Toggle Switch

Langir is a switch brand from China, and the industry-leading quality of the toggle switch is one of Langir’s most popular products.

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High-Quality Toggle Switch for Your Switching Service

The toggle switch is operated by toggling the actuator. Langir toggle switches are generally made of metal for the enclosure, which not only effectively protects the internal components, but also provides the switch itself with reliable wear and corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Toggle Switch

figure 2.Led Toggle Switch

The top of the actuator has led indication function, which provides more convenient visual indication function for the switch, it can show the status of the switch, or you can quickly judge the position of the switch in a dim environment.

figure 3.Mini Toggle Switch

Compared with the standard size, it has a smaller size, which means it has a finer craftsmanship and is suitable for installation in places with limited space.

figure 4.Waterproof Toggle Switch

This is a kind of toggle switch specially designed for wet environment, the professional waterproof design effectively prevents the influence of liquid on the switch, and protects the switch from short-circuit and leakage.

figure 5.Momentary Toggle switch

This is a common function in the switch, of course, in the toggle switch is also there, momentary is in the operation of the switch will maintain the status quo ante, there are normally open and normally closed two states.

figure 8.Exquisite Appearance
Exquisite Appearance
Langir toggle switches have a one-piece construction with no gaps or extraneous parts, and are beautifully compact, lightweight and have a high quality metallic luster, whether they are used for practical or aesthetic purposes.
figure 9.Wide Range of Options
Wide Range of Options
Langir toggle switches are available in a wide range of functions and models, including tamper-proof, piezo and capacitive switches, and our switches are available in a wide range of functions, so there's always a push button switch that's right for you.
figure 10.Reliable Materials
Reliable Materials
Langir toggle switches are made of two main types of materials, plastic and metal, and metal is divided into stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals to provide a strong and safe enclosure to protect the switch. The excellent metal characteristics of the switches provide better protection and significant resistance to wear and corrosion.
figure 11.Professional Customization
Professional Customization
If you want to choose one of our toggle switches but have your own ideas on some details, it doesn't matter we can customize it according to your ideas, of course this service can only be implemented on the basis of a certain quantity.

Common Termination Forms Give You Highly Adaptable Installation

Langir toggle switches are available in both soldered and wired forms, which can be adapted to the needs of most devices, and you can choose the appropriate one as the termination form of your toggle switch.

figure 6.Common Termination Forms
figure 7.Assured Brand Langir

Assured Brand Assured Choice Langir

Langir, as a professional switch brand, has professional engineers to design products, specialized factory workshops to produce and install switches, professional sales team to interface with you online as well as logistics and after-sales, you can choose Langir with confidence.

figure 13.toggle switchfigure 14.toggle switch figure 12.toggle switchfigure 15.toggle switchfigure 16.toggle switch

Does toggle switch toggle up and down or left and right?

Generally it is up and down.

What is the difference between toggle switch and button switch?

The toggle switch is a toggle operation and the button switch is a press operation.

What are the general applications of toggle switch?

It can be used in the operation panels of mechanical equipment, control panels of large transportation equipment such as airplanes, and switches for electrical appliances and lights.

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