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High-quality switch from China are your best choice, adapting to many scenarios and with excellent performance, Langir welcomes your purchase.

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Professional Switch Solve Your Needs

Switches are a common electronic component, Langir is generally divided into metal push button switch and plastic push button switch according to the material, commonly used in a variety of industries and occasions, the common use of materials, including stainless steel, and some metal synthetic materials such as anodized aluminum, nickel-plated brass and so on.

Langir Switch

figure 3 Anti-Vandal Switch

Langir anti-vandal switches have many series, such as V series and L series. Different series of products focus on different functions, such as latching function, momentary function, normally open and normally closed function, SPST and other functions.

figure 4 Piezo Switch

This is a form of switch that operates by generating an electrical charge through touch. Although only touch is required, some force is needed to press the switch, between 2N and 6N, which is much less than the force needed for a normal push button switch.

figure 5 Capacitive Switch

This is also a switch that is operated by touch, unlike the piezo switch, this form of switch can be operated with almost 0N, and it has the highest protection rating of IP68.

Switch Certification

figure 8 TUV certification
TUV certification
figure 9 CE certification
CE certification
figure 10 RoHS certification
RoHS certification
figure 11 ISO certification
ISO certification
figure 12 REACH Certification
REACH Certification

Common Terminals to Meet Your Installation Needs

Langir’s switches have a variety of options for termination, solder lugs, screws, connectors and other common terminations are the majority of customers will choose, or you can also customize wire, cable and other types of termination, there is always a termination method to suit your needs.

figure 5 switch terminal
figure 6 switch operators

Versatility of Operators

Langir switches are available in many operator shapes, such as round, flat, dome and other shapes, these designs are very popular. You can choose the shape of the switch operator according to the environment in which the equipment is used and the design of the surrounding open.

Langir Offers You Professional Services

With many years of trading experience and confidence in our brand, you can rest assured that our company has:

  • Professional engineers for product design
  • Professional team to process your order quickly and after-sales service
  • Professional logistics to deliver the goods to you safely
figure 7 company service

Langir Specializes in Push Button Switch

figure 13 switchfigure 14 switchfigure 15 switch

What sizes of switches are available?

Common sizes of our switches are 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm and even up to 30mm.

What are the protection ratings of the switches?

The Anti Vandal range is typically IP65 and the Piezo and Capacitive ranges are typically IP68.

What are Langir switches made of?

Langir switches are divided into plastic and metal, where metal is divided into several metal materials, such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nickel-plated brass.You can choose switches made of different materials according to your needs.

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