V22 Series Stainless Steel Anti Vandal Switch
  • Hole diameter: 22mm
  • 1,000,000 cycles momentary 1NO
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Screw or solder lug
  • Silver alloy reaching over 87%
Actuator optionsFlatDomedHigh
TerminalScrew/Solder lug(2.8*0.5)
Max.switch rating2A 48VDC
Contact resistance≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric strength2000VAC
Operation temp·-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life1,000,000 cycles
Electiical life200,000cycles
Contact materialSilver alloy
Operation pressureApprox.5.5N
ActuatorStainless steel
BodyStainless steel

V22 Series mechanical Anti vandal switch order code

1-V22 Series momentary action Anti vandal switch drawing

2-V22 Series momentary reset Anti vandal switch drawing

Langir E-Catalogue

V22 Series Stainless Steel Anti Vandal Switch

Part of Langir’s broad scope of 22 mm anti-vandal switches is the V22 Series Stainless Steel Anti Vandal Switch.

It is specially made from high-quality stainless steel with its diameter measuring exactly 22 millimeters and its height at approximately 19.9 millimeters. As to its base, PBT is used.

It comes in different actuator options including flat, domed, and high flat, therefore the names V22F, V22B, and V22H, respectively. It does not, however, come in any illumination style options but can be customized with graphics (laser-etched).

Technically, the V22 Series has a maximum switch rating of 2A/48VDC, contact resistance of fifty milliohm maximum, insulation resistance of one thousand milliohm minimum, and a dielectric strength of 2000VAC.

It is suggested that the V22 Series be placed in a working environment with an ambient temperature of between -20 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius.

Just like Langir’s other anti-vandal switches, the V22 Series promises a mechanical life of one million cycles when not in use. It only differs with its electrical rating, as when compared to other series, this one has a pretty long life even when used. Its electrical life is approximately two hundred thousand cycles which is longer.

Almost all of Langir’s anti-vandal switches have an exceptional level of protection. An ingress protection rating of IP65 ensures that dust will not be able to penetrate into the switch’s enclosure, and will, therefore, not cause any damage. As to water and other liquids, it may not have the maximum protection but will perform equally well.

The V22 Series also makes a good option when looking for an anti-vandal switch that will be used outdoors, and will be exposed heavily to public use. Its impact protection, measured at IK09, ensures that your switch will not be damaged from unintended forces unless the impact made is more than ten joules.

Other information which you might find helpful is its terminal options. The V22 Series comes with a solder lug terminal and screw terminal depending on what and how you will use the switch.

The V22 Series may not be the most stylized anti-vandal switch, but it serves its purpose well especially with its quality material and exceptional level of protection making it a good option for both indoor and outdoor use.

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