Wholesale DC MCB Supplier From China

  • Made of durable and top standard materials
  • Enclosure with enough mechanical strength that can survive damaging current
  • Safe operation
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Wholesale DC MCB Is Your Best Choice

Our guide for wholesale DC MCB will let you discover all the vital things about it, its purpose, and its various important applications. You will also take a short journey back in time to learn about a piece of history and meet the amazing inventors responsible for it’s development.

In addition, you will be provided with significant information about it, its advantages, and how it is compared to AC MCB and fuses. Apart from that, you are going to learn about the things you should think through whenever you wholesale DC MCBs.
There’s plenty to learn about it which can help you save money, time, and guarantee protection and safety.

Wholesale DC MCB Range

2-Wholesale DC Mcb 1 Pole

250vdc, IEC60947-2

2-Wholesale DC Mcb 1 Pole

500VDC, EN60947-2

4- 63A Wholesale DC Mcb

750VDC, GB14048.2

Certificates & Insurance

TUV Certified
Langir 1P, 2P, 3P & 4P are all TUV certified with CB
CE Certified
Certification is provided to assure of the quality
Langir offers a product liability insurance policy to ensure your product reaches you safely
Samples provided less than 3 days, mass production less than 20 days. Quick to reach you.

Why Choose Langir?

The advantages to buy from us:
1. Reasonable price, we can always find out the price that matches your market.
2. Quality Assurance. Priority to ensure that our customers have no worries when selling products.
3. Product internal silver point guarantee. Silver points come from the supply of listed companies.

8-DC MCB Parts

Different Aspects to Consider for DC MCB Wholesaler from China?

7- wholesale dc mcb supplier
10-Wholesale DC MCB 250VDC

Market: There are several markets to wholesale dc mcb, including India, China, and Vietnam, but so far, wholesale from China is a relatively large market.
What are the brands of wholesale DC mcb? In the Chinese market, DELIXI and CHINT are relatively well-known brands, and they also have many distributors and agents in various regions of the world, but relatively speaking, their prices are relatively expensive. There are some brands that may not have such a big reputation, but they are fast and effective in terms of quality control, product life and technical support.

Wholesale DC MCB to Boost Your Business

Professional wholesale DC MCB provider, serve customers all over the world, quick reply in 2 hours

  • “Langri product is really good, we have been cooperated over years and will continue.”

  • “We like Langir products which are good quality, surely we will have a long cooperation”

  • “Langir is our best partner and this has been always approved”

What are the benefits of wholesale DC mcb?

A wholesale purchase, with good value and many special offers

Can I buy some products at Langir?

Sure, you can buy a few products, but usually shipping will be more expensive if you buy this way.

How to ship your wholesale dc mcb?

For small orders, Langir will use express delivery like FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, and TNT.
These deliveries are door to door service.
While for big orders, Langir will send them either via air or sea.
Langir will guarantee safe and protected order packaging to ensure that the products will arrive in good condition and ready for installation.

What should I do in case of damage during transportation?

Since the 2018 year, Langir provides product liability insurance to all our customers. With this insurance, you don’t need to worry about damage during the transport.

Does Langir provide a warranty?

Yes, Langir provides 365 days warranty for all of its products.
But all Langir’s products are world class quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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