PZ25 Series 25mm Piezo Switch
  • 25mm panel cutouts
  • Latching or momentary function options available
  • Ring or Dot illumination options available
  • Material color and Illuminated color options available
  • Tri- colour
Electrical Specifications
  • Max current/ voltage rating with resistive load:
        Function NO: standard 200 mA 24 VAC/DC, 1 A 24 VAC/DC or request
        Function NC: satandard  max. 600 mA 24 VAC/DC
  • Switch resistance ON: 10 Ω max.
  • Switch resistance OFF: 5M Ω max.
  • Life exoectancy: 50 million cycles
  • LED consumption: illuminated dot 10 mA-illuminated ring 20mA
Environmental Specifications
  • Sealing: IP68 per IEC 60529, IP69K per DIN 40050-9(switches mounted on panel)
  • Vibration resistance : 10-500 Hz/10 g per IEC 60068-2-6
  • Operating temoerature:-40℃ to +75℃  (-40℉ to +167 ℉)
  • EMC compatibility according to EN 61058-1 for the whole range
  • EMC compatibility according to EN 61000-4 & EN61000-6-2 for 1A

PZ25 Series tri-color piezo switch order code

PZ25 Series latching piezo switch switch drawing

PZ25 piezo switch E-catalogue, please download it below:

Langir E-Catalogue

Langir PZ25 Piezo Switch Introduction

The Langir PZ25 piezo switches are water proof piezo switches best used for wet environments and applications where water ingress is possible.

They also possess a high level of protection against outside elements such as dirt and dust.

This means that the PZ25 piezo switches are robust and versatile types of piezo switches.

PZ25 Piezo Switch Features

The PZ25 piezo switches have a superior waterproof feature which sets them apart from the other type of switches.

This makes them a great choice when you need a piezo switch for applications with risk or total dirt or water exposure such as harsh environmental conditions.

They are considered touch switches, where they are actuated with a gentle force using your fingers.

The PZ25 piezo switches each have a compact piezo module and both lack moving parts to work.

This means that there’s no possibility of erosion hence they have a longer lifespan.

Last but not the least, they have built in wires so that you can do away with soldering or connecting wires, shortening the time for the mounting process.

IP68 & IP69K waterproof testing

IP68 & IP69K waterproof testing

The PZ25 Piezo Switch Working Principle

The PZ25 piezo switches start to work when you press the head where the mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by the use of a piezo module.

The piezo module consists of an energized resistor that releases the electrical energy responsible for actuating the switch.

The electrical energy then gets exhausted and the resistor returns to being in a resistive mode and stays that way until you press the switch’s head once again.

Types of PZ25 Piezo Switch

There are different types of PZ25 piezo switches based on their diameter sizes, design and illumination, colors, and its materials.

Their size can be anywhere from 12mm up to 30mm or bigger while for the design, it can be smooth surface, concaved, dot, or ring illuminated.

The PZ25 piezo switch colors can be red, blue, green, black, gold, or neutral.

These colors are evident in the anodized aluminum enclosures while plastic piezo switches colors are dependent on its LED component.

PZ25 Piezo Switch Applications

Ideally, the PZ25 piezo switches are perfect for applications where dirt and water ingress can happen.

This means that they can be used for almost any application because of their dustproof and waterproof attributes.

For example, the PZ25 piezo switches can be used for control panels in boats, yachts, or even for ships.

They can also be used for residential, business, and industrial applications.

Sealing IP68 & IP69K piezo switches yacht application

Sealing IP68 & IP69K piezo switches yacht application

The Langir PZ25 Piezo Switch Advantage

Langir’s PZ25 piezo switches are proven dustproof and waterproof piezo switches acquiring the highest level of protection IP seal.

These piezo switches have undergone a series of IP testing to ensure that it is sealed and outside elements will not enter it no matter how forceful.

If you choose Langir’s PZ25 piezo switches, you are guaranteed high quality piezo switches ideal for many applications and even for the toughest conditions.

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