Metal Toggle Switch

Langir metal toggle switch has a premium look and a wide range of features that you are welcome to choose from.

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Superior Metal Toggle Switch Assured Selection

This is a kind of switch that operates by toggling, usually up and down.Langir metal toggle switch has latching and momentary functions, you can choose one of them according to your needs. The housing made of metal has a safer protection and a longer service life.

Metal Toggle Switch

figure 2.Led Toggle Switch

Toggle switch is different from pushbutton switch, pushbutton switch has ring or dot led light emitting form, while because of the special structure, toggle switch has only one light emitting ring at the top, you can judge the position of the switch and the status of the switch by the light source.

figure 3.Latching Metal Toggle Switch

 Latching function is one of the optional functions of the switch, when you toggle the pusher, the pusher will be fixed in the position after toggling, until the next time you toggle the pusher, the switch will be back to the original position.

figure 4.Momentary Metal Toggle Switch

Momentary function is also one of the functions that can be selected by the switch, when you toggle the putter and then release the hand the putter will return to its original position, no need to operate again.

Metal Toggle Switch Certification

figure 7 TUV certification
TUV Certification
figure 8 CE certification
CE Certification
figure 9 RoHS certification
RoHS Certification
ISO Certification
figure 11 REACH Certification
REACH Certification

Safe and Secure Metal Enclosure

Metal materials made of toggle switch shell, generally choose not easy to rust and better corrosion resistance of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc., not only for the switch to provide a high coefficient of protection, some of the metal unique texture can also be provided for the toggle switch to a certain degree of aesthetics.

figure 5.Metal Enclosure
figure 6 Specialized in The Production of Switches

Langir-Specialized in The Production of Switches in China

Langir is a Chinese company specializing in the design and production of switches, in addition to metal toggle switches, as well as push button switches, dc mcb and other electrical parts.Langir also has a professional sales team to interface with you, you can put forward your needs and questions to us, we will be answered one by one, thank you for choosing Langir.

figure 12.metal toggle switchfigure 13.metal toggle switchfigure 14.metal toggle switchfigure 15.metal toggle switchfigure 16.metal toggle switch

Can the metal toggle switch housing be customized with metal materials?

Generally you can choose the metal material we provide such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, nickel-plated brass and so on.

Are there any size options for metal toggle switch?

Generally there is no difference with Langir’s push button switch, there are common sizes such as 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and so on.

What kind of termination is available for metal toggle switch?

There are solder lugs, wires and cables, screws, and so on.

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