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1- Aluminum piezo switch with long life

Flat head, hole diameter 12mm, aluminum material, momentary

2- Round flat head piezo switch with momentary

Concave head, aluminum material, 16mm hole diameter, wires 300mm

3- Sealed IP68 piezo switch with latching

Green anodized aluminum, height 1.3mm flat head, O-ring and one nut

4- Bi-color dot illuminated piezo switch

Hole dia.22mm, dot illuminated, one color, two colors and tri-colors

5- Illuminated plastic piezo switch for 22mm

Hole dia.22mm, plastic material, only 22mm, illuminated 12vdc and 24vdc

7-ring illuminated piezo switch with 24v

Hole diameter 25mm, NO prolongated pulse, 200mA or 1A selectable

6-Dia.30mm metal piezo switch with ring red illumination

Hole diameter 30mm, the operator can be customized, thin and large ring

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  • 316L stainless steel test report
  • The newest Reach certification
  • Precise lathe processing
  • High quality of the module inside

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Aside from the fact that it’s easy to install, piezo switches are also made for various applications. Langir piezo switches are made to withstand damages from dust, water, and other weather conditions. It also isn’t prone to wear and tear.

Therefore, you can expect that you can get one that will last for a long time. So, do you need a piezo switch but want it according to your preference?

The good news is that you can get a fully customized piezo switch right here from Langir. Regardless of the application you need the piezo switch for, you can choose from our wide options of customization.

From the type of material, color, and type of finish you want, we have it here at Langir. Langir has various options you can choose from.

Simply tell us what you want your piezo switch to look like, and we’ll provide more details for you. We have piezo switches that can illuminate, and some that don’t.

We also customize according to the type of material you want like aluminum, plastic, or metal. Whether you want a flat-headed one or a concave one, we can also provide that one for you.

Getting your piezo switch customized is made easier for you. As long as you have the preferences set in your mind and the right specification, you can never go wrong with Langir.


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We can send the stock products in 3 days. If not enough parts in stock, we will confirm the lead time with you ASAP.

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For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS. That’s a Door to Door service. For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea. We will use good packing and ensure safety. We will be responsible for any product damage caused by delivery.

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Langir piezo switch is IP68 and IP69K qualified with dust and seawater detergent resistance. If you buy, you can install them outdoor freely and Langir piezo switch will work well under bad weather and harsh environment. Langir piezo switch 316L stainless steel materials has got the approvals for the salt spray test. Ask us for test reports at any time.

1-piezo switch installing

With selectable materials, you may choose aluminum, anodized, stainless steel 316L and plastic for your requirements. For aluminum body shape, you can choose Natural anodized aluminum, blue, black, green, gold, red color to match with your panel or device.

Langir piezo switch is normally mounted on the panel or surface which has diameter 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and 30mm. Different hole diameter requires different piezo switch types.

2-piezo switch installing2

Langir piezo switch accessories include one hex nut, O-ring with twisted flying leads or cable. We also custom wire leads size, gasket thickness, hex nut thickness, wires with connector for your choosing.

Langir piezo switch can be used in outdoor machines like fuel pumps, car wash stations, weighing stations etc, where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Langir has powerful technician team for the piezoelectric switch. You may get the product drawing, technical data and technical data explanation if you require for details.


Langir is qualified by ISO9001:2015 quality management systems and ISO14001 environment management system certification. We have already set up a series of test processes to control the quality.

Langir professional sales team will help you to choose the correct piezo switch model. and Instant online chatting will help you find the quick solution. Call us for urgent problems.

Langir also provides vandalproof switch and capacitive switch with different functions.

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Piezo Switch – The Complete FAQ Guide

In this FAQ guide, you will discover many interesting things about a special kind of switch, the piezo switch.

You will learn why is it a special switch and what sets it apart from all other switches in the market.

Also, you will find out about its advantages that will provide more reasons why it is different and why you should consider choosing it for any of your switch’s needs and applications.

More importantly, you will discover the different applications of the piezo switch that can help you improve your processes and living conditions.

So, before you shop, please continue to read the piezo switch guide we’ve put together just for you.

1. What is a piezo switch?

A piezo switch also referred to as a piezo touch switch, is a special kind of push button switch that when its surface is pushed, produces a voltage based on the piezo principle which completes the circuit.

And similar to other switches, the piezo switch type also has different colors, sizes, and styles varieties that you can choose from.

You can always find a Piezotype that is compatible with your equipment, any type of machinery, and many other applications.

The Piezo switches

The Piezo switches

2. How was the piezo switch discovered?

Back in 1880, the brothers and French physicists, Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie discovered that crystals such as tourmaline, quartz, and Rochelle salt produce electrical charges on its surface when pressure is applied.

They used the Greek word “piezein” which means “to press” and use it to call their discovery, hence the name piezoelectricity.

After this discovery, many scientists in countries such as Europe, United States, Japan, and Russia started to apply this to many applications such as ultrasonic submarine detectors, microphones, phonograph pick-ups, and signal filters, accelerometers, and so on.

Ferroelectric materials were discovered later on and these materials are able to generate electrical charges many times higher.

Using this development, television, and radio signal filters and piezoceramic igniters were invented.

In the 1950s manufacturers began to use this discovery on many applications which eventually led to the development of the piezo switches.

More developments of the use of the piezoelectric effect are still made today for a wide range of applications.

Fun Fact: The discovery of the piezoelectric effect took a while to be perfected.

Although the Curie brothers discovered the piezoelectric effect in the 1880s, it took about 70 years until manufacturers in different countries utilized this discovery and developed products based on it.

This is because the Curie brothers only hypothesize that the energy can be transversed from the mechanical aspect to the electrical one.

The brothers did not have a background in mechanical engineering specializing in balancing energy and force.

Only after the contribution of a French physicist, Professor G. Lippman, that this transversion is predicted.

Based on Lippman’s thermodynamic conservation principle, piezoelectric crystals exhibit the transversion effect or reciprocal property.

Curie compensator with piezo crystal in the Museum of Scotland

Curie compensator with piezo crystal in the Museum of Scotland

3. What is the piezo switch’s piezoelectric effect?

The piezoelectric effect is the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy and this conversion is used by the piezo switch.

Piezoelectric effect occurring during compression and stretching of the X cut pyroelectric plate

Piezoelectric effect occurring during compression and stretching of the X cut pyroelectric plate

4. How does the piezo switch’s piezoelectricity work?

The piezo switch contains a piezoelectric element that when pressure is applied, produces a charge that activates the semiconductor device called Field Effect Transistor (FET).

The FET then activates the switch’s assembly and lets the current flow through that can be comparable to a typical metal contact-based switch.

After the charge has been dispersed, the FET turns off and returns to its resistive state until it is activated again.

Field Effect Transistor (FET)

Field Effect Transistor (FET)

5. What makes a piezo switch different from other switches?

There are several main reasons why the piezo switch is different from other switches.

The first is that the piezo switch is using the piezoelectric effect to generate electrical energy.

Then, perhaps the most notable of all is that piezo switches have no movable parts, unlike the standard push button switches.

Lastly, the piezo switches do not require soldering nor adhesive which sets them apart from the others.

Parts of Piezo switch

Parts of Piezo switch

6. What is the piezo switch made up of?

The piezo switches are mostly made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.

The aluminum material would have different variations of colors such as the following:

  • Natural anodized aluminum
  • Blue anodized aluminum
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Green anodized aluminum
  • Gold anodized aluminum
  • Red anodized aluminum

While the stainless-steel piezo switches are made from 316L grade stainless steel material.

The whole illuminated type would have a different material for its head.

It is usually made of the following:

  • Polyamide – a high-performance type of plastic used in many other electrical and non-electrical applications.
  • Acetal or Polyacetal (POM) – a high-performance crystalline engineering polymer with low friction and impressive wear resistance.

The whole illuminated type and the LED type of piezo switches would have colors blue, green, red, yellow, and white available.

Some types also have double color and tri-color choices which is a combination of the mentioned colors above.

Anodized colored aluminum

Anodized colored aluminum

7. Where is the piezo switch being utilized?

There are many applications of the piezo switch, especially in today’s world.

Modern applications such as access controls, mining equipment, emergency call systems, dairy equipment, medical and laboratory machines, oceanographic instruments, conveyers, car wash, weighing Devices, military applications, and many more.

The piezo switch has been used widely in many different industries and can be used in harsh environments both indoors and outdoors.

With this wide variety of applications, you can be sure that piezo switches are a strong, reliable, and long-lasting type of switch.

MRI scanner piezo switch application

MRI scanner piezo switch application

8. What are the common daily uses of a piezo switch?

You may have been using the piezo switch more than once today and you may have not realized it yet.

Some of the piezo switches daily applications can be found in:

  • Food processors
  • High-end appliances
  • Elevators
  • Internet kiosks
  • Dispensers
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Car wash systems
  • Automatic gas pumps
  • Food preparation and packaging
  • Public phones
  • Irrigation systems
  • Security doors
  • Vending machines
  • Automotive control panels

And there could be many more daily applications where you can find the piezo switch is used.

Different applications of Piezo switches

Different applications of Piezo switches

9. Why you should consider choosing a piezo switch?

The piezo switch has many amazing advantages compared to other conventional switches.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the piezo switch:

  • Since it has no moving parts, it is wear-proof
  • It is super durable with tens of millions of operations
  • Completely sealed from moisture and contaminants
  • Weatherproof
  • Made from robust materials making it damage resistant and good for heavy use
  • Non-corrosive
  • Stylish and modern appearance

There could be more advantages of the piezo switch that you will discover during your experience of using it.

All of these features and properties give more value to the piezo switch and more reasons why you should consider purchasing it.

10. Are there different options for piezo switches?

Yes, there are many variations of the piezo switches that can perfectly match your requirements such as the following:

These switches are available in different diameters from 12mm up to 35mm and different sizes in length too.

Different types of Piezo switches

Different types of Piezo switches

11. Does the piezo switch work like standard switches?

Although, a piezo switch may look like a normal push button switch it has an entirely different mechanism.

Unlike standard switches that usually have coils, contacts, and springs inside it as their mechanism, the piezo switch has the piezo assembly module.

The piezo assembly module is a component containing a piezoelectric element disc that is mechanically manufactured to fit the enclosure of a switch.

This module is placed right under the surface of the switch’s head and when it is pressed, the piezo crystal is activated.

The piezo assembly module then converts the pressure to an electrical charge which is enhanced by the other electronic mechanism integrated into the switch’s housing.

Another thing to note is that unlike in most switches, piezo switches do not have buttons to push but a surface to press.

Piezo bending principle

Piezo bending principle

12. How do manufacturers make the piezo switch?

Some manufacturers make switches by assembling each component manually while some manufacturers use automated assembly machinery.

This assembly machinery has robot-like hands the work together to combine all the switches’ parts.

They are either operated automatically or manually and can assemble switches in large quantities per hour, therefore, reducing the time spent on producing batches of switches.

Aside from being time-efficient, these technologies are also able to produce switches with better precision and quality especially when it comes to putting together the small components.

This also eliminates human error that sometimes causes a faulty switch however a random quality check is still done to check any bad switch that needs repairing.

When it comes to the piezo switch, it is usually mechanically made as a single unit removing the need to handle multiple components during the assembly process.

Since it has fewer parts that need assembly, it further reduces the time requires to make switches.

Connecting the wires direct to the switch also eliminates the terminals which are commonly found in other standard switches.

The wires are mechanically connected to the sensitive piezoceramic and sealed without the use of any adhesive.

Then after the completion of the module, it is carefully placed within a 0.6mm thick metal enclosure.

The way how manufacturers make the piezo switch reduces the cost of labor and other materials and providing more value to the cost of the product.

13. What is the principle behind the piezo switch?

The piezo switch, just like other push button switches, is used to turn on and turn off a circuit.

But unlike the other standard switches, the head of the piezo switch is its actuator.

Typically, you will find the head with variations such as flat, concaved, or chamfered head without a separate actuator button.

The surface of its head would sometimes have a touchable finger guide feature or finger location that assists your fingertips to the surface area where you need to press it.

The touch-sensitive types would have hyper-sensitive sensors that detect any pressure that lands on its surface.

When the piezo switch is activated, it sends control signals to a machine or equipment to process work, to start an initial state of the process, or only to start it for a brief moment determined by the machine’s program.

14. What is the piezo switch’s sensor?

Basically, the piezo switch’s sensor is usually a disc shape plate that utilizes the piezoelectric effect.

It measures the stress, strain, pressure, acceleration, and force then converts them into the electrical charge.

It is a versatile material that can be used in many processes such as process control, quality assurance, or many industries’ research and development.

It is also widely used as instrumentation in medical, nuclear, and aerospace applications.

Other uses include mobile phone touchpads and automotive combustion monitoring.

15. Does a piezo switch require much power?

Yes, the piezo switches are very energy efficient.

The illuminated types also have specific voltage for their LED.

The standard voltage of the majority of the piezo switch would be around 5 to 24 volts. The special led voltage needs to be confirmed before ordering.

For example, a whole illuminate piezo switch would have 1-24 volts AC/DC for its operating voltage while the LED operating voltage would be 24 volts DC maximum.

The LED colors have different maximum current consumption as well such as the following example:

LED max current consumption

12 Volts

24 Volts


18 mA18 mA
Green 9 mA

9 mA


27 mA

16 mA

If the LED’s voltage is high, there’s a possibility that the illumination is brighter.

The illuminated piezo switch would have a head that emits light whether the switch is off or on depending on how you configure its wirings.

16. Is the piezo switch AC or DC?

Piezo switches can work with both AC or DC unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

They are types that would be rated for AC while some have DC ratings.

DC-rated switches can also work in AC circuits but the reverse may not work or not advisable.

17. Does the piezo switch have a flexible input voltage?

Yes, it does.

You will find that the specifications of the piezo switch will indicate that it has flexible input voltage and specifying the range of the voltage.

18. Are there piezo momentary switches only?

No, despite what most people would perceive, the piezo switch has both the momentary and latching type.

Some manufacturers have both types available that will satisfy the function you want for your switch.

The momentary piezo switch would need continuous compression to be switched “on” and it remains on that state while the compression remains on the switch.

Once the compression is removed or lifted, the switch turns “off”.

Piezo switches also can increase the current when compressed continuously with increasing force.

While a latching piezo switch, when pressed, will remain on its “on” state until you press it again then it will be turned off.

19. What are the types of piezo switch’s electrical functions?

The electrical functions of the piezo switch are determined by the finger pressure applied to it.

In the following diagrams, where the following values represent the conditions:

1 = with pressure

0 = without pressure

These illustrations are just an example of how the piezo switches’ electrical functions are like.

They can vary depending on the manufacturers as they provide different kinds of piezo switches and may not be available with other manufacturers.

Piezo switch diagram showing conditions 1 and 0

Piezo switch diagram showing conditions 1 and 0

Piezo switch diagram conditions 1 and 0 with different electrical functions

Piezo switch diagram conditions 1 and 0 with different electrical functions

20. How does a piezo switch diagram look like?

As you may have read earlier, the piezo switch has piezoelectric sensors that produce an electrical charge relative to the applied pressure to its material or the piezoelectric element.

The piezoelectric element bends slightly due to the compressive pressure applied then the electrical charge is generated from a single pulse.

If the pressure applied is increased a higher electrical charge is produced.

Here’s an example of the piezo switch diagram:

Different diagrams of the Piezo switch

Different diagrams of the Piezo switch

21. What is the difference between a piezo switch and a capacitive switch?

To understand the difference between the piezo switch and the capacitive switch better, let’s take a quick look at their similarities first.

  • Checking their outer appearance, both of them usually has a flat surface made from a metallic material and some varieties have a round or dot illumination.
  • Generally, both of these switches are flush installed with a control panel.
  • They are both wear-resistant since they both don’t have moving parts.
  • Both also have features such as being dustproof, water-resistant, and durable with millions of mechanical operations.

After knowing their similarities, the table below shows their differences side by side.

piezo switch

Capacitive Switch

  • Comprises two layers which are the outer layer made from a metallic material and the internal layer made from ceramic material.
  • Reacts to the pressure when touched and generates an electric charge sending a signal that the switch has been activated.
  • Relies on the bending or deformation of the piezo ceramic, known as the piezoelectric effect.
  • Requires enough pressure to deflect the internal ceramic layer.
  • Requires just one electrode that is positioned behind a non-conductive material.
  • It uses the natural electrical charge from the human body.
  •  It activates when it sensed the difference between the human touch and itself.

22. How deep is the threaded shaft of the piezo switch?

This depends on the manufacturer and the type of piezo switch.

For example, a 12mm non-illuminated piezo switch thread shaft measuring around 0.610 inches or 15.49 mm.

While a 25mm dot illuminated piezo switch thread shaft would have around .472 inches or 11.98 mm.

Piezo switch with visible threaded shaft

Piezo switch with visible threaded shaft

23. What is the impulse time of a piezo switch?

This will depend on the actuating force applied to the piezo switch.

You will find piezo switch types that have prolonged pulse time of up to 50 seconds which is available upon request.

24. Can sound trigger a piezo switch?

Theoretically speaking, no.

A piezo switch would need some amount of force to be triggered or actuated.

Unless it is triggered with a definite pressure, the piezo switch will not be actuated.

25. Is it okay to use piezo switch underwater?

Yes, an IP69K grade Piezo switch will work fine underwater but a lower grade than this may not be able to withstand the water ingress. Some customers tested the piezo switch which could work under 50m water.

26. How does the piezo switch get tested for water resistance?

The majority of switch manufacturers submit their piezo switches on continuous immersion water tests of up to 24 hours to test their sealing effectiveness.

After the test, the switch is inspected for any water ingress as well as tested if it remains functional.

If the piezo switch passes the inspection it is labeled with the rating appropriate to the test such as IP68.

Other water test includes high pressure and high-temperature washdown test conditions for the high IP code rating which is IP69K.

The switch is subjected to a high water pressure of about 80 to 120 bars with around 15cm distance in different angles.

The temperature is varied from 80° celsius to 5° celsius with a flow of 14 to 16 liters per minute.

This test lasts for about 30 seconds per angle position, the test will last until the piezo switch has been subjected to all angles.

After the test, the piezo switch is checked for any visible damage and tested.

If it passes the test, it will be rated the highest rating which is the IP69K water-resistant.

The values presented above may vary since this depends on the type of the piezo switch as other types may be subjected to higher or lower levels of testing.

Continuous immersion and high pressure high-temperature washdown test

Continuous immersion and high pressure high-temperature washdown test

27. Will the piezo switch activate during water descent due to water pressure?

No, it will not.

The piezo switch will not activate by itself just by the pressure produced cause by water descent.

When descending in water, it will be impossible to achieve speed with enough force that will trigger the piezo switch.

28.Can you use a battery that is not within the range of a piezo switch voltage?

It may cause issues when the piezo switch is powered by a battery, not within its voltage rating.

Usually, when a switch is supplied by an electric current higher than its capacity, it will heat up and may retire earlier.

You can find different voltage ratings available for piezo switches that will fit the requirement of your application.

29. Does the piezo switch wear out?

It will take a very long time to wear out a piezo switch even under tough conditions.

Generally, these are made using strong materials and have millions of operating cycles.

With these features, you can be assured that they are meant to last for a lifetime.

30. Does the piezo switch fail?

Piezo switches rarely fail even when used frequently.

Although, these would depend on the quality of the switch as low-quality switches may not work as expected.

It is imperative to always look for high-quality switches to ensure that it will always work like it should and will not cause any inconvenience or delay if it’s used in business operations.

31.How do you increase the pulse width of the piezo switch circuit?

Since a piezo switch pulse is dependent on the length of time and force of the pressure applied on its surface.

It generates a single variable on the pulse.

You can increase the pulse width using a capacitor that will store the charge and will lengthen it.

32. How much pressure do you need to apply on a piezo switch?

A typical pressure applied to a piezo switch is about 5 Newton to 15 Newtons or more for it to be switched “on”.

This is equal to 509.85 gram-force.

As a comparison, the force applied to the keys on modern keyboards would be around 55 gram-force or .53 newtons.

33. What is the Piezo knock sensor switch?

A piezo knock sensor switch detects the stress applied on the piezoelectric crystal and generates a voltage proportional to the amount of stress.

It can also detect knocks hence the name it was given.

This can be implemented using an arduino board.

The piezo knock sensor switch has two leads, positive and negative and in between them there’s a connected 1M ohm resistor.

The positive lead is the red wire while the negative lead is the black wire.

The positive lead is connected to the Arduino’s A0 analog pin while the negative lead is connected to the GND ground terminal.

By applying knocks to the piezo knock sensor switch, the circuit will be able to turn on and off.

If an LED anode is also connected, the knock vibration will turn it on for a time duration set for the circuit.

Piezo element

Piezo element

34. Will the piezo switch activate even when you’re wearing gloves?

If you’re wearing thin gloves, normally you will be able to activate the piezo switch.

However, when you’re wearing thick gloves it may be a bit difficult to apply the necessary pressure to activate them.

35. Is the piezo switch sterilizable?

Since the piezo switch is usually sealed with water-resistant properties, it is sterilizable.

Some high-grade types are wash down proof of up to 100 bars or about 1019.74 meters of water.

36. Can you ask the manufacturer to customize or design your own piezo switch?

Yes, some manufacturers accept requests for customization on piezo switches.

You can request the color, the materials used, and other possible modifications you need for your piezo switch applications.

Simply ask your manufacturer if they customize switches and let them know about your preferences.

37. Is the piezo switch sealed?

Most of the piezo switch types are sealed which means they do not contain any passages or openings for any outside elements to enter.

However, there are different levels of water resistance ratings defined by IP codes.

The IP codes determine the different levels of resistance of the switch’s enclosure to solid or liquid substances.

Generally, the piezo switch will undergo some testing to identify its resistance level before being labeled any IP code rating.

To ensure that the piezo switch is water-resistant, you can look for those with IP68 codes.

While the highest is IP code rating is IP69K.

Here’s a table to explain what are the IP codes and their characteristics:

38. What is the operating cycle of the piezo switch?

The operating cycle of the piezo switch is up to 50,000,000 cycles or more.

Compared with other standard switches, the piezo switch has a longer operating cycle.

The standard switches would have specifications such as the electrical life cycle for its electrical components while the mechanical life cycle for the actual operating cycle.

The standard switches would have around 50,000 up to 1,000,000 cycles.

39. Can you use a piezo switch as a car alarm?

Yes, but what you would most likely need is a piezo buzzer alarm.

It is widely used by people who modify their car to improve their car’s security features.

These piezo buzzer alarms are simple devices that can produce basic sounds such as beeps and tones.

It uses the same piezoelectric effect that piezo switches also have.

Inside the piezo buzzer is a piezo crystal that changes shape when the voltage is supplied to it.

The piezo crystal pushes against the speaker cone or diaphragm and produces a pressure wave which you can identify as a sound.

Enclosed piezo buzzer alarm

Enclosed piezo buzzer alarm

40. Does the piezo switch alarm have a loud sound?

Yes, they do.

When triggered this alarm produces a constant high decibel sound which can be up to 85 decibels depending on its type.

Some types produce a sound that is similar to a high pitch warning alarm from a PC and can be heard from 2 to 3 meters away.

41. Can you use a relay on a piezo switch alarm to reduce the sound volume?

When a piezo switch alarm is too loud, you may use a relay to control the voltage being supplied to it, or to be specific, you can also connect a variable rheostat.

This can be used to control current and can control the resistance variations without interruptions.

42. Does the piezo switch alarm drain the car battery?

This is possible when the piezo switch alarm is not installed properly.

Although it draws a small amount of power from the car battery, when the installation is incorrect, it can draw constant power enough to drain it.

43. Is there a piezo switch door buzzer?

Yes, there is definitely. Some hotels besides the sea could use the piezo switch for door access instead of the usual push button switch because the piezo switch is anti saltwater corrosion.

This piezo switch for door buzzers is available in different diameters and different colors as well.

44. Can you use the piezo switch for security alarms?

Yes, they work perfectly for security alarms.

Most modern security systems use piezo switches for their reliability and longevity.

It is critical to have a switch that will not fail when the need arises.

Security alarm

Security alarm

45. Is the piezo switch expensive?

Most of the high-quality piezo switch costs anywhere around $7 up to $30.

The price will depend on the manufacturer and where you will be ordering your piezo switches.

This does not include shipping costs and other fees that would be required when you order them.

46. Are the piezo switches high maintenance?

Piezo switches are normally dustproof and do not require much maintenance.

Most of these switches have easy-to-clean features as well, which means a little wipe of clean cloth is enough to clean its surface.

Except when they are used in public places where sanitation is required by cleaning them with a clean cloth with water and some part of alcohol solution.

The electrical components also do not require any maintenance as they are usually sealed where there is a low to zero risks of getting any dust or moisture inside them.

It doesn’t have metal internal mechanisms that usually react to oxidation and become corroded.

47. Can you hook up a piezo switch on a mailbox?

Yes, if you need a buzzer to let you know that a mail arrived.

Some homeowners would prefer getting notified that a male has been delivered so they install a momentary piezo switch that is connected to a buzzer.

When the mailman pushes the switch to advise you that your mail has arrived the buzzer will produce a sound to notify you.

The sound is either continuous or will be heard once until you turn the switch off.

48. Can you use the piezo switch as a replacement for the PC power button?

Yes, you can use a piezoelectric light switch if you would replace your PC power button.

However, you may need to check the wirings of the PC and the voltage that it requires to power on.

Some PC modifications may require a small relay to close the contact on the motherboard just like an ordinary switch will do.

PC unit with power button

PC unit with power button

49. Does the piezo switch have a low resistance like a highly touch-sensitive button?

This would depend on the type of piezo switch you would purchase.

Some have low resistance that is close to the resistance level of a highly touch-sensitive switch.

While some will need some pressure to activate even if labeled as touch-sensitive.

50. Can you use the piezo light switch on keypads?

Yes, if you want to configure a keypad using a piezo switch, you can find the low-profile type feasible to use for this application.

Aside from keypads, you can also find these in human-machine interfaces as well as other circuit-based input devices.

51. How do you connect the wires of a piezo switch?

Normally you don’t have to and that’s a great thing about it.

In general, piezo switches have two wires that are already connected to the switch and it is already sealed.

This removes the need to solder or screw the wires to the switch.

All you need to do is to connect the wires of the piezo switch to the power supply or the device you want to use it on.

52. Does the piezo ceramic element inside the piezo switch run out of charge?

No, it will never run out of charge since it has its own in the first place.

It may end when it is broken as this damage can stop it from generating its electric charge.

53. What is the piezo switch behind glass?

This is a modern and luxurious type of piezo switch that is specially designed to be integrated into a panel glass.

It is ideal for an environment near water and high or low-temperature resistance.

It has the same advantages and features as metal touch piezo switches such as durability, safety, style, and easy to clean surface.

Depending on the p piezo switch manufacturers, it comes with or without illumination, with specially customized laser engraving, cables or connectors, current rating, and more.

Since it is a new technology, not all manufacturers may have this available.

Piezo switch on glass panel

Piezo switch on glass panel

54. What is a haptic sensing piezo switch?

A haptic sensing piezo switch is a new type of modern switch that possesses a fast response and controllable vibration or duration level.

The piezo switch is integrated with a haptic sensing device that uses kinaesthetic communication or 3D touch technology which detects motions from touch, vibrations, motions from the user.

And since this is a recent type of piezo switch, you may need to confirm from your chosen manufacturer if they have these types available for their consumers.

55. Are piezo switches multifunctional?

Piezo switches are multipurpose switches that can be configured into many functions and mounted on panels or keypads.

Some manufacturers offer different types of piezo switches for any industry, commercial, or household use.

Contact your trusted manufacturer about your options and get recommendations on which piezo switch is best for you.

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