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  • Choose different indication labels according to the application scenario
  • With waterproof and dustproof function
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain
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Professional Designer of Stainless Steel Push Button

Langir is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel push button, our products are backed by extensive certifications and test reports, and we have strict quality requirements for our products.

Langir’s stainless push switch is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high strength, commonly used to control and manipulate various machinery and electronic equipment. And it provides convenient and reliable operation and can be used in industrial fields, household appliances, outdoor equipment, etc. It has excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for outdoor use.

Langir’s stainless push button switch usually consists of a stainless steel housing, switch parts, silver contact, PCB board, wiring terminals and other internal components, and the switch is also equipped with a hex nut to fix the position when installing the switch. It also has good tactile feedback and reliability, and they generally have solid construction and solid buttons that provide clear key feedback and reliable operational response. The assembly is also very particular. After the parts are assembled, several power-on tests must be performed to ensure that there is no error in the assembly and the switch can operate normally.

Langir stainless steel switch has anti-vandal series, piezoelectric series and capacitive series, they all reach IP65, IP67, even IP68 waterproof effect. Such outstanding waterproof ability can be used normally even under 50 meters of water. Because of this, Langir stainless steel push button switches are not afraid of any bad climates, including harsh environments such as the tropics and deserts.

In short, Langir steel push button can choose a variety of functions according to user needs, and can also be directly customized according to user needs. If you have a need, you can directly click the inquiry to leave your information, our professionals will contact you soon, and you can consult more detailed information. Or if you need a trial sample, you can also ask our customer service, and we can satisfy you.

Stainless Steel Push Button Range

stainless steel push button anti vandal switch

You can choose the function of illumination and non-illumination, illumination function in the form of point and ring two kinds of light, but also can choose the backlight label and power indicator, the size of 12mm, 16mm and other five options, there are backlight, tricolor lighting, rear mounting, square bezel, ultra-short and other types of options.

stainless steel push button capacitive switch

It is available in 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm sizes and features auto-calibration. Self-resetting or self-locking. These terminals are available in wire, cable and connector options and can be customized to meet your needs.

stainless steel push button piezo switch

It has a good shock resistance of 10-500Hz/10g, conforms to IEC 60068-2-6 standard, and no adhesives are used in the assembly process, no welding technology is used, and the operating pressure is as low as 2 to 6N, and it has a minimum torque of 2.5Nm and a maximum of 3Nm.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Push Button Material (4)

  • stainless steel push button resistant

    Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, and can resist oxidation, acids, alkalis and many other chemicals. This characteristic gives stainless steel excellent durability and long life even in harsh environments that are wet and corrosive.

  • stainless steel push button clear touch

    Stainless steel has high strength and tensile strength, enabling it to withstand high loads and pressures, making it an ideal choice for structural materials. Its ability to withstand significant loads and pressures makes it widely used in structural engineering and the manufacture of important equipment.

  • stainless steel push button clear touch

    Stainless steel has a bright, shiny surface and a contemporary feel, making it highly desirable in the design and decorative fields. Stainless steel can be surface treated in a variety of ways, to achieve different looks, which are widely used in the fields of architecture, home and craft making.

  • stainless steel push button effective protection

    Stainless steel has good wear resistance and is able to maintain its strength and shape in critical wear environments. This makes stainless steel ideal for the manufacture of wear-resistant parts and wear-resistant equipment, such as construction machinery and mining equipment.

Langir Stainless Steel Push Button Supports Your Business

Strict Quality Control
Langir has passed a series of industry certifications and test reports, such as ROHS, REACH, CE, IP67, IP68, IP69K, ES CP65, etc. In order to better expand the market, we are preparing to apply for UL.
product liability
Product Liability Insurance
In order to ensure that you can receive the product normally without any damage, we have purchased global product liability insurance.
fast delivery icon
Quick Delivery
The fast delivery channel shortens the distance between you and me. In the case of accessories, the sample preparation is usually 1-3 days, and it can reach you as soon as possible.
technical support icon
Technical Support
LANGIR's technical support is always there, no matter it is drawings or customized requirements, as long as you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales staff.

Professional Stainless Steel Push Button for Your Project

The qualities and functions of stainless steel push button make it suitable for a variety of scenes, especially the waterproof and dustproof characteristics, which can make it fit well in the outdoor and even marine industry.

  • High quality manufacturing process, stable and reliable performance.
  • Simple and generous appearance design, suitable for various application scenarios.
  • Optional terminal forms such as flying wires, screws and other forms
stainless steel push button supplier
15- stainless steel push button packing

How to Pack Your SS Push Button Switch?

First of all, our packing staff will put the button switch without wires in the foam box, and the large vibration during transportation will not make the nut fall off.

Secondly, for further protection, we cover the entire foam box with blister film and then set it with a hot air blower.

Thirdly, then pack it in a small inner box, and finally put it into a suitable outer box.

Application Areas of Stainless Steel Push Button

stainless steel push button industrialization

Stainless steel push button often used on industrial control panels and machinery, or in factory and production line automation systems to start, stop or adjust the function of equipment, or for equipment control and monitoring.

stainless steel push button medical

Stainless steel push button often used in hospitals and medical facilities to control lighting, equipment operation and emergency alarms, also used for control and operation in medical equipment, such as operating tables and medical monitoring equipment.

stainless steel push button food processing

Stainless steel push button are corrosion resistant and easy to clean, so they are widely used in food processing equipment, brewing equipment, refrigeration equipment and other areas of food production lines.

stainless steel push button transportation

Stainless steel push button often used in outdoor environments such as public transportation systems, parking lots, and parks. They can be used for traffic signals, railroad signaling equipment, etc., and can be activated or required for specific operations.

stainless steel push button China
Use Stainless Steel Push Button to Serving your customers

As a professional steel button manufacturer, we are glad to produce high quality products that can serve you, welcome you to buy Langir products, if you have any questions you can even give us feedback.
Thank you for choosing Langir!

How do I order?

Each series has its own different order codes. Make sure each code is really your wanted model. If any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us for confirmation. For example, V12 series, they have flat head, domed head, high flat head. They have screw terminal and pin terminal. You shall choose nickel pated brass, stainless steel, gold plated or anodized aluminum.

Where to order?

You can directly send the email via and ask for any help.

How to deliver your orders?

For small orders, Langir will use express delivery like FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, and TNT.

These deliveries are door to door service.

While for big orders, Langir will send them either via air or sea.

Langir will guarantee safe and protected order packaging to ensure that the nickel push button switch will arrive in good condition and ready for installation.

What is the delivery leading time?

Langir keeps them in stock. If sufficient stock is available, your order will be delivered within 2 to 3 days of confirmation.

However, in the rare event of a shortage, you will be notified immediately.

Langir will ensure that you receive your order intact and hassle free.

Does Langir provide a warranty?

Yes, Langir offers a 365-day warranty on all of its products.
But all of Langir’s products are of world-class quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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