressure affects the piezo module placed beneath the head’s surface causing the field effect transistor to release electric energy that actuates the PZ16 piezo switch.

After the field effect transistor’s dispersed the electric energy, it returns to its resistive state and will stay in that status until the next actuation.

Parts of Piezo switch

Parts of Piezo switch

PZ16 Piezo Switch versus standard push button switches

The PZ16 piezo switch and the push button switch may be confusing to tell apart because of their appearances.

First, unlike a standard push button switch, the PZ16 piezo switch does not have a visible actuator or a button that you push to actuate the switch.

This is because it is like a touch switch that can be actuated by simply applying pressure on its head.

And instead of mechanical components like contacts, coils, and springs, the PZ16 piezo switch has the piezo module.

Lastly, the PZ16 piezo switch does not need soldering or connecting wires because it comes with built in wires, unlike the standard push button switches.

Concaved piezo switch and push button switch

Concaved piezo switch and push button switch

Application of the PZ16 Piezo Switch

The PZ16 piezo switch has plenty of applications in various industries whether in ambient or even in the harshest environments such as oil and gas industries.

You can also find them in access controls, industrial machines, factory conveyor controls, medical and laboratory equipment, and so on.

Aside from that, you can also find the PZ16 piezo switch in low or high powered appliances for home and commercial use.

The applications of the PZ16 piezo switch are not limited to the ones mentioned here as there are other applications that it can be used for.

How to choose the right PZ16 Piezo Switch

Choosing the right PZ16 piezo switch will depend on the requirements of your applications such as checking if your application needs a rugged piezo switch or waterproof piezo switch.

You can choose the anti-vandal PZ16 piezo switch for applications that will have more than regular use such as in public places, factories, or businesses.

There’s also a waterproof PZ16 piezo switch with IP69K seal for applications where water ingress is possible.

The Langir PZ16 Piezo Switch Advantage

Langir provides high quality PZ16 piezo switches you can use for any application.

Their PZ16 piezo switches are proven tough even in harsh environments and they are dust and water proof.

With Langir’s precise PZ16 piezo switch manufacturing, you can be sure that you will get top notch piezo switch flexible to use for any purpose.

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